Camping in Mussoorie

Camping in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a scenic hill station of Uttarakhand. The nature blessed beauty offers breathtaking views of snowcapped Himalayan peaks. The lush greenery of jungles of pine, apple orchards, numerous mountain waterfalls and streams make a pleasant site to get away from chaos of cities. Be one with nature and soul search in leisure, the ambiance of the hill station settles the most chaotic minds with its soft breeze.

Mussoorie is scenic and exciting. Nature lovers, adventure seekers and travelers get drawn to the hill station. Being located at the altitude of 8500 feet, the hill station enjoys pleasant weather and numerous adventures. The forests of the region offer amazing treks, nature walks and bird watching options. The mountain streams offer river rafting and waterfall rappelling. The nearby hill stations creates wonderful getaways.

How to Reach

Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is nestled in the lower Himalayas. Being the gateway to the upper Himalayas, the hill station is well connected. The valley of Dehradun can be seen from the town and the upper reaches of the mountains are also viewed in clear weather.

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Mussoorie is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport at a distance of 54 km.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach Mussoorie is Dehradun railway station, 30 km away.

By Road: By road Mussoorie is connected to almost all major places. Buses and private vehicles reach Dehradun first then make their way to the hill station. There is frequent service available to Mussoorie bus station.

Best Time for Camping in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is nestled at 8500 feet. The weather in the hill station is always pleasant. Winters are tough but snow is generally not seen. Summers here are glorious as the chilly winds soothes minds and souls of every traveler. The best way to camp are the summer months of April to May and September to November. Monsoon and peak winters are generally not considered good to enjoy the outdoors.

Where to Go

Mussoorie is beautiful as far as the eye can see. Nature has created lush landscapes everywhere. For camping there are abundant beautiful sites. The forest area, the Kempty Fall region and the outside city location towards the upper Himalayas are the most preferred. Various adventure camps and organizers are available. Choose the camping site according to the location, facilities and activities.


Camping in Mussoorie is blessed with the experience of being in nature’s lap. The best of scenery of Himalayas, lush forests of pine and clear water bodies melting from glaciers of upper ranges offer wonderful activities.

Trekking and nature walks are the most exciting adventures. The camps being located in forested areas with small mountain ranges offers amazing flora, fauna and beauty. Enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife. Try rock climbing. Photographers will have a gala time clicking snaps of raw natural beauty.

The swift mountain streams and waterfalls offers exciting options of river rafting, river crossing, and waterfall rappelling, swimming and fishing.

The camp games are available in various forms of rope activities, training of survival skills and entertainment. Camps also provide sightseeing tours. Mussoorie’s popular attractions and nearby places can be explored.

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