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River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful north-eastern state, which is known for its lush surroundings, and breathtaking scenery. The place is not only ideal for leisure vacations but also offers opportunities for adventure activities. River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most popular things to do in the region. The rivers in the state are snow fed all throughout the year, making rafting a popular activity amid experienced rafters due to the challenging waters.

The state is known for being home to the mighty Brahmaputra River and its tributaries including River Subansari, Siang and Lohit, alluring river rafting enthusiasts from all across. Wonderful views, thick forests and tribal habitation dot the banks of these rivers, making the whole experience, a memorable one. These rivers pass through the some isolated areas of the state, making the whole experience even more thrilling.

Grade: Level 4 and above

Best time for river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

Major river rafting spots in Arunachal Pradesh

Rafting in River Brahmaputra

Rafting in Brahpautra starts at Dibrugarh taking you to the Pasighat plains. The waters then take you to the remote places in the state which contain the tribal habitation, and thick rainforests with varied flora and fauna. The stretch from Tuting to the Pasighat plains is 108 km and thus offering one of the most challenging river rafting experiences in India.

The course includes a number of challenges such as rapids, big drops, and riffles. Pulsating Palsi and Ningguing are known to have daunting entry points, which get converted into the strong rapids in just another second. Then the rafters have to face might rapids like Roaring Rikor, Zebra Rock, Cherring, and Toothfairy. As one rafts past Cherring, the next meeting is with Karko Rapids, and lastly dropping at the famed Pongging Punch.

Rafting in River Subansari

River Subansari is the biggest tributary of Brahmaputra and is called the Gold River by the locals. They say that the descent of the river so loud and powerful that it can literally displace a forest. Running via thick jungles and tribal hamlets in Arunachal Pradesh, it boasts of challenging waters. It has grade 3 and above rapids. The stretch is around 150 km with very little connection to the road, making the experience even more exciting. For Subansari River, the main rafting destinations are Sippi, Taliha Camp, and Daporijo.

Rafting in River Siang

Originating from Tibet and running down the foothills of the Himalyas in Arunachal Pradesh, River Siang has moderate as well as difficult rapids. The raft encounters rapids of Grade III and IV like Initiation, and Good Morning at Yinkion. The river passes through local villages, tea plantation and gushing waterfalls. From Dibrugarh, reach Yinkiong through Pasighat for rafting in this river.

Rafting in River Lohit

Rafting in Lohit River lets you encounter grade 4 and 5 rapids, passing through some of the remotest places in the country. The entry point of the river in India is via easternmost point called Kibithu in Arunachal. Some of the rafting points here are Peliang, Samdul, and Walong.

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