Devikulam Tourism

Devikulam Tourism

Welcome to the hill resort of Devikulam that have the gorgeous green slopes that are as high as if to touch the sky. Lovely large lawns, rare fauna and flora and the cool breezes in Devikulam are not just refreshing but rejuvenating to the souls. Devikulam literally means "the pond or lake of the Devi". As per the beliefs of the people Goddess Sita had bathed in the waters of the lake in Devikulam.

Tourists Attractions

Devikulam boasts of a breathtakingly beautiful Sita Devi Lake veiled in the hills. As the name indicates the lake is associated with goddess Sita. Tourists flock to the Lake owing to the splendid surroundings, many believe in the curative powers of the mineral water of the lake. It is believed that goddess Sita had bathed in the waters of this lake making it sacred for the pilgrims that visit Devikulam. Even the adventure seekers throng the waters of the Lake, as they are ideal for trout fishing. The scenic beauty, adventure sports, beliefs and religion come together to make the Sita Devi Lake a major tourist attraction in Devikulam. Prior permission from Tata Tea is required in order to visit the lake or catch the fresh water fish.

The nature lovers can experience Heaven on earth at Devikulam with the wild flowers and rare herbs that grow in bounty on the Devikulam Hills. In close proximity to the Devikulam Lake is the Pallivasal Waterfalls that make excellent site for picnics owing to the beauty of nature in the spectacular sights, sounds and smells in the surroundings.

There are several tea plantations in and around Devikulam that add to the charm of the hill resort. The gum trees in red and blue are the other major highlights of the natural vegetation at Devikulam. For those of the tourists to Devikulam interested in visiting the tea estates, tea plantations or the factories conducted tours are available.

Places Around Deviculam

There is the famous Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 50 km from Devikulam. In the sanctuary you may spot the Elephants, leopards, gaurs, sambars besides the highly endangered species of the Grizzled Giant Squirrel and the Star Tortoise. You may even climb up the watchtower and enjoy the wondrous vistas of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Thoovanam Falls on the river Chinnar are the other must checkout in the sanctuary.

Wrapped in the tea estates is the Mattupetty. The views of the mist clad mountains and the hillocks from the Mattupetty Lake are breathtakingly beautiful. The rains add to the charm or the already captivating Mattupetty Lake.

Best Time To Visit

You may enjoy the crisp and cool mountain air throughout the year at Devikulam.


The hill resort of Devikulam is sixteen kilometers southwest of Munnar at an amazing altitude of 1800 m above sea level.

How To Reach

The ascent to Devikulam from Kochi of 149 km takes 4 and ½ hours whereas from Kottayam you are there at Devikulam that is 132 km away in 4 hrs.

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