Ratangad Trek

Ratangad Trek Maharashtra

Region – Maharashtra

Duration – 3-4 hours

Grade – Easy

Maximum Altitude – 4250 feet

Trekking Distance – 14 Km

Base camp – Ratanwadi

Best Season – June to February

Ratangad trek, Maharashtra is a magnificent trek which passes through one of the most beautiful regions in the Sahyadri mountain range. Ratangad is believed to be one of the favorite forts of Shivaji Maharaj. After conquering the 16th century magnificent fort he got enamored by the scenic splendor. The best season to visit Ratangad is just after monsoons. Post rains, the entire region would be covered in lush beauty with numerous waterfalls. The trek to Ratangad from Ratanwadi would approximately take 3-4 hours.

Ratangad trek is very simple with the trail passing through small fields and thick forests by the Pravara River. The trek can be divided in three steps each separated by small plateaus. Be cautious of a diversion after the second plateau, the left trail is a jungle trail that would end in Harishchandragad. Towards the end of the trek there are two ladders to reach on top of the Ratangad fort.

The Ratangad trek allows not just the blissful scenery of Sahyadri, explore the Cave and the Fort. Enjoy the picturesque of the Ratangad “Nedha” offers wonderful pictures to bring home. The Amruteshwar Temple also lies on the route of the trail. Enjoy the pleasing views of River Pravara and the Bhandardara Dam built on this river.

Ratangad is also a great location for camping. There is a cave spacious enough to accommodate about 20 people with an iron grill to be closed at night for safety atop the fort.  Carry your own tent, food and necessities and spend time with nature.

Ratangad Trek is idyllic for a weekend getaway. Trek to the scenic fort. Spend time with nature and return home reinvigorated by the bliss of Sahyadri.

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