Tawang cycling Tour
11 Nights / 12 Days

11 Nights Itinerary Covering: Guwahati (2N), Bhalukpong (1N), Jamiri (1N), Bomdila (1N), Dirang (1N), Senge (1N), Jung (1N), Tawang (2N), Bomdila (1N)


Did you know, regular cycling sessions can improve your heart health and make your other organs function well? You might also be unaware of “cycling exploration?” This is a method used by many adventure junkies where they cycle their way to explore or visit some amazing destinations in a circuit. Even in India, we have so many active cycling circuits where regular people visit for some enjoyment. Up for the Tawang cycling tour?

We at Tourism of India (TOI) have a complete package of 11 nights and 12 days in which you get to visit multiple destinations in North East India. This package covers all the necessary facilities and equipment that would be required throughout the trip. So check out the meticulously designed package to know more. There are a lot of amazing things that are on offer in this package.


  • Cycle through Dirang River
  • Crossing the Sangti Valley
  • Cycling through an astonishing 13,700 ft. at Sela Pass
  • Explore Tawang city
  • Explore Guwahati

Itinerary - Tawang cycling Tour

Day 1 - Guwahati- Embark on your cycling expedition

Arrive at the airport or railway station at Guwahati where our representative will meet you and assist you with your transfer. You will be heading straight to the pre-booked accommodation where you will get some time to rest. Complete all the check-in formalities and then freshen up. Your lunch will be served after which there will be a briefing session for you with other cyclists.

Once all of that is done, you will be heading out for some leisure activities. Take a walk or explore the town, eat delicacies and enjoy the weather. Return to the accommodation by evening because there will be an overnight stay at the hotel and dinner will also be served here. You can tuck yourself in a comfortable bed and get some sleep.

Day 2 - Bhalukpong- A road journey to the next destination

Wake up to a filling breakfast and start your road journey to Bhalukpong. Complete your check-out formalities and head out on the journey. This trip will be taken in a comfortable vehicle with every cyclist traveling along. Enjoy the natural vistas and crossing the Brahmaputra River. Once you reach your destination, complete your check-in formality and then relax in your room. Take some rest and by evening you will be going out on a small expedition around the town. This is just a warm-up for the upcoming thrilling tour. After having a wonderful day, head back to your accommodation and get your dinner. After taking your meal, just tuck yourself in a comfortable bed and get some sleep.

Distance between Guwahati and Bhalukpong- 245 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

Day 3 - Jamiri: And the cycling tour begins!

From today your thrilling cycle expedition will start and you will get the enjoyment of something different. Wake up to an early healthy breakfast because you are going to work out a lot today. After breakfast, just complete your check-out formalities and head for Jamiri. Keep an ID proof as well as your passport size photograph. Your inner line permit for this trip will be included in the package so you don't have to sweat for it. Rather it is going to be a hassle-free experience.

Till a point, you will have to put in more effort on this route because you will be riding up the hill, but later you will be descending to Jamiri which will give you enough time to take a look around at the beautiful vistas. As soon as you reach Jamiri, complete your check-in formalities and head to the hotel for some rest. You can take a shower and get in your bed while your dinner will be served in your room.

Distance between Bhalukpong and Jamiri: 61 km

Time Taken: 8 hours (approximately)

Day 4 - Bomdila- Another eventful day of cycling

Yet again, you will have to wake up early to a hearty breakfast after which you will be heading to a petite hamlet Bomdila. So after having your breakfast, complete your check-out formalities and head for the next destination. You will be crossing the lush green terrain and voyage. It will be an offbeat track to explore with unending fun. Although usually, it takes a complete day to cycle from Jamiri to Bomdila if time allows, take a trip to the nearby areas in the hamlet.

But before heading out for your on-foot expedition, just check in to your hotel and get some rest. Explore the marketplace and spend the rest of the evening at peace. After having a wonderful but tedious day, it is time to get some rest. Head back to the hotel as per your will and take your dinner. You can feel comfortable in your bed and get a good night's sleep.

Distance between Jamiri and Bomdila: 52 km

Time Taken: 7 hours (approximately)

Day 5 - Dirang: Another day of amusement on your bicycle

It is the 5th day of your trip and another day of having an amusing cycle expedition. Today you will be heading from Bomdila to Dirang while crossing the Sangti Valley. Now, take your breakfast, complete your check-out formalities, and head for your next destination. When you start your days' journey, it will be a bit difficult because there will be a stretch of 4 km up the hill, and after that things will become easier. You will have to go down the hill and along the Dirang River.

