16 Best Beaches In Goa For Your 2024 Rejuvenating Trip

When we add Glorious beaches, Outstanding water activities, and Awesomeness of nature together, we know we are talking about Goa. The connection between Goa and its beach is so strong that we can’t imagine Goa without its beach. Best beaches in Goa do justice with words like breathtaking, magnificent, spectacular, and thrilling.

Beaches in Goa are a water sports heaven that offers awe-striking weather, happening nightlife, delectable seafood, and natural beauty. All of these elements attract tourists from all corners of the world. Exploring the fun vibes with some of the best beaches to visit in Goa is the dream of travelers. If you are the one who wants to indulge yourself in the vibe of Goa with true natural beauty, you must take a tour of beaches in Goa. Here is the list of some of the best beaches in Goa that give you fun and rejuvenation in multiple ways.

The list of best beaches of Goa that will give the essence of thrill, fun and relaxation.

1. Colva Beach

If your heart wishes for natural beauty and your mind wants peace, Visit Colva beach that has a fantastic combination of both. The idyllic nature and blissful vibes all around make this Beach one of the best beaches to visit in Goa.

Authenticity and culture are two flavors that give you a true feel of India on this beach, but you can also enjoy a romantic candle-night dinner with your partner at the beach to feel the love in the air. The choice of water sports and tasty seafood is also available on Colva Beach.

Activities to Enjoy: Jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and speed boat rides.

2. Betul Beach

Being famous for Betul Fort and its beautiful fishing village, Betul Beach has a diverse spectrum of attractions that visitors would love to explore on their Goa trip. This beach is blessed with ancient vibes that you can sense by exploring the famous fort and relaxing on the beach under the shade of swaying coconut trees. This beach is ideally fit for the the-one destination with many attractions. This striking coastal fishing village in south Goa deserves the place in your list of beaches to visit in Goa. You can also add the delightful experience of the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry across the Sal River.

Activities to Enjoy: Ferry Ride, Fishing, sunbathing, boating, strolling in Fishing village, and exploring the majestic Betul Fort.

3. Cansaulim Beach

The peace and cool breeze with striking beauty all around you charm you amazingly on this one of the best beaches of Goa. This beautiful beauty is located amid Bogmallo and Colva Beach and is fully packed with peaceful and scenic beauty. The connection of Goa and its beaches offers many dimensions to soothe your mind. This beach is one of the perfect examples that offer multifaceted attractions. Whether you want to feel the adrenaline rush in your body or relax your mind, the possibilities are limitless on this beach.

Activities to Enjoy: Catamarans, Windsurfing, diving, fishing, parasailing, jet-skiing, wind-surfing, and making castles of sand.

4. Mandrem Beach

Have you ever said thanks to your eyes? If not, then be ready to do that on Mandrem beach. The moment you set your feet on the Mandrem beach, you will witness that wow factors spread in every corner. You can give your eyes a treat of Dolphins that glide in the water cheerfully and Olive Ridley Turtles in their natural habitat. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa. But it is less crowded which is a good sign for couples to enjoy some time in seclusion with romantic vibes and scenic beauty.

The white sands and cozy places are ideal to spend some quality time with your inner self. This beach offers a calm vacation with swaying palm trees and a refreshing wind. You can’t resist this beach on your Goa vacation as it has a natural beauty that you can enjoy fully and comfortably.

Activities to enjoy: Picnic, dolphin spotting, beach walking, swimming, and bike rides

5. Benaulim Beach

Planning a vacation in Goa with family comes up with the point of thought regarding the best beaches which are suitable for families. If this statement matches your condition, then Benaulim Beach is just for you. This beach is ranked as one of the best beaches to visit in Goa with families. If the Goan party scene does not fit into your bucket list, visit this beach where every age group can feel the fun and rejuvenation.

Curious minds can collect seashells and build a sandcastle that gives them joyful moments that they will never forget. You can also try Yoga that will give you some best moments of your trip. But do not forget to spot the cute dolphins that are in and out from the waters.

Activities to Enjoy: Strolling, picnic, dolphin spotting, and Yoga.

