Yoga Niketan Ashram

Yoga Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh

Founded by world-renowned Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahans, Yoga Niketan Ashram promotes simple and healthy way of living. Learning and education at the Ashram are based on age-old Patanjali yoga shastra. The most important activity here is training and offering guidance in practicing the eight fold paths of Patanjali. Spiritual, mental, and physical training are a part of this. People from all castes, creeds and nationalities can enroll in these courses.

Minimum stay in Yoga Niketan Ashram is 15 days. If any student or aspirant is staying for a shorter span, he can stay in the guest house the Ashram, so that they can attend the classes there.  On the day when there are no classes, all the Sadhaks (inmates) can visit the near Radha-Krishan temple at the banks of Ganga during evening or can also clean the Sadhna Hall and the Yoga hall. Classes are held both in Hindi and English as students here come from all around the globe.

Meditation at Yoga Niketan Ashram

The meditation hall at the Ashram is called Sadhna Hall. This hall has both air conditioner as well as cooler so that meditation can be done easily. This is a huge hall that can accommodate around 100 students at a time. Comfy cushions have been provided to sit upon. Sadhna classes or meditation sessions are organized early in the morning before the yoga classes, and then in the evening, after the yoga classes, followed by dinner for all.

Yoga at Yoga Niketan Ashram

Samadhi hall-cum-Yoga hall is used in the morning and then in the evening for doing Paranayams and Asanas. Once a week, Kriyas are also done here. For these Yoga activities, there is a huge platform, right outside this hall. Coolers have also been provided for the comfort of the sadhaks. Yoga classes are held twice a week, in the morning and in the evening, under the guidance of experienced Yoga Acharyas and teachers.

‘First Step to Higher Yoga’ is a book by the Ashram where around 300 kinds of Asana have been demonstrated along with their advantages for the different parts of the body. The hall also has the marble statue of the founder president on the spot where his body has been put to rest in a meditating posture.

Library at Yoga Niketan Ashram

There is a well-stocked library at the Ashram where there are several books on Literature, by famous writers in varied languages, translated into foreign languages also.

Food at the Ashram

Food at the ashram is prepared in a community kitchen using freshest of chilies and other spices. Varieties of tea and porridge are prepared during breakfast. Other meals comprise of rice, Indian chapatti (bread), one type of green vegetable and salad also. The dishes provided to the students have to be cleaned by themselves during their stay here. Seasonal fruit is also a part of the meal at times.

Guest House in Yoga Niketan Ashram

There is a temple by the Ashram on the main Badrinath road. Adjacent to the temple is a 20-room Guest house, right on the banks of River Ganga. This Ashram is managed by donation. The facilities of telephone and canteen are also offered here. The Ashram also has ample parking space for the vehicle of the guests. During your stay, you can take a dip in the holy waters, and directly to your room. Round the clock water supper, 24 hours electricity, and round the clock security are the other facilities here.

Activites in Yoga Niketan Ashram

Places to Visit near Yoga Niketan Ashram

The ashram lies on a good location and offers wonderful views of the River (on the back side) and the surroundings hills. Some of the nearby attractions include Triveni Ghat (9 km), Vashisht Cave (30 km), Ram Jhula (500 m), Lakshman Jhula (3 km), Parmarth Niketan, Sivananda Asharm, Swarg ashram, and Geeta Bhavan.

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