7 Days Rajasthan Tour 6 Nights / 7 Days

6 Nights Itinerary Covering: Jaipur - Pushkar - Jodhpur - Mount Abu - Udaipur


Rajasthan is a state famous for its culture, foods, colorful festivals and temples. Centuries-old buildings and traditions await to enchant your mind in this blissful paradise. In the enjoyable Rajasthan tour, you will explore the enchanting beauty of the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, and Mount Abu which will take you through a memorable tour of Rajasthan.


  • Delve into spirituality at the Birla Mandir, Jaipur
  • Ride like a king to the entrance of the Amer fort
  • See the world's biggest cannon on wheels at the Jaigad fort
  • Breathtaking beauty awaits your presence at the Hawa Mahal
  • Indulge in some stargazing at the Jantar Mantar, Jaipur
  • Seek the blessings of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer Sharif
  • Spend some quiet time boating at the Nakki Lake and the Ana Sagar lake
  • Visit one of the few Brahma temples in the world at Pushkar
  • Experience the magnanimity of one of the largest forts in the world, the Mehrangarh fort.
  • Experience the romance of Lake City, Udaipur

Itinerary Detail

Day 1 - Arrival in Jaipur

Our tour representative will be ready with a warm heart and a disarming smile when you arrive at the Jaipur airport/railway station to start your Rajasthan tour. The representative will then help you in transferring to your hotel where you can check-in, relax and take a hot shower and pamper yourself on the soft bed of your hotel. After taking some rest, we then proceed towards visiting the Birla Mandir.

A famous temple in Jaipur, the Birla Mandir is surrounded by scenic gardens and has colorful flowers to delight its viewers. Made from pure white marble, the Birla Mandir also known as the Lakshmi Narayan temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. You can find intricate carvings from the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita on the walls of this beautiful temple. Keeping in line with the religious harmony of India, the temple contains the quotes and figures of great men like Confucius, Buddha, and Socrates. Spend some quiet moments in this spiritual place.

Return to the hotel in the evening. Overnight stay will be at your hotel in Jaipur.

Day 2 - Jaipur Full Day Sightseeing

After having breakfast you will go on a full-day sightseeing tour of Jaipur starting with the famous Amer Fort and then you will proceed towards the Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, and Hawa Mahal.

Amer Fort:-The Amer fort was built in the 16th century by Maan Singh, who was a high ranking official in Akbar's court. Constructed on four levels, this architectural beauty is built from marble and red sandstone. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Amer food consists of many places like the Sheesh Mahal, Jay Mandir, Sukh Nivas, Jaleb Chowk, Diwan- e -Khas and the Diwan- e -Aam which will transfix your mind. Let the shutterbug inside you run amok and click some hypnotizing photos that will be entrenched into your memory for time. The Amer fort is one of the very few forts in India which lets you experience the thrill of an elephant ride right up to the main gate of the fort.

Jaigarh Fort:-We move on to visit the Jaigarh Fort which was built by Sawai Jai Singh II to protect the city of Jaipur from outside attacks. It is perched on the top of the 'Cheel ka Teela' hill at an altitude of 500 feet and offers an enchanting view of the surroundings. Spread over an area of 3 kilometers, the Jaigarh Fort has the largest cannon on wheels in the world known as the Jaivana Cannon. You can revel in the beauty of other attractions within the fort like the Aram Mandir, Vilas Mandir, Lalit Mandir, and Lakshmi Vilas.

City Palace: -A striking blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture, our next spot of the day is the City Palace of Jaipur. This place will give you a glimpse of the good old days of Rajasthan. Pink and red sandstone enamors the main palaces of the complex, the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. The three gates of the palace symbolize three different seasons, the rose gate symbolizes winter, the Lotus gate symbolizes summer and the peacock gate symbolizes the autumn season. The beauty of these gates will have a spellbinding effect on your senses.

Jantar Mantar:-Built by Sawai Jai Singh II, the stone planet observatory of Jantar Mantar is one of the five such observatories built across India. You will be awe-struck on seeing the accuracy with which these stone instruments measure the position of planets. The Jaipur Jantar Mantar boasts of the largest stone sundial in the world the Samrat yantra.

Hawa Mahal: - Hawa Mahal is the iconic building of Jaipur and is one of a kind building in the entire world. This five-storeyed building was built in the 18th century by Maharana Pratap Singh so that the royal ladies could see the royal processions and other functions of Jaipur without revealing their faces to the crowd. This architectural wonder consists of more than 900 Jharokhas (lattice windows) which have intricate marble carvings.

After a colorful and tiring day return to the hotel in the evening. Overnight stay at the hotel in Jaipur.

Day 3 - Jaipur- Pushkar

Our entourage moves towards Pushkar after you complete your resplendent breakfast. Once we reach Pushkar, you will check into your hotel freshen up and then we move towards Ajmer. The wonderful city of Ajmer consists of a lot of tourist attractions which include names such as the Adhai din ka Jhopra, the famous Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah, the Daulat Bagh Gardens and the Brahma Temple.

Dargah of Moinuddin Chisti: - One of the most famous Sufi saints of India, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti rests here at Ajmer Sharif Dargah. The silver-plated doors with Quran inscriptions engraved in them, welcome you as you enter the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. In the Courtyard, you will find a marble tomb that has gold plating on its top where the pious Saint lies rested.

Adhai Din Ka Jhopra: - At a mere distance of 500 meters from Ajmer Sharif Dargah lies one of the oldest mosques in India, the Adhai din ka Jhopra. This structure was once a Sanskrit College built by Vigraharaja IV, Chauhan dynasty king in the 12th century which was later converted into the Dargah by Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak on the orders of Mohammad Ghori. The Adhai din ka Jhopra consists of 124 pillars and 10 domes.

