Shopping in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a paradise for shoppers. The coastal town is the perfect mix of eclectic, cosmopolitan and creative things to shop. There are variety of options for which one can shop for at bargains that are really hard to resist. The obvious favorites, tourists can purchase are apparels, leather items, faux leather products, handmade paper, jewelry, shoes, spices, etc. Some of the best places for doing shopping in Pondicherry are listed below:

Pondi Sunday Market:The most preferred destination for shopping, this market sells almost everything under the sun. You can browses for apparels, household items, shoes and lots more. The colorful, chaotic marketplace is ideal for a shopping quest as you easily get everything you wish for.

Kasha Ki Aasha:The boutique located on Surcouf Street is the best choice for fabrics, craft articles and lovely mementos. Housed in a traditional Tamil house with a terrace restaurant, it is an ideal place to hunt for cherished knickknacks.

La Boutique D Auroville: Check out the boutique for an amazing assortment of fancy jewelry, woodcarvings, carpets papier-mache, trendy T-shirts, leather bags, perfumes and more. The lampshade made of dried flowers and handmade paper is a popular souvenir.

Grand Bazaar: The most happening shopping hub in Pondicherry. Fruits, spices, house hold accessories, vegetables and a variety of fishes are items you can buy.

Auroville Ashram: Aurobindo Ashram has small souvenir shop that offers books, greeting cards and other memorabilia. You can also browse the variety of souvenirs, incense sticks, perfumed candles, handmade paper items and other unique products.

Auroville: The haven for beautiful variety of products such as handmade items, handicrafts, soaps made with natural ingredients, perfumes, candles, books, clothes, organic products, jewellery and much more. If not for purchase check out the finesse of the items.

Mission Street:Visit for super non-leather footwear, hand-painted silk clothing, perfumed candles, incense, oils, ceramics, jewelry, and handmade paper items.

Casablanca:The funky department stores home wear stuff, leather handbag, belt, briefcase, wallet or suitcases.

Hidesign:Though available all over the world, it is never cheaper than Pondicherry. Here leather goods are sold at up to 50% of the original asking price.

Titanic Factory Outlet: Shop for international brands (Guess, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, and the like) at unbelievable bargains.

The Boutique Auroshree:The boutique is ideal for shopping for clothes and handicrafts from all over India. It has a small selection of silver jewelry, paintings, and handcrafted bronze, brass, and sandalwood items.

Curio Centre:The best place for indigenous and colonial antique furniture, buy or visit for the pleasure of seeing the beautiful pieces.

Kalki:The perfect shop for non-leather footwear, hand painted silk/scarfs, and other handmade souvenirs.

Goubert Market:From daily grocery to souvenirs, find everything from woven baskets to leather goods, footwear, jewellery and garments.

Serenity Beach Bazar:Set up on weekends, at walking distance from the sea, this market sells a wide range of products. Choose from traditional handicrafts and attire to bags, accessories, ceramics and more.

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