Kerala Boat House

How would the experience of sailing on the placid backwaters of Kerala be? Wonderful! Going on-board the houseboats in Kerala is one of the top things to do in Kerala. A truly delightful experience, it is a chance for you to savor views and treat yourself to the tranquil ambiance.

Traditionally known as Ketuvallam, a Kerala houseboat is a country boat that initially was use for the purpose of transportation of good to the remote areas that were surrounded by waters. The goods were taken from the villages and taken to these places. This made the movement of heavy cargo including spice and rice, an easy thing.

After some years, when roads and bridges were made, these houseboats lost their significance. Nonetheless, from the past few years, houseboats in Kerala are one of the prime attractions of this South Indian state. A houseboat cruise is actually the best way to explore this labyrinth of water channels.

Kerala Backwaters Houseboat

Riding on a slow-moving houseboat of Kerala is truly a leisurely experience. Kerala tours are considered incomplete if one doesn’t go on-board a houseboat as it is one of the most popular tourist attraction here. A houseboat backwater cruise lets you explore picturesque locations, the serene countryside, scenic beauty, colorful avifauna, rubber/spice/coir plantation, paddy fields, lush surroundings, coconut palms and more.

The facilities in a houseboat are no less than a luxury hotel. A houseboat is available in different shapes and sizes and has option in number of rooms, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a deck, an open lounge area, attached bathrooms and so on. Guests our accompanied by a guide cum oarsmen and a trained cook.

Manufacturing of a houseboat

A houseboat is usually 67 feet long with a width of 13 feet in the middle. As far as its manufacturing is concerned, indigenous eco-friendly materials such as bamboo poles, bamboo mats, coconut fibre ropes, jack-wood and coir carpets are used. For making the body of the houseboat, artocarpus wood or jack-wood is put into use. This wood is cut into planks of 5-6 cm breadth, and to give them the shape of a boat, their ends are tied with coir. Nails are not used even once in the construction of a houseboat. Afterwards, a coat of caustic black resin is done on the houseboat. This special coat mixture is made from boiled cashew kernels. Once the basic construction of a house is completed, all the other facilities are added to it. For lighting, solar panels are made us of. With good amount of care, houseboats can last for generation.

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