Aruku Valley

Aruku Valley

The picturesque paradise of the Aruku Valley is in fact a cluster of five valleys. The Aruku valley offers the nature at its best and has a rich tribal heritage. In the hill resort of Aruku Valley there is scenic splendor that soothes the eyes. The amazing Aruku valley boasts of the gorgeous greens, flourishing forests and the wondrous waterfalls. The various tribal settlements here are conserving their rich culture and traditions. The Dhimsa dance of the tribes is not to be missed.

Best Time To Visit

The Aruku Valley experiences a pleasant weather all through the year. Thus you may plan your trip to the Aruku valley anytime.


The Aruku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is an altitude of 1300m above sea level and lies 110 km from Vishakhapatnum and 760 km from Hyderabad.

Tourists Attractions

The hill resort of Aruku Valley has several tourist attractions. The natural beauty of the Aruku Valley is immense and incomparable. The entire landscape of the Aruku valley is dotted with lush orchards.

Since Aruku is renowned for its tribal heritage you must visit the Aruku tribal museum. The Museum in Aruku valley houses has a rich collection of exhibits that reveal the tribal tradition and number of artifacts pertaining to the Eastern Ghat Tribal Culture.

The pristine natural beauty of the Aruku Valley Ghats makes it an excellent excursion from the Aruku valley. The Anatagiri Coffee Plantations are must checkouts. The age-old Borra Caves are other option for excursion from Aruku Valley. You may take up a conducted tour to the Borra Caves.

Then there are the Sangda waterfalls that attract the tourists and the adventure seekers alike. The waterfall is not just wonderful it is indeed a spectacle to be enjoyed in the Aruku valley.

Matsyagundam in the Aruku Valley is another place of tourist attraction that is worth visiting. At matsyagundam you can spot fish of all sizes, pat them feed them et al. matsyagundam is rightly called the fish pool. You may visit the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here.

Paderu in the Aruku Valley is another spot frequented by the tourists looking for a tranquil holiday in the lap of nature.

The Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Tida Tunnel, Damuku View Point, Kothalasa Agriculture farm, Government Silk Farm and the Mulbary Gardens are the other places of tourist interest in the Aruku Valley.

The other hill resort of Aruku Valley Hills is in close proximity to the Aruku valley.

How To Reach

By Air - The airport at Vishakhapatnum is the nearest to the Aruku Valley.

By Rail - Regular bus services are available from Vishakhapatnum that is at a distance of 110 km from Aruku Valley. Aruku it self has a railhead.

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