Author: Vishwajit Sharma

Things To Do In Singapore On A Budget

Singapore is one of the most glamorous cities you will come across. Marvelous feats of engineering backed by the latest technological expertise have given rise to the city’s ultra-modern shopping malls, amusement parks and vertical gardens. All that glitz and glamour exists side by side with traditional neighborhoods and towns which showcase the country’s diverse […]

Best Places To Visit in North East India for a Splendid Getaway

Northeast India has everything that a tourist would be looking for. A little bit of adventure, fun, entertainment, culture and heritage, this region has it all. All the states in the northeast, from Assam to Arunachal Pradesh, are blessed with nature’s bounty, and anyone visiting the region the first time is both excited and surprised […]

Amazing Tourist Attractions And Places To Visit In Gujarat

There are many reasons to visit Gujarat, the coastal state located in the western part of India. Its home to the Asiatic Lion, witnessed in all their glory at Gir National Park. With a history dating back thousands of years, it’s dotted with temples, mosques and other historical monuments that transport you back in time […]

10 Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites In India

Travel across the length and breadth of India. What is it that draws your attention the most? It’s the landmarks, those massive monuments standing in the form of forts, caves and palaces that remind us of the glorious legacy and history of this country. Nature too, has smiled abundantly on this land, and going from […]

Must Visit These Top Holiday Destination In Himachal Pradesh This Year

The convoluted topography of Himachal Pradesh lends itself to adventure, exploration and sightseeing. While Shimla, one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, is wrapped in colonial legacy, Khajjiar’s beauty has earned it the tag of “mini-Switzerland” of India. Hiking in the jungles of Kasol or trying out adventure sports in Kullu-Manali, adventure […]

Best Backwaters Destinations In Kerala

Kerala’s popularity as a tourist destination can be attributed to various factors – a wonderful tropical climate, Ayurveda, wildlife, forts, and most of all, backwaters. Flanked by palm trees whose reflections form a perfect image on the clear waters, they present a spectacular sight. The best way of exploring the backwaters however, is on a […]