Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur-Mandvi, on the coastline of Gujarat, is one of the finest beaches in India. A part of Junagarh district, this place is well connected with rail and road network to other places in the region.


Ahmedpur-Mandvi is located in the western Indian state of Gujarat at around 288 km from Ahmedabad. The place is a part of Junagarh district lying between Latitude 21o 31' in the North to Longitude 70o 36' in the East.

Best Time To Visit

The place can be visited round the year, but winter is the best time to venture in this area. Ideal months are October to March. Though the climate is never harsh, it remains between 20 - 28o C making it the best time to visit this are.

Tourists Attractions

The beach is white and firm, ideal for walks, and the water perfect for swimming. A variety of Water sports options are on offer-water scooting, skiing, surfing, para sailing, and speedboating.

Private Beaches - Some of the cottage resorts provide private beaches for the guests. Other facilities include air-conditioned rooms, pleasant lawns, and palm grooves.


Across the bridge from Ahmedpur Mandvi, Diu Island comes as a real, pleasant surprise. It lies just a few minutes offshore from the mainland of Gujarat, yet has retained the feel of an island in the Mediterranean. Nothing can quite prepare one for the treasure-trove of Portuguese colonial period architecture in downtown Diu, the absolutely superb Baroque facades of churches and public buildings, the bungalows of the Christian quarter with their pastel shaded walls and truss roofs, and even the havelis of the Zampa area, which are rather European in design-trellised terraces and galleries, classical columns, broad verandahs, porticoes-then Gujarati.

Chorwad is a new beach resort developed by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat and the place is not far away from Ahmedpur Mandvi.

How To Reach

By Air - The nearest airport is Keshod around 145 km, which is connected to Mumbai with regular flights.

By Rail - Delwada railway station is situated around 9 km from Ahmedpur-Mandvi and connected to the Ahmedabad-Veraval line.

By Road - State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect Ahmedpur- Mandvi with various centers of Gujarat.

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