Best Time to Visit Badrinath

Badrinath is located in the Garhwal Himalayas at an elevation of 3,300 m. Therefore, it remains cold throughout the year. Before you commence the Badrinath Yatra, it is crucial to know the best time to visit Badrinath to be well prepared. May to June and September, October months are the best months to go Badrinath temple and are recommended to pilgrims who want to embark on a spiritual journey to Badrinath Ji. So, without further ado, read below the weather in Badrinath in summer, monsoon, and winter with essential tips you need to keep in mind.

Badrinath in Summer (April to June)

You can plan your Badrinath trip in the summer between April and June. The weather during this time remains moderately cool and comfortable for Badrinath darshan. The temperature also ranges from 7°C to 18°C. So, pack accordingly. 

The Temperature in Summer in Badrinath

  • The month of April in Badrinath experiences sunny and balmy weather with an average temperature fluctuating between 6°C and 16°C.
  • May is a good month to visit Badrinath as the temperature ranges from 11°C to 22°C, making the holy sojourn a pleasant experience.
  • With temperatures between 9°C and 14°C, Badrinath in June is sunny but comfortable to go for darshan during the daytime. 

Badrinath in Monsoon (July to September)

The holy Badrinath Yatra starts in monsoon months, which is one of the four Char Dhams in Uttarakhand. You can embark on this pious journey but remember there are landslides during the monsoon in Uttarakhand which can ruin your experience. Thus, keep buffer days. Despite this, the temperature in Badrinath in monsoon hovers from 5°C to 15°C, making it a bit cooler. 

The Temperature in Monsoon in Badrinath

  • Monsoon starts in Badrinath in July and receives moderate rainfall. The temperature also drops to 11°C, making it a bit cooler.
  • August is the month when Badrinath becomes humid. The temperature ranges from 12°C to 16°C. So, you are advised to carry appropriate rain gear.
  • September is the last monsoon month in Badrinath. The temperature during this time starts to drop as winter approaches and the weather remains balmy. This is the ideal time to visit Badrinath. 

Badrinath in Winter (October to March)

Winter is not recommended to plan a trip to Badrinath. The temple gets covered by snowfall and is shifted to Pandukeshwar. Badrinath temperature in winter also drops to -1°C, making the climate extremely cold. Therefore, it is best to avoid visiting Badrinath in the winter months. 

The Temperature in Winter in Badrinath

  • With temperatures fluctuating from 12°C to 17°C, Badrinath remains cold but you can still visit the temple.
  • The month of November is when Badrinath starts to get extremely cold and the temperature at night drops to 3°C.
  • As December in Badrinath arrives, it starts to snow due to which the roads get blocked and you can do Badrinath Ji Darshan.
  • The temperature in Badrinath in January hovers from 1°C to 8°C, making the weather intensely cold.
  • Badrinath in February is also cold and freezing with temperatures ranging from 6°C to 10°C.
  • March in Badrinath is still cold with temperatures between 3°C  and 11°C with occasional snowfall. 

Tips for Badrinath Yatra- 

  • Badrinath Temple opens to pilgrims in late April or early May and remains till late October or mid-November. Other than these, the temple remains closed.
  • May to June and September to October is the best time to go Badrinath as the weather conditions are pleasant and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Garhwal Himalayas.
  • Avoid visiting Badrinath Yatra during monsoon as there are high chances of landslides. If you still wish to visit, keep buffer days.
  • In winters, the temple is covered in snow and there is heavy snowfall. Do not plan your trip in winter to Badrinath.
  • The weather in Badrinath always remains cool. Therefore pack light woolens and appropriate trekking shoes with you even if it's summer.
  • Protect your skin by wearing loads of sunscreen and also sunglasses.
  • Carry a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella with you if you are visiting Badrinath during the monsoon months.
  • For emergency situations, make sure to have a first aid kit with you with basic medicines for fever, cold, cough, and altitude sickness. Painkillers and antiseptic creams are also recommended.
  • Pack battery-operated torch, fully-charged power banks, and some extra batteries for cameras.
  • Keep your batteries in warm clothes as they might get dead in intense cold.
  • Only BSNL sim works in this region. Get yourself one before visiting.
  • Book a hotel or camp beforehand. During peak season, you will have difficulty finding accommodation at reasonable prices.
  • Always keep tickets, cash, and valid ID proof with you safely. Pack them in a waterproof bag.

Why visit Badrinath Dham?

Badrinath is a pilgrim destination as well as a tourist spot. There is no denying the fact that a lot of reasons together steer people in visiting here. Some of them are listed below:
  • It is a part of Chardham yatra and an important pilgrimage destination.
  • It is a sacred place where people visit to have some peaceful time. 
  • The attractions around Badrinath intrigue people to visit here.
  • You can visit the last village in India towards the Tibetan border.
  • There are a lot of amazing sites that intrigue adventurers and nature lovers to visit here.

Things to know before you visit Badrinath

Some tips that will help you in making your visit to Badrinath better and improvise on the overall visiting experience.
  • Ensure you take the medicines and power bars in your backpack because Badrinath is at a higher altitude. 
  • It is better to not plan your trip between July and August because this is the time when landslides and heavy showers happen in the town.
  • The opening and closing dates of Badrinath are announced on the occasion of Basant Panchmi and Vijay Dashmi. 
  • Be it during the summers or post-monsoon season, you should keep enough warm clothes in your backpack. It is going to be chilly at least after the evening. 
  • While you plan on visiting Badrinath in the summers, make sure that you have pre-booked your hotel room.
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