Places to Visit in Rajasthan in Winters to Manifest Royalty in Your Holidays

My heart lies in the depths of Rajasthan. What about you?

Rajasthan has made many people obsessed with its Queens, forts, palaces, and culture. A few of them have become so ardent with the Queen’s and fort’s beauty that they performed the war and invasion. One such insane person is cruel Allaudin Khilji who got overwhelmed with the beauty of the Queen of Mewar. But eventually, he failed to make her own. Many can guess the splendor of this state after knowing it, what about you?

The splendor of Rajasthan is such that its landscape and erstwhile Queens both are utterly beautiful. However, nowadays, whatever is left is the landscape beauty in the forms of forts, Havelis, lakes, and culture. But you can hear the tales of the Queens or maybe find your own Queen in the best places to visit in Rajasthan in winters.

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Your visit to Rajasthan will reward you with the views of the oldest range of fold mountains in India, Aravalli. Here all the seven wonders of the world come together in Kota. Hundreds of villages drenched in traditional living style are clustered here. There are many shades of Rajasthan, where will you stop?

Awash Yourself With Vibrant Avatars of Rajasthan

Keep yourself warm in the fabulous realm of Maharajas. The erstwhile queens of India once resided here. It is an erstwhile princely state where romance, royalty, and history sound absolutely different. Muslim invaders faced a lot of difficulty in controlling this region of India, and therefore, it was ruled by the kings until British Raj.

Multi-colored turbans are flanked here from cities to villages and ancient Havelis are Instagrammable. Romantic past, heroism, and chivalry describe this state more aptly! We warn you not to ignore a trip to this state of India.

Combine the storm of royalty, romance, amidst the golden sand in India’s only princely state. The Maharajas and Rajput’s ruled Rajasthan for more than 1000 years. They claim to have originated from the sun, moon, and fire, and their romance is no exception.

Embrace the visit to grand Havelis that will transport you to the bygone era of kings or queens. Watch the streets come alive with local folks and music. Listen to the stories of the roadside musicians playing local songs. Exchange chit-chat over a local brew with local villagers.

Get Obsessed With Rajasthan

A trip to Rajasthan is nowhere similar to snow-capped mountains but is enriching in every single aspect. If the Himalayas have snow-capped peaks, then Rajasthan has golden dunes. Explore it like a local.

The jewel in India’s crown, Rajasthan is not just a mainstream holiday destination in India. Every nook and corner of this state is drenched with rich culture, history, and fascinating stories. A few tourists come here to recharge their monotonous life amidst the hills of the Aravali while a few come here to manifest the lifestyle led by the erstwhile royal kings.

Whatever your holiday taste be, you won’t find any dull moments in Rajasthan especially, in winters with no restrictions on any activity. From wildlife safaris to royal palaces, haveli tours, from fort exploitation to village-hopping trips.

Here is the list of the 11 best places to visit in Rajasthan in winters:

What’s Special About Rajasthan in Winters?

When the temperature cools off, the best place to visit in Rajasthan in winters becomes extra graceful. Post monsoon, October marks the arrival of winters. It is the most suitable time to explore the best places to visit in Rajasthan as the climate remains cool for a day of sightseeing. Furthermore, winters mark a range of festivals that are celebrated by the locals or international like-minded tourists in Rajasthan including the International Kite Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, and Pushkar Camel Fair.

1. Neemrana Fort Palace

Ideal Duration: 1-3 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Neemrana Fort Palace: Staycations start at 6,000 onwards (approx.) for two persons including 2 times meal.

Indulge yourself with the regal royalty of Rajasthan at Neemrana Fort Palace. As the name suggests it is a fort and taking a historic walk at Neemrana Fort Palace is the best thing to do. This fort palace is located quite a reachable distance from Delhi and Gurgaon which makes Neemrana Fort Palace the best place to visit near Delhi on a short weekend escape.

