Chorwad Beach

Chorwad is one of the popular beaches on the Gujarat border. Once the royal summer retreat of the pleasure-loving Nawabs of Junagarh, the imposing Chorwad Palace and the lovely expanse of beach before it combine to make Chorwad unique. Today, Chorwad lays claim to being India's only beach palace resort-the piece de resistance of Gujarat's beaches.

Many decades ago, Mohabat Khan, the Nawab of Junagarh chanced upon the sleepy seaside hamlet of Chorwad and saw its potential as an ideal summer resort cooled by fresh sea breezes from the Arabian Sea-an escape from the clammy, energy-snapping heat of Junagarh (also Junagadh). There are many beaches on the Gujarat border that make ideal summer retreats.

Built in the 1930s, the spacious Chorwad Palace with its impressive façade, elegant interiors, projecting porticos and balconies and large arched windows reflects an interesting blend of Italian, Muslim and colonial influences. The ambience and ethos of a royal bygone era have been recreated in the Palace. Luxurious rooms with exquisite décor, marble bathtubs, exclusive lounges, swimming pools, game and card rooms, video, and exotic seafood await guests at the Chorwad Palace. Overall, Chorwad has rooms to suit every budget and taste-a choice of palace, cottage, deluxe, and economy rooms.

Tourists Attractions.

Chorwad is amongst the often visited beaches on the Gujarat border. Outside, thoughtfully landscaped gardens and casuarinas which move gently in perfect rhythm with the wind complement the palace façade to provide a dream-like backdrop to horse-riding along the beach (the Kathiawadi thoroughbreds of the Junagarh Nawabs were once housed in the Palace), simply soaking in the sun or lazing on the shimmering sands or in the cool of some romantic nigh, walking along sands washed by the tide and silvered by the moon.

Visitors throng most of the beaches on the Gujarat border. Visitors who are interested in swimming usually cross the fishermen's jetty and walk across to another beach where the sea is not as rough as on the seafront spread before the palace. But the majority of visitors to Chorwad are content to let the water lap gently against their toes and surrender themselves to the magical royal quality of the sands of Chorwad.

How To Reach Chorwad

Chorwad one of the beaches on the Gujarat border is easily accessible. Chorwad, 20 kilometers from Veraval and 70 kilometers from Junagarh, can be reached by air (Keshod, the nearest airport, is only 35 kilometers away), by road and by rail (the nearest railway station is at Veraval).

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