Ruins of Church of St. Augustine

Ruins of Church of St. Augustine

Constructed in the year 1602, from the Ruins of Church of St. Augustine, the only thing that can be distinguished is its 46metre high tower which stands high amidst the remnants.

12 Augustan Friars built the Church in the Holy Hill of Goa in the year 1602. The church was built with 8 beautiful chapels, four altars and four towers attached to it. The beautiful ornamentation, huge walls, towers and columns of St. Augustine's Church are now merely restricted to the pages of history. However the massive Bell Tower carries on the faded glory of yesteryears.

This 17 th century church however was banned by the Portuguese government. So the church was abandoned along with the convent beside the church. The vault of the church had collapsed in the year 1842, while the facade decayed in the year 1931. The convent was used for charitable work for some time but now all that remains is the high standing tower.

With the passage of time, the church slowly was ruined and all that remains now is the high and lofty Bell Tower. Considered to be one of the largest churches in Goa, one can never really fathom the magnanimity of the structure from the Ruins of Church of St. Augustine. But the towering Bell Tower still reminds us of the Portuguese rulers who once ruled the country. The bell of the Bell Tower was first kept in Fort Aguada Light House till 1871 AD and now it is kept in Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Panaji and is still working today.

One must visit the Ruins of Church of St. Augustine in Goa. From the remnants of the rubble one can still hear the echoes of history and feel the magnificence and grandeur of an era, which exists no more.

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