It is now a converted luxury hotel with several villas and mahals within the seven palace wings. With royal ornamental gardens, tiered marble wings, 2 swimming pools, an Ayurvedic spa bliss, you will have a good amount of fun at Neemrana Fort in winters.

What’s Inside the Neemrana Fort Palace?

You will experience a royal life like a monarch inside the Neemrana Fort Palace in the Alwar territory of Rajasthan. The fort-turned hotel has 70 rooms with inbuilt 7 wings that are categorized into 3 Mahals – Jalgiri, Darbar, and Kasturi. These were the places within the fort vicinity where royals used to gather for the celebrations. There is one multi-cuisine restaurant and eatery inside the Neemrana Fort Palace that serves mouthwatering delicacies.

Things to Do at Neemrana Fort Palace

  • Admire the fort falls adorned with multinational awards.
  • Extend your leisure horizons by taking a camel ride across the city.
  • Schedule time for witnessing traditional folk dances and musical performances.
  • Indulge in an audio tour of the fort to unfold its regal history.
  • Enjoy zip lining inside the fort vicinity.
  • Rent vintage cars to explore the areas surrounding the fort.

How to Reach Neemrana Fort Palace

By Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the nearest airport to reach Neemrana Fort Palace, 104 kilometers/2 hours (approx.).

By Train: New Delhi Railway Station is the nearest railhead to reach the Neemrana Fort, 120 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.).

By Road: 130 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.) via NH 48. Self-driving cars and private taxis are good options.

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2. Mount Abu

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Mount Abu: Staycations start at 1000 INR to 10,000 INR (approx.) for two persons including 2 times meal.

Forget loud Delhi parties and drop the thought that invokes the feeling of Rajasthan has only golden sands. Looking upon it carefully you will observe that it has one hill station under its belts. Mount Abu is the ice to the cake when it comes to beating the summer heat. It is Rajasthan’s only hill station embraced with lush greenery, ancient temples, and views of Aravali Hills that will make you a storyteller for sure.

Mount Abu is dotted with several trekking trails and lakes and there is no better than to explore this only hill station in Rajasthan other than in winters. Due to its less hype, Mount Abu remains less crowded in comparison to the mainstream hill stations across India. This oasis of Rajasthan has a tropical climate throughout the year but still, winters have their own charm when it comes to unlocking heartwarming experiences in Mount Abu.

Things to Do in Mount Abu in Winters

  • Surround yourself with the virgin forests on a boating excursion to Nakki Lake.
  • Get amazed with the intricate sculpting on the marbled stone at Dilwara Jain Temples.
  • Embark on the highest trekking trail Guru Shikhar to witness the jaw-dropping views.
  • Feel the thrill of spotting endangered flora and fauna at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Take in the breathtaking views during golden hours at Sunset Point.
  • Marvel the medieval Mewar architecture at Achalgarh Fort.
  • Enjoy camping, rock climbing, and rappelling on the outskirts of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Reach Mount Abu

By Air: Maharana Pratap Airport is 183 kilometers/3 hours (approx.), a domestic airport. While the International airport is in Ahmedabad, 221 kilometers/4.5 hours (approx.).

By Train: Abu Road Railway Station is the nearest railhead to reach Mount Abu from the metro cities of India.

By Road: Mount Abu is well connected with the road network from Delhi, and other parts of Rajasthan. Buses and private taxis are considered a convenient option to reach Mount Abu by road. The average travel distance and time to reach Mount Abu from Delhi is 765 kilometers/13 hours (approx.) with several halts.

3. Jaisalmer

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Jaisalmer: Staycations start at 1,500 INR to 9,000 INR (approx.) for two persons including 2 times meal.

Short on cash to splash on Sahara Desert holiday? Fret not, and look no further than Jaisalmer. This place holds the record of having the same kind of magnificence as the Sahara Desert with its 40 to 60-meter high stunning sand dunes. It has the epitome of grandeur, Jaisalmer Fort which fences the city. Within the fort, several shops sell Rajasthani souvenirs.

