Godavari River Camp

Godavari River Camp

Camping on Godavari River Banks

Godavari River is the second longest river of India. The huge water body is worshipped as a Mother Goddess. She supplies the country with endless supply of water. The beautiful water body is the source of numerous nature blessed locations, powerful cities and millions of souls lives. Originating in Western Ghats, in Nashik near Maharashtra, the river completes her journey at the Bay of Bengal.

Camping on the Godavari River banks is a new explored beauty. Camping beside the placid waters can be attempted at Papi Kondalu, the scenic hill range in Andhra Pradesh. Kolluru campsite is the best known grounds to enjoy the peaceful environs of River Godavari. In the bamboo beach camps on the banks of the river, nature lovers can enjoy a wonderful experience. Explore the scenic environs and indulge in adventure activities.

How to Reach

To reach the Godavari River Camp at Kolluru, a river cruise is the popular way. The scenic route is a relaxing and exciting experience to reach the nature camps.

By Air: From the campsite of Kolluru on the banks of River Godavari, Gannavaram International Airport at Vijaywada is 49 kilometers away.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Kolluru camp site is Tenali junction, 40 kilometers away.

By Road: Kolluri bus stand in the main city is 5 kilometers away.

Best Time for Camping

The best time for camping on Godavari River banks is October to March. The pleasant weather is ideal. The ecology changes into a wonderful delight. Migratory birds are seen, wildlife is at its prime and the grounds are safe from monsoon insects and diseases. Enjoy starlit nights. Evenings are made comfortable with bonfires banishing the chills. Mosquitoes are a problem but almost all tents have mosquito nets for sleeping. While you are wake use a mosquito repellant. Enjoy the relaxing experience of staying in nature friendly temporary abodes along the river waters.

Where to Go

Godavari flows a very long distance. Camping on its banks are possible and actually exciting only at few places. In Andhra Pradesh, the waters have become placid. Here it’s quite amazing to camp on the river banks. It’s a beautiful nature friendly experience soothing the travelers. Papi Kondlu is few of the attractive places to camp besides the river. Organized beach hut camps are organized at Kolluru. Enjoy the facilities of the camp or set up camp at your preferred location in the scenic region.


Camping at River Godavari banks is a relaxing experience. The natural bliss is enough to soothe the body, mind and soul. The bamboo huts along the river, creates the ideal ambiance of nature friendly outing. Sleep under the stars or stay warm from the pleasant chills sitting by the bonfire. Evenings are full of music, dance and fun.

River Godavari waters are pleasant and scenic for boating and houseboat tours. Various boats are seen floating in the languid waters. Go for a trip to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Nature walks and trekking are also available with camping at River Godavari. Papi Kondlu are beautiful hills with interesting trails. Enjoy the views of wildlife and nature.

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