Shinshiva Ayurvedic Resort

Shinshiva Ayurvedic Resort Kerala

Shinshiva, a true epitome of calmness and peace, is an ayurvedic resort that has restored an amazing balance among the prime essences of holistic healing known to mankind. To experience Panchkarma, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation at Shinshiva is highly unique as the treatments are carried on under the supervision of veterans of the Indian traditional science of healing.

To make the stay highly rejuvenating, the resort had been built very close to the breathtaking Kovalam beach. Owing to this proximity, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic spa sessions at the beach are also the highlights of the curriculum. Moreover, Shinshiva provides state-of-the-art accommodations which further ensure a comfortable stay at the resort.


Guests at Shinshiva Ayurvedic resort are made to stay in thatched roof cottages. In order to maintain the privacy, the cottages are kept independent and at some distance from one another. Besides, if these traditional accommodations do not impress you, feel free to move in to the fully furnished rooms. The property have well-maintained gardens and paved walkways attached to both the types of accommodations.

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As Shinshiva breathes through the holistic vein of Ayurveda, one can get a same smell of that from its kitchen as well. The property has an in-house Ayurvedic restaurant, which offers custom-made Ayurvedic food to the guests. Breakfast is served free of cost, while the cost of the other meals are adjusted in the resort charges.

The diet which is to be maintained during the stay differs from person to person and is based on the requirement of the guest as well as the treatment he is going under. Ayurvedic diet greatly helps in purifying and detoxifying the body. Besides eating, one can also try his hand in cooking such healthy dishes.


Guided by its founder, Dr V. Franklin, an expert of Indian holistic science and Ayurvedic treatment, the treatments offered at Shinshiva are simply the best on all standards. Guests can choose from a variety of Ayurvedic packages as per their requirement. The list of the packages goes like this: Panchkarma program, Body immunization and anti-ageing, Body purification and Detoxification, Rejuventaion therapy, De-addictions, slimming program and beauty care.

The various Ayurvedic treatment processes that are brought to practice for a stipulated period of time along with the physical ailments that it can cure are given below:

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