Nandi Statue

Nandi Statue, Hampi


Nandi is known in the Hindu Mythology as the celestial vehicle of Lord Shiva and it has the form of a Bull. All the temples of Lord Shiva around the world have the unmistakable presence of the statue of Nandi.

The Nandi Statue at Hampi is located opposite to the famous Virupaksha Temple and is locally known as Yeduru Basavanna. The structure is a massive monolith and is constructed in a two-storied pavilion, on a raised platform. The idol has basic carvings and there are big boulders behind the statue that add to its charms. A little distance away from the idol is a stone lamp which has spikes on it.

The Statue of Nandi is greatly admired and venerated by the people of Hampi and is believed to protect the town. Although little damaged over the natural course of time, the statue still looks beautiful and attract tourists.  The site of the statue is also the main location for Vijaya Utsav, the Hampi Arts festival which is held in November every year.

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