Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Goa

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the impressive building of the abandoned Convent of Francis of Assissi 9 km from Panaji, in Old Goa and has been functional since 1964. This museum contains antiquities from the Pre-Portugese, early and late medieval period. Brahmanical sculptures hero-stones and sati stones of the early and late medieval periods, Brahminical sculptures, coins, currency, revenue and court fee stamps dating back to the Hindu dynasties that ruled Goa before the Portugese. Armoury and metal figurines and statues of the Portugese period are also on display. The portraits include that of Vasco da Gama, Alfonso de Albuquerque and other Governors in their formal attires.

Some other prominent displays of the museum consist of middle and upper Paleolithic stone tools, Microliths and a few Neolithic Celts, a six meter high statue of Alfonso de Albuquerque, a wooden statue of St. Peter excavated materials from Chandnor, copper coins and copper nails, rings dating back to the third century B.C etc.

A standing statue of Lord Vishnu accompanied by Goddess Laxmi and Garuda on either side, seated Uma-Maheshwara is one of the special attractions.

Structure of the Museum

A 3.6 m high statue of Alfonso de Albuquerque stands at the entrance to greet the visitors to interiors of the museum. The Archaeological Museum is divided into 8 galleries which represent 8 different sections of the museum. The first section is the Key Gallery in the ground floor which introduces the visitor to the nature of the exhibits in the museum. The new annex building is a recent addition to the original museum building. The hall to left of the entrance was then converted to a gallery and the floor laden with teak wood to bring uniformity in the look of the museum. This renovation took place in 1982.


The Archaeological Museum remains open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. It remains closed on Mondays and government holidays.

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