Ayurveda Gram

Ayurveda Gram


Ayurvedagram is a premium Ayurveda resort that offers authentic Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programs. The resort is internationally reputed for offering the finest programs and treatments. To enhance the experience of the guests, Ayurvedagram has Kerala’s traditional homes Manas, Illams, Nalukettus and Kovilakams as accommodation. The pleasant weather and green surroundings of the resort make it a great place to enjoy a long rejuvenating holiday. The ambiance of the resort is soothing and positive that complements the Ayurvedic treatments offered at the resort. 


Ayurvedagram offers spacious accommodations that come with lodging and dining facilities. As an accommodation, Ayurvedagram offers traditional Kerala houses. These houses feature a unique traditional look that makes them the highlight of the resort. Exquisite carvings can be found on the walls and ceilings of the house. The cottage houses come with two bedrooms that have enclosed bathrooms. 


AyurvedaGram offers a variety of Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Ayurvedic treatments are offered for both regular health issues and chronic diseases. The treatments at the resort aim to cure the health problem and not just the symptoms. 

Other than these treatments, therapeutic treatments are also offered that focus on maintaining the well-being of an individual. These treatments work to eliminate the disease-causing materials from the body. This helps in improving the immune system of the body. Also these programs, help in nourishing the body, promoting sleep and revitalizing the nervous system. 

Ayurvedagram is known internationally for its authentic Ayurveda treatments and long term rejuvenation programs. Ayurveda professionals at Ayurvedagram use the ancient science of Ayurveda with modern techniques in order to get the best results. Along with Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation are also given much importance.


Ayurvedagram has a special vegetarian restaurant called Ootupura where dietary food is offered as per the meal prescribed by the doctors after a specific Ayurveda treatment. Other guests can enjoy delicious food from Indian and International cuisines. The main highlight of the restaurant is the south Indian delicacies that are prepared in exclusive Kerala style. Guests get an insight of the culture of Kerala at the restaurant. 



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