Katariasar Village

Katariasar Village, Bikaner

Katariasar village is a typical Rajasthani hamlet in Bikaner. It is located on the Jaipur road, 45 km from Bikaner. Tourists who wish to enjoy the rural culture of Rajasthan must pay a visit to this village.

Katariasar village is not big on tourist attractions but simple pleasures of the village. The desert village glows as sun rays fall on the sands. The vegetation is sparse and quite pleasant to the eyes. The small homes are painted in local art. You can easily spot veiled women balancing pots of water on their head. The friendly village people share their stories, homes and food with guests. Most population in involved in dairy farming and you can easily find more cattle than human beings. Herds of chinkaras, desert fox, rabbits, peacocks, parrots and partridges are found in abundance in this area.

The Katriyasar village is quite close to the sand dunes where one can enjoy a camel safari. As modern world has not touched the town, you can pitch your own tent and enjoy an undisturbed time. The tribes called Sidh inhabiting the village, are especially of intrigue. These folks, walk and dance on top of the coals ignited by fire. They are known to give extravagant performances during the Bikaner Camel Festival. You have to witness the spectacle to believe these superhuman can do!

Take a break from tourist crowds in Rajasthan and escape to this scenic village near Bikaner.

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