Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Travel 65 Km from the city of Bangalore towards Nandi hills to be part of one of the fastest growing adventure activity in India; Paragliding. Nandi hills are amongst the most popular hill stations near the metropolitan; the tourism of which has fallen into the hands of commercialization. Owing to this plus the ideal terrain, the hill station has turned in to a hub of numerous paragliding clubs that offer excellent opportunities to soar into the skies at a very affordable pricing.

At Nandi hills, Paragliding enthusiasts can start with taking up a short course that can stretch from 2 days to a week. At the end of this, you can expect to be well versed with basic techniques of paragliding that include launching, flight, landing and taking necessary curves when required. However, enthusiasts can also opt for advance certified training courses that are required to be a professional in this sport. 

Flight Timings: 10 to 40 minutes

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