There are plenty of rooftop restaurants in Jaisalmer while the best of them could be located at a fort where you can dine with the fine views. Although you will find a bunch of experiences in Jaisalmer throughout the year, winter is particularly special here. Be part of the annual desert festival at Sam Sand Dunes that starts from October to December to indulge in overnight camping on the golden sands.

Things to Do in Jaisalmer in Winters

  • Camp again the picturesque backdrop of golden dunes at Sam Sand Dunes.
  • Admire the ancient temples within the Jaisalmer Fort.
  • Rent a paddleboat in Gadisar Lake.
  • Go on a haveli sightseeing trip under the supervision of the expert guide.
  • Watch puppet shows at the Desert Culture Centre and Museum.
  • See the blend of Rajput and Islamic architecture at Nathmal Ki Haveli and Patwon Ki Haveli.

How to Reach Jaisalmer

By Air: 285 kilometers/5 hours (approx.) from Jodhpur Airport.

By Train: 3 kilometers/10 minutes (approx.) from Jaisalmer City Center.

By Road: Jaisalmer is well connected with several neighboring cities or towns like Gujarat and Delhi.

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4. Udaipur

Ideal Duration: 3-5 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Udaipur: Staycations start at 900 INR to 55,000 INR (approx.) for two persons including 2 times meal.

The Mewar royal family has done much to preserve and make accessible the legacy of their ancestors from the time Udaipur was founded in the 16th century. Known for its evocative regal legacy, a trip to Udaipur reminds of the opulence and grandeur of Maharajas of the bygone era. This tourist attraction in Rajasthan is a serious crowd puller for those who are fascinated with the shimmering lakes, Havelis turns into heritage hotels, and romantic rooftops overlooking the crystalline lakes.

Udaipur turns pretty cool in winters due to several interconnected lakes in and around the city. What makes Udaipur grace the sections of travel magazines is the fact that most of the palaces and luxurious heritage hotels around Lake Pichola are painted in white colors. So if you are looking to relax, renew, and revitalize your soul to keep yourself warm with your spouse, hardly any other destination can outrank Udaipur in winters. With its shimmering lakes, narrow alleyways, and elevated slopes, Udaipur is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan in winters.

What Makes Udaipur Special in Winters?

Several factors contribute to making Udaipur special out of which the sophisticated lakes systems top the list. Such is the enigma of Udaipur that many elite celebrities plan their destination wedding here. Moreover, winters adorn Udaipur with its 10 days Shilpgram Festival annually which commences from 21st December to 30th December. If you appreciate arts and crafts, Udaipur should be in your Rajasthan itinerary.

Things to Do in Udaipur in Winter

  • Immerse yourself in the history of Maharanas and Mewar at City Palace Complex and its museum.
  • Enjoy a boat ride in the shimmering Lake Pichola to witness changing hues of the sun over Aravali Hills.
  • Soak up the panoramic views of Lake Pichola while munching from the rooftop eateries at Lal Ghat and Hanuman Ghat.
  • Satiate your photography skills at Ambrai Ghat while witnessing sunset or sunrise with your special one.
  • Float in the middle of Lake Pichola by staying at Lake Palace Hotel.

How to Reach Udaipur

By Air: 28 kilometers/45 minutes (approx.) from Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur.

By Train: 5 kilometers/15 minutes (approx.) from Udaipur Railway Station.

By Road: Udaipur is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan and even Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat.

5. Jaipur

Ideal Duration: 3-5 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Jaipur: Staycations start at 1,200 INR to 35,000 INR (approx.) for two persons including 2 times meal.

Pink color buildings, fascinating royal heritage, and well-preserved forts made Jaipur eligible to be crowned by UNESCO in its world heritage site list. It is the capital of Rajasthan and personifies every reason why it is so! A part of the famous Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit in India, Jaipur is one of the Instagrammable places in India because of its architectural brilliance.

Take a pause in winters to indulge in the worthwhile experiences in Jaipur. Explore its opulent forts, ancient temples, and attