Safdarjung Tomb

Safdarjung Tomb Delhi

Safdarjung's Tomb was built in memorial of Safdarjung the governor of the province of Awadh and Nawab Shuja-ud-daulah's father. Safdarjung's tomb is one of the popular historical monuments visited by tourists from all over the world.


Situated at the head of the Lodi road the tomb emits the glow of the Mughal era. Safdarjung's Tomb is one of the few buildings built during the last span of the Mughal era. The plan of the tomb structure is similar to that of the Humayun's tomb over an area of 300 sq. mtrs. Two graves of are located in the tomb, one that of Safdarjung's and the other of his wife. The chambers in the tomb are essentially rectangular in shape except the corner chambers that are structured octagonal. The tomb looks around at beautiful pavilions of

How to get there

Tourists can avail local buses, taxis and auto rickshaws from different points within the city. Many hotels arrange for conducted tours for tourists.

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