Havelis in India

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and glorious history. The country displays its grandeur through its captivating havelis. Featuring beautiful and intricate artwork, Havelis of India allure tourists from all across the country and the world. Colorful, lavish and spectacular, these havelis tell a lot about the bygone eras. The beautiful architecture of the havelis displays the creativity and excellent craftsmanship of the artisans of those times. The brilliance of the havelis makes them a great tourist attraction for every type of traveler, right from a history buff to photographer.

India is dotted with a number of havelis. Jaisalmer, Delhi, Udaipur, Shekhawati and Jodhpur are home to the best havelis in India. Ghalib Ki Haveli, Nathmal Ki Haveli, Samode Ki Haveli, Kanor Ki Haveli, Sardargarh ki Haveli and Chunnamal Haveli are some popular havelis of India.

Most havelis of India take influence from Indian, Central Asian and Islamic Persian architecture. In India, almost all havelis have a courtyard with a fountain in the centre. Of all haveli styles, Mughal-style havelis are considered the finest. The beautifully decorated havelis of India speak much about the glory of the royal kings and queens. The royal look of the havelis is enhanced by the stone carved balconies.

A number of havelis have now been converted into heritage hotels and offer a luxurious stay to the guests. These havelis feature a unique vintage charm which makes every guest enjoy a king like stay. 

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List of Havelis in India

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