Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

Fast Facts

The Tsomgo Lake also known as Changu Lake is a glacial water body in Sikkim. It lies at an altitude of 12,400 ft, 38 km from Gangtok. The beautiful lake is a must - visit sight for tourists in the mountain state.

Tsomgo is local Bhutia language means 'source of water'. The journey to the lake is an ethereal one. The road passes through rugged mountain terrain and sharp cliffs. Tsomgo Lake is known for its legendary beauty. The lake looks different every season. In winter the lake remains frozen solid with the area around it covered in snow. In late spring the abundance of flowers in bloom adds colors around the lake.

The Tsomgo Lake is associated with many myths and legends. The Sikkimese consider the lake sacred. In the olden times, Buddhist monks would study the color of the water of the lake to forecast the future. The lake is also of special significance for the Jhakris (faith healers) of Sikkim. They assemble here annually on Guru Purnima, to offer prayers.

For visitors’ in Sikkim, the Tsomgo Lake is not to be missed. Ride on colorfully decorated yaks and mules to reach the lake site. There are also numerous eating stalls serving snacks and beverages. In winter, hire snow boots and protective clothes to play in the snow.

Tsomgo lake is accessible to both Indian and foreign nationals. Foreign visitors need to apply for permit through a registered travel agency.

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