Once you cross the river bed you will be cycling for 7 km on the dirt road of Sangti Village. Upon arrival at the Dirang checkpoint, you will have to complete the check-in formalities and enjoy a relaxing stay. Take a walk around the accommodation or stay inside, that's going to be your choice to make. Later in the evening, your dinner will be served in your room followed by a good night's sleep.

Distance between Bomdila and Dirang: 50 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

Day 6 - Senge: Some more fun while crossing Dirang

Actually, your next destination will be Jung but completing it in one stretch might become difficult for you. So rather according to this itinerary, it will be broken into two days so that you don't have to rush into things. Enjoying every day and every bit of this tour is what we want for you. Therefore you will be taking a halt at Senge.

Have your breakfast early in the morning and finish up your check-out formalities before heading towards Senge. Jung is quite an altitude gain and staying at Senge is going to prepare you for the same. So when you reach this destination just check into your room and take some rest. You need all the rest because tomorrow is going to be a bit more tedious and a whole lot special. Go out for a sightseeing tour and return by the evening. Later your dinner will be served in your room. Have it and go to sleep.

Distance between Dirang and Senge: 35 km

Time Taken: 6 hours

Day 7 - Jung: Crossing the amazing Sela Pass

Wake up to an early breakfast and have some toothsome breakfast. This is the day when your endurance will be put to test. You will be heading to Sela Pass today and then to Jung. This is going to be an uphill cycling trip for the day and an extensive gain in altitude will also be there. This mountain pass is located at an elevation of 13700 ft. (approx). While crossing this pass you can take a halt for some sightseeing and photography sessions.

You can also enjoy the beautiful view of Sela Lake which is another high-altitude glacier lake. While you move ahead, you will be crossing the Sela Pass which is in Jaswant Garh. You can also visit the Jaswant Singh memorial where you can see the names of our brave hearts who fought in the Indo-China war in 1962. As soon as you reach Jung. Head for the accommodation to release your tiredness. Take your dinner and a warm water shower at the accommodation. Post all this, take a good nap (which is also required) in your comfortable bed.

Distance between Senge and Jung- 66 km

Time Taken- 9 hours

Day 8 - Tawang: Another day of peddling at the hills

After a good sleep, wake up to a filling breakfast. It is better to leave here early so that you can enjoy your entire trip. While you complete your check-out formalities, you will be up for another amazing session of cycling to Tawang. When you embark on this journey, you will be facing different terrains throughout this stretch. From crossing the river bed to some challenging roads to cycling uphill for hours. The day is going to be amazing and tedious for you. En route stop at the Jung Waterfall for some breathtaking pictures.

Upon arrival, you will be getting a delicious meal after the check-in formalities are completed. Post all this, you can either take a walk around the place or get some rest, it completely depends on you. Once all of this is done, you can get some sleep so that you wake up fresh for the next day.

Distance between Jung and Tawang: 30 km

Time Taken: 5 hours (approximately)

Day 9 - Tawang: Get going with exploring Tawang

Tawang is undoubtedly one of the finest places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh and one of the attractions you will be exploring on your Tawang Cycle Tour. This entire day is going to be left on your to explore the town as you feel like it. You can go to places, taste some local cuisines, head to the market for shopping, and visit the monasteries. If you wish you can also get to the passes.

Have a complete day of exploring Tawang after which you will head to the hotel you are staying in. Resting is also something you would be needing a lot. Make sure you have got everything you wanted from the market. Come back to your hotel and then get your hearty dinner. Post that goes to your bed and enjoys your sleep.


Day 10 - Bomdila: Returning to your destination

After having 9 days of the exciting cycling tour, you will now be returning to Guwahati but your first stop will be at Bomdila. You will be transferred via transferring vehicle with utmost comfort. So, have your breakfast and complete your check-out formalities. And meet our representatives who will assist you to Bomdila which will be your next destination.

On arriving at Bomdila, your room will be already booked. Take your dinner and take a walk around the park. Get some sleep afterward.

Distance between Tawang and Bomdila: 177 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

Day 11 - Guwahati: Take a tour of the city

Check out from your hotel in Bomdila and head with our representative to your departure destination Guwahati. You will be heading to the destination via Khaltang. On arrival, check in to the hotel and relax and imagine the days you. The blissful time you had and the astonishing beauty around. If time allows, you can also take a trip to the nearby areas and check out the places.

After that, come back to the hotel and have your dinner. Rest for some time in the lobby or take a stroll and then head for your bed to get some sleep.

Distance between Bomdila and Guwahati: 268 km

Time Taken: 7:30 hours (approximately)

Day 12 - Guwahati: And the journey comes to an end!

After having your breakfast, complete your check-out formalities and then head for the railway station or airport with our representative. You will be dropped off for your onward journey. Take back the memories with you and we would like to serve you again sometime!

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