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6. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is one of those beaches that offer cool winds, soft sands, and calmer waves. If you are looking for beaches in Goa for swimming, head to Agonda, where the waves are calmer that allow you to swim easily. You can enjoy the peaceful hideout in Goa with this beach where relaxing and sunbathing are some of the best things to do apart from swimming. Relaxing on the beach and witnessing dolphins will be your priority on this beach.

It is a super-relaxed sand beach of Goa that has a unique charm to offer to its visitors. You can visit the Agonda Church that is one of the prime attractions of this beach. If the thought of Yoga and meditation runs in your mind, this is the ideal place for such activities.

Activities to Enjoy: Yoga, dolphin spotting, meditation, and hiking

7. Keri Beach

This white-stretched beach is located in the northern region of Goa and has rocky outcrops and trees. It is settled in a secluded location, but this beach has unique phenomena that make it different from other beaches of Goa. A river inlet is one of the most splendid geographical highlights of Keri Beach.

Whether you want to stroll on the shorelines, or you want to sit down and let the cool and fresh air hit your face, the shades of pine trees make your experience blissful. You can find their many Goan-style houses that give you an idea of the gripping history of Goa.

Activities to enjoy: Visit Tiracol fort, get blessings from Ajoba Temple, Paragliding, Surfing, Kayaking, and Banana Ride.

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8. Canaguinim Beach

A vacation has many shades, and one should experience all of it to get a wholesome experience. When it comes to Goa, then you will have a humongous spectrum of fun, adventure, and relaxation. But if relaxation is your choice and you are willing to find a place to go undisturbed, Canaguinim beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in Goa.

You can enjoy the laid-back sandy texture of seashore day at this beach with the gentle breeze of the Arabian sea. This beach is an impressive fusion of the pristine beach environment and lush green seashores. Embark to this beach and enjoy rejuvenating yourself with many dimensions.

Activities to Enjoy: Swimming, Strolling, visiting the town of Quepem Taluka.

9. Cola Beach

Your holiday in Goa seems incomplete without visiting Cola Beach. It is one of the finest beaches to visit in Goa. This beach is widely known for offering a serene environment and earned praise for its cleanliness. The presence of a blue lagoon is a highlight of this beach that will uplift your mood. The coconut trees, cool breeze, silence in the air set a perfect platform for your meditations and Yoga practice.

Apart from that, if you are an ardent nature lover, Cola Beach is an unmissable beach for you. The moment you set yourself on this beach, you will see the true natural beauty that will leave you in awe. This beach is surrounded by mountains, where you can hike to get a panoramic view of the surroundings. You can also explore the nearby clubs at night to enhance your travel experience.

Activities to enjoy: Fishing, kayaking, swimming, and strolling

10. Morjim Beach

Be ready to revitalize yourself at your own pace on one of the most famous beaches of North Goa. Beautiful surroundings, a peace-loving crowd, unmatchable tranquility, and gorgeous birds are beautiful elements of this beach. You can enjoy the non-noisy activities on this beach. Water sports and kite surfing can keep you engaged throughout your visit. This beach is also known as Little Russia because this place is home to several Russian migrants. The serene atmosphere of this beach and surrounding peace allure you to enjoy an evening walk around the beach. You can spot different species of birds, like kingfisher, sand plover, sandpipers, quill, cuckoo, and bay-backed shrike.

Activities to Enjoy: Evening walk, dolphin sightseeing, mediations, picnic, bird watching, yoga, and evening walk

11. Betalbatim Beach

Imagine swimming in the sea while witnessing the golden sand and stretch of palm trees. Is it not one of your desires that is connected with Goa vacation? We bet that you must have said yes to yourself just now. You will find multiple places to connect your mind with peace and eyes with beauty. This beach has one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa that offers tremendous sunset and sunrise. You can explore the many attractions near the beaches. There are many gardens and churches where you can click some pictures to grace your Instagram grid. Watching dolphins dancing in the sea and birds flocking around the beach are some of the best treatments for your eyes that you get here.

