Connaught Place

Connaught Place in New Delhi

Connaught place is a creation of British in the last century. Connaught place is the business & shopping centre of New Delhi. It is a place where the banks, Airline offices, tour offices and hotels are located. It is designed in a circular form where the white-colonnade shopping district surrounds a green Park. It forms a full circle and is divided into blocs by seven radial roads. Connaugt place is the best shopping place in the city. It is considered as Delhi's posh shopping area. The Palika market is an underground market within Connaught place. During British period it was designed for elegant boutiques and specially for high society white people. Now it has been completely Indianised with shoe shiners sitting at every corner and beggars moving around. Connaught Place is very important for tourists as offices of most of the travel agencies, airlines and banks are located here. It is a lace where every thing you need is available.

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