Ana Sagar Lake: - Enjoy some quiet time at the Ana Sagar Lake, which was a lake built by the great Ana Ji Chauhan, the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan during the 12th century. The lake is spread across 13 kilometers and a quiet stroll on the banks of this lake will help you in enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Brahma Temple: - Today we visit the Brahma Temple in Pushkar. This temple is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma and is a beautiful amalgamation of Rajput and the southern style of temple building. Beautiful pillars welcome you on the temple entrance and the entire temple is built out of marble. Bow down your head to the cross-legged Brahma statue.

Pushkar Lake: - This Lake is the site of the world-famous Pushkar fair and is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage spot. Thousands of devotees throng the Pushkar Lake in search of spiritual meaning in the innumerous Ghats and temples located on the periphery of Pushkar Lake. It is believed that taking a bath in the Pushkar Lake during Kartik Purnima is very auspicious. The lake is believed to have medicinal properties and is especially famous for curing skin diseases.

Overnight stay will be at your hotel in Pushkar.

Day 4 - Pushkar - Jodhpur

After having breakfast you will leave for Jodhpur which is situated at a distance of 185 km and it will take 4 hours to reach there. You will have an assisted check-in at your hotel upon your arrival. Take some rest and then you will leave for the sightseeing tour of Jodhpur. Today we move towards the famous tourist spots of Jodhpur namely Mehrangarh fort and Mandore Gardens await to enthrall you.

Mehrangarh Fort: - One of the largest forts in India, the Mehrangarh Fort has a height of around 118 feet and a width of around 69 feet. The Mehrangarh Fort has a rich collection of costumes, arms, sculptures, paintings, and various local Rajasthani artifacts. Experience the famous zipline of Mehrangarh to have a bird's eye view of the beautiful city of Jodhpur. The palaces of Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, and Zenana Deodi are an exquisite example of Rajasthani architecture. Visit the chokelao gardens and see the eagles being fed by food management.

Mandore Gardens: - The Mandore Gardens are located at a distance of about 9 kilometers from Jodhpur. Do not forget to visit the hall of heroes which contains various stories of folk heroes of Rajputana. The museum is also a very good place to know in-depth about Rajasthani culture.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Jodhpur.

Day 5 - Jodhpur - Mount Abu

After having your mouth-watering breakfast, we proceed towards Mount Abu. It will take 4 hours to reach there. Mount Abu is a place where you can go to escape the scorching heat of Rajasthan. Visit the famous Dilwara temples and take a boat ride in the Nakki Lake at Mount Abu.

Dilwara Temples:- High quality craftsmanship and architecture extraordinaire, is what exemplifies the Dilwara temples of Rajasthan. Regarded as one of the finished specimens of Jain architecture, the Dilwara temples contain five distinct sections dedicated to five important Jain Tirthankaras. Built between the 11th and 13th centuries, these Jain temples have brilliantly detailed carvings like Lotus birds, flowers and petals inscribed on the pillars and walls.

Nakki Lake:- Surrounded by the picturesque Aravali hills, Nakki Lake is not just a lake, but a memorable experience for you and your family. The enticing beauty of Nakki Lake is the best experience on a boating ride through the length and breadth of this tantalizing lake.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Mount Abu.

Day 6 - Mount Abu - Udaipur

We move towards the romantic city of Udaipur today after you have your mouthwatering breakfast in the morning. Once we reach Udaipur, you will be transferred into your hotel where after completing the check-in formalities you will visit on the sightseeing tour of the beautiful city of Udaipur for a half day. We shall visit the enchanting city palace, Jagdish Temple Saheliyon ki Bari. You can experience the alluring beauty of Lake Pichola by going on a motor launch cruise in the lake at an extra cost.

City Palace:- The City Palace of Udaipur is an epitome of Rajputana grandeur. An exquisite fusion of Chinese, Mughal, European and Rajasthani architecture, the City Palace of Udaipur houses some of the most graceful monuments that you will ever find. Experience the beauty of Jag Mandir, monsoon palace and the Neemach Mata temple at the city palace of Udaipur.

Saheliyon Ki Bari:- One of the most beautiful gardens in the entire Rajasthan, the Saheliyon ki Badi was built by Maharana Sangram Singh as a gift to his queen and her 48 maidens. Treated as a recreational spot by the king and queen, this Saheliyon ki Badi contains some of the most eye-catching fountains and beguiling gardens that you will ever encounter. Spend some quiet time here with your friends and family and in the tantalizing beauty of this pulchritudinous place.

Jagdish Temple:- Built in the Indo-Aryan style, Jagdish Temple is one of the most captivating temples located in the city of Udaipur. With top-class interiors which include ludicrously curved ceilings and pillars along with aesthetically pleasing paintings, the Jagdish Temple is an apotheosis of Rajputana architecture.

Visit Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandir. In the evening enjoy boat ride in Lake Pichola.

Return to the hotel in the evening after the excursion. Overnight stay at the hotel in Udaipur.

Day 7 - Udaipur Departure

Even fairy tales have endings! Today is the last day of your enjoyable Rajasthan tour. Enjoy some local Rajasthani cuisine in your breakfast and spend some moments with your camera, letting your mind wander into those beautiful memories that you have created on this tour.

Our tour representative will help you in transferring to the Udaipur railway station/airport so that you can bid adieu to Rajasthan, only to come back later.

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