Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills

Beat the heat with Anantagiri. The breathtakingly beautiful hill resort of Anantagiri in Andhra Pradesh is sure to sweep every tourist off the feet with its natural beauty. The hill resort of Anantagiri attracts pilgrims, nature lovers and tourists alike. The journey from Vishakhapatnum to Anantagiri offers many unforgettable vistas ranging from thick forests to scintillating sunrise and sunset. The fascinating hill resort of Anantagiri is a perfect retreat to head off during the blistering summer months.


Anantagiri is the located in the ranges of the Eastern Ghats at a distance of 40 km from Vishakhapatnum. In fact Anantagiri is located of the top of the Elysian Tirumala Hills approximately 17 km from Araku valley, which is 112 kms from Vishakhapatnum.

Best Time To Visit

Owing to the lovely landscape Anantagiri experiences excellent weather all through the year. Thus you may plan your holiday at the hill resort of Anantagiri any time you wish too. The salubrious weather and the calm surroundings add to the beauty of Anantagiri and make it popular with the privacy seekers honeymooners too.


Tourists Attractions

Along with the pristine air and gorgeous greens the entire ascent of Anantagiri hills is filled with sights and smells that attract tourists.

There are the many captivating coffee plantations that offer an enthralling sight at Anantagiri. Imagine the pleasure the soul of the tourists derive from the wonderful waterfalls, ravishing ravines and the gorgeous gorges that dot Anantagiri. The mango groves and the many assorted orchards wrap Anantagiri in their shade. Several swift streams flow through Anantagiri though it is the river Musi or Muchkunda that originates from Anantagiri.

The entire Anantagiri Hills is dotted with vintage viewpoints that offer enthralling views that will capture your heart. Amongst the variety of flora in the forests of Anantagiri are many medicinal plants and herbs.

While at Anantagiri besides basking in the beauty of the nature do visit the sacred Bhavanasi Lake. In fact owing to the holy waters of the Bhavanasi Lake Anantagiri is referred to as the Badrinath of the South.

When you are at Anantagiri you will relish the hill resort and agree that Anantagiri is more of a health station that replenishes your energies and rejuvenates you to the soul. Indeed Anantagiri is a great getaway from the pollution and stress of the city life that gets unbearable with the heat and the dust of the summers.



The breathtakingly beautiful Borra caves near Vishakhapatnum make an excellent excursion option from Anantagiri. The natural formation of the limestone Borra Caves is unique and has attracted tourists since long. The Borra Caves are themselves one-million-year-old. 

How To Reach

By Road - There are several buses that link Anantagiri with Hyderabad. Indianvisit can provide you All India Tourist Permit taxis and cars to reach your destination.

By Rail - The railway station at Srikakulam is the railhead nearest to Anantagiri Hills at a distance of 3 km. The railway stretch in the Eastern Ghats boasts of being one of the highest broad gauge tracks in the world.

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