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A 42-km drive amongst the Shivalik hills brings one to Barog. It is high on the route to Shimla from Kalka. If one do not wish to drive on the serpentine paths, take the morning train-the Shivalik Express from Kalka at 5.50 a.m. As one meanders lazily through gradually rising elevations, the morning sun breaks forth inviting to witness a colorful extravaganza-heaps of green touched on the edges by a gold brush and a lighted mountaintop.

Barog is perched high among the Shivalik hills at a height of about 1,560 m above sea level. The whole area is lush with a spirited green. The luxuriant mountain offers an almost unimaginable range of colors in its folds and creases.

Tourists Attractions

The belly of the mountain holds the longest railway tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla route-exactly 1,143 m long. At the end of the tunnel is a quaint station of wooden proportions. This building has existed since 1903 when the line was opened and is built on a curvature. The wooden verandah running along the entire length of the lodge with its crisscrossing balustrade gives a feeling of immense space. The restaurant windows peep through a bevy of bush-rose creepers. A honeymoon cottage is a new addition.

Mornings at Barog are enthralling. The night may have been romantic but the morning is captivating and the senses open up to the sweet voices of the wild. The call lifts from within the valley and wafts across the pines from an enclosure hidden to the eye. The pines of Barog are full of her cavort and pleasantries.

Below, the longest tunnel on the rail route with a mechanical regularly keeps swallowing and spewing out trains.

Take a mountain trek. Walk among the pines on a goat track, listen to surprised tweets, pause at snail crossings, discover the dalliance of a family of monkeys, the little ones prancing from branch to branch; marvel at how the goat and sheep balance their hooves on a precipice. The discovery of a mountain brook is a mellifluous interruption. Walks over wet stones and feel the cold, fresh, and pure mountain water.

The mist goes on in its vapory sojourn, clothing for one moment something and disrobing it next. From where it began its journey and to where it is destined is anybody's guess. With the fast approaching dusk the mountains are silhouetted against the sky. A trembling glimmer of lights appears all over the mountain range. It appears as if a fairy has just flown by and her veil studded by twinkling stars trails behind.

How To Reach

By Road & Rail - Barog lies on Shimla Kalka highway and regular buses and taxis ply from both of these places. Barog is also connected with both places by mountain train and the experience can be memorable.

Best time to visit Barog

One of the popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, Barog is located in the Solan district. This tiny hill town has been blessed with lush and beautiful surroundings. Barog can be visited during any time of the year. In the summer season, Barog does not experiences scorching heat due to the surroundings hills as well as greenery. The temperature ranges between 10°C and 23°C, making Barog a wonderful place to visit. July, August and September are monsoon months when the town experiences moderate rainfall, making the place all the more lush and beautiful. The time between October and March is the winter season in Barog. The temperature ranges between 15°C and 5°C. Explore the place to the fullest at this time.

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