Best Time to Visit Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch is situated in the Thar Desert. The months from October to February are the best time to visit Rann of Kutch when the temperature hovers around 12 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius. At that time, the full moon nights gives the reflection of the moonlight on the white sand transforms the place into an absolute paradise.

Kutch in Summer – From April to June

The summer starts in April and goes until June. Rann of Kutch is not an ideal place to visit in this season because it is furiously hot with 500C temperature at noon. But the nights of summer are considerably cooler. In this season, the arid landscapes do not offer any calmness to the visitors, thus, Rann of Kutch is not a suitable destination for the summer travelers.

Kutch in Monsoon – From June to September

The rains arrive in Kutch by the end of June and last till September. The raining season reliefs the Kutch area from the heat and the surrounding area begin turning green as well as the Banni Grasslands of Kutch blossoms in the parched lands. During this season, several migratory birds arrive at Kutch so that it has become the pleasing sight for the bird watchers. Also, the tourists can explore various sanctuaries spread across Rann of Kutch. The sanctuaries of Kutch are the safe havens for local wildlife like the Wild Ass.

Kutch in Winter – From November to February

Winter season is the best season to visit Rann of Kutch. During this season, the desert comes to life in its full glory of thousand hues. It is the best time to visit Kutch for sightseeing. In this season, the days are still hot but pleasant so that the weather conditions are more moderate and delightful. The full moon nights, the culture of desert tribes, the sight of dance, the sound of music, and bonfires across the dunes, etc. are some essential activities of the winter season. Apart from it, this season is also considered the best time to visit Rann of Kutch Festival that is celebrated from November to February. People come here to attend Rann Utsav or Rann of Kutch Festival that is a fair of music, art, and dance.

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