Activities to Enjoy: Swimming, strolling, dolphin sightseeing, bird watching, and photography

12. Majorda Beach

The beauty of this beach lies in its peaceful atmosphere and serenity. It is also renowned as one of Goa’s Best kept secrets and also has a mythological connection with Lord Rama. Some stories revolve around this beach. It is said that Lord Rama came here while looking for Goddess Sita. This is one of the most famous beaches in Goa that has scenic beauty that will awestruck you. The clear blue water, soft white sand, and palm trees are some of the best elements of this beach that will win your heart in fractions of seconds. You can give your taste buds a treat that makes you happy, and nearby shopping markets are ideal to buy some souvenirs. This beach has the potential to make your vacation worth visiting.

Activities to Enjoy: Strolling, shopping, surfing, skiing, and snorkeling

13. Palolem Beach

Get ready to celebrate one of a kind experience with one of the top beaches of Goa that gives an everlasting memory. It has rocks jutting out on the shore that allows the average swimmer to enjoy swimming. You must have heard about the silent night disco, and it is the beach where you can experience such an experience. When the sun goes down, the beach turns into an open-air club, where you can enjoy your tunes to relish the silent disco nights. If you are more inclined towards adventure, enjoying water sports like paragliding and wind-surfing at Palolem Beach are some of the finest things to do for you. Some many restaurants and cafes offer lip-smacking foods. After filling your tummy, you can relax in the beautiful beach hut and witness the beautiful view.

Activities to Enjoy: Shopping, Food, Partying, and Diving.

14. Vagator Beach

The charm of Vagator Beach lies in its mix of rustic beauty and picturesque greenery. You will get here a diverse range of peace, fun, and thrill at one of the finest beaches to visit in Goa. If you want to explore the different kinds of water sports, then mark Vagator Beach for that thrill. You will find a diverse range of water sports activities that give you the true taste of water fun. On top of that, many luxurious accommodations give you a high level of comfort with great amenities. Shopping in Goa is counted as one of the fun things to do in Goa. And Vagator Beach never disappoints you to experience this fun. Kindly note that the last week of December is dedicated to the Sunburn festival.

Activities to enjoy: Relaxing, strolling, Enjoy water sports, partying, shopping, and laid-back activities.

15. Butterfly Beach

Do you like to explore the hidden beauty of any place? If yes, then visit Butterfly Beach, which is one of the best-hidden beauties of Goa. This beach is blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking views that can captivate anyone. The reason behind its name is based upon the fact that it is home to beautiful butterfly species.

But the dolphin sightseeing and sunset will add an extra layer of fun to your trip. If you are the one who wants a tranquil time and to skip the crowds, Butterfly Beach is the ideal destination for you to visit on your Goa trip. The peaceful vibes allow you to practice yoga and mediation. Do not forget to carry your telescope to see the butterflies of this beach for a better experience.

Activity to Enjoy: Yoga, photography, meditation, dolphin sighting.

16. Arambol Beach

This cove-like beach is located in Arambol and is the capital of hippie culture. Arambol Beach offers freshwater lakes and several markets. Soulful music, full-night parties, and several shacks make it one of the ideal places to enjoy beachy vibes. Apart from enjoying the vibes, you can indulge in many therapies like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and reiki. This destination is fully loaded with attractions that you can enjoy with your whole family.

On top of that, it is also one of the budget-friendly beaches of Goa that offer great accommodations, food, and breathtaking views. No wonder! It is the best beach in Goa for a family vacation. Arambol Beach is counted as one of the greenest beaches of Goa that match your desire for relaxation. If you want to experience the vintage vibes in Goa, then this beach must be on your bucket list.

Activities to Enjoy: Paragliding, kite surfing, sunbathing, swimming, practicing yoga, and meditation.


The entire world knows that Goa is a beach paradise that welcomes tourists throughout the year. The above list of best beaches in Goa showcases that diversity flows in the air of this beach state of India. Whether you are a party animal, peace lover, water baby, nature admirer, or bird lover, these famous Goa beaches have everything for everyone. We have compiled some offbeat beaches that befit your isolated beach vacation. Besides that, there are some beaches where you can enjoy yourself with your family and get the best of Goa’s beauty entertainingly. Pick some of your kind of beaches from the above list and set the tuning of your vacation with Goa’s vibes.

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