Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat

Location : Opposite INA, South Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : INA Metro Station (Yellow Line).

Timings : 11.00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Entry fee : INR 20 (Adult), INR 10 (Children).

The word ‘Haat’ refers to the word market in rural areas but this haat has become a delight for tourists in the country’s capital. One of the most popular attractions in Delhi, Dilli Haat INA is a market place, which has been given a décor inspired from the traditional cultures, folk art and life of rural India. Offering a sneak-peak into the rustic India’s crafts and art, this place attracts national as well as international visitors in huge numbers.

This market is not only about art, craft and heritage of India, it also you binge on lip-smacking street food and other cuisines of India, along with enjoying other cultural activities.

The craftsmen registered with D.C.Handicrafts can easily find a display to showcase their talent at the Dilli Haat. Stalls to sell handicrafts are allotted to craftsmen on rotational basis, who come to Delhi from all the parts of the country on minimal payment, for a duration of 15 days. Thus, the visitors can get their hands on authentic stuff at genuine prices that are not affected by any middleman interference.

One gets a chance to relish unmatched flavors of finger-licking local food from various parts of India such as Gujrati Dhokla, momos from Sikkim, Pooranpoli from Maharashtra, Kebabs and Kahwa from Kashmir, and Bamboos hot chicken from Nagaland. The food stalls too are eco-friendly.

Dilli Haat in INA offers the feel of a village market, but fulfilling all modern requirements. This place is an amalgam of handicrafts, cultural activity as well as food.

An exquisite bazaar in the heart of the city, it is a treasure box of everything ethnic, displaying the rich cultural heritage of India, permanent basis.

As you set your foot inside this Food and Craft Bazar, you feel simply delightful. It is an ideal place for people of all ages. You can buy ethnic products, savor sumptuous food, and spend a memorable day here with your loved ones.

The haat was set up by D.C. (Handicrafts) & D.C. (handlooms), Govt. of India & Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles, and Delhi Tourism and NDMC. The prime purpose was encouraging and supporting needy craftsmen and artists from every nook and corner of the country so that the country’s craft heritage can be sustained and preserved. The organizers try to keep a check on the prices to keep them moderate.

Spread in an area of 6 acres, Dilli haat lies close to South Delhi, one of the most important commercial centers of South Delhi. Thatched roof cottages, kiosks and expansive foundation work give the place a village-like yet attractive appeal.

Dilli haat is that kind of a market place where artists and other craftsmen get a chance to demonstrate their work to thousands of urban visitors, on a daily basis. It was inaugurated in the month of March, in 1994. Apart from regular stalls and food area, the haat also has an open stage for cultural programs, a souvenir shop with variety of small gifts, and a play area for kids.

The architecture is typical north Indian style with stone roofs and interesting brick jalli (lattice) work. There is a special hall for exhibition of handicrafts and handlooms. The shops here are set up on platforms and the area looks like a bazaar. The courtyard is made up of stones and the grass adds a wonderful soft touch. The trees and shrubs all around, look refreshing.

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