Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort

Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort , Thiruvananthapuram

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Address: Pozhikkara Beach, Pachallor, 695027 Trivandrum, India


Nothing can be better than staying amid a beautiful beach, serene lake and lush green coconut plantation. Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort offer this stay to make yours a memorable one. Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort is a beautiful place that features a tranquil ambiance. The serene environment of the place is perfect for a long and rejuvenating holiday. The rooms are comfortable and offer a great view of the beach and the lake. Guests can enjoy watching canoes or fishermen completing their daily activities. Also, they get to enjoy a beautiful sunset or an evening under the starry sky that perfectly ends the day. The location of the resort is perfect because of its proximity to major tourist attractions of Trivandrum.


For accommodation, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort offers Deluxe, Superior Deluxe, and the Standard Deluxe rooms. Superior deluxe rooms and deluxe rooms overlook the beach and come with a balcony. All the rooms are very spacious and are equipped with modern amenities. However, the standard deluxe rooms are slightly smaller and come with basic necessities.


The resort has a separate wing dedicated to Ayurveda. The wing is fully equipped and is headed by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapists offer state of the art therapies and products. The center is designed in traditional Kerala style. Ayurvedic experts at the resort use age-old healing systems like Ayurveda and Yoga for making people achieve a healthy body. Natural herbs and essential oils are used in all the therapies offered at the resort. Therapies cum martial art form like Kalari Payattu that provide deeper healing are also offered at the resort.


Yoga is given much importance at the resort as it believed to ensure the health of an individual. It is said is considered that no other form of traditional practice can provide all-round health to an individual. The path of Yoga is long and it makes one get freedom from all kinds of pain and sufferings.

Kalari payattu therapy

Kalari-payattu is a popular form of martial art that belong to Kerala. The art developed back during the 9th century. This form of martial art is not only physical, but it also focuses on the spiritual discipline of an individual. The art aims to develop a positive and non-violent way in the life of an individual. This art makes the students build confidence and increase the flow of energy in the body.


At Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, it is believed that a balanced diet plays a key role in maintaining the health of an individual. For all those who undertake Ayurvedic therapies and treatments at the resort are prescribed a special diet by Ayurvedic dieticians. Following the diet helps the guests to achieve positive and faster results. People accompanying them can enjoy food at the local restaurant of the resort. The resort has an in-house dining restaurant where guests can enjoy lip-smacking dishes from local and international cuisines. Guests can request for cooking classes from our chefs and learn authentic Kerala recipes.


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