Nizamuddins Tomb

Nizamuddins Tomb Delhi

Nizamuddin's Tomb built in Nizamuddin village at a distance of 2kms from Humayun”s Tomb commemorates the Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Chisti. Hazrat Nizamuddin's tomb is now a major pilgrimage site and a famous tourist attraction. Nizamuddin's famous Farsi phrase written to Sultan Ghiyasuddin tughlaq – ‘Hanooz Dilli dur ast' meaning - Delhi is still far away is still used as a pun in India in the local languages .


Nizamuddin's tomb commands popularity because of the saint's preaching of tolerance towards other religions and a liberal outlook. Nizamuddin Auliya, born in 1238, represented the Chisti order of Sufism in Delhi. He died in 1325. Mughal Emperors like Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan visited the shrine to pay respect. Legends say that Nizamuddin Auliya had pious followers in Alauddin Khilji , Mohammed bin Tughlaq and the great poet Amir Khusrau . People of different religion pay their respect to the shrine of the saint even today. Historical records inform that Hazrat Nizamuddin predcited that sultan Ghiyasuddin tughlaq will not return to Delhi and evidence show that it proved correct when the Sultan died around the outskirts of the city if Delhi. In 1562 a rich merchant- Faridu'n Khan reconstructed the tomb, the original structure of the shrine being destroyed years back.


Nizamuddin's tomb – another architectural brilliance is a marble structure adorned with ornate designs. The main tomb is situated in a veranda where qawwalis are performed in the evenings. The main tomb is crested with an ornate lotus that adds glory to the shrine. Later, Shah Jahan contributed the construction of archways and lattice screens known as the jalis'.

How to Get There

Tourists can avail local buses, taxis and auto rickshaws from different points within the city. Many hotels arrange for conducted tours for tourists. The nearest railway station is Nizamuddin Railway Station and the nearest metro station is Central Secretariat . Tourists are advised to allot approximately two and half hours for an entire tour of the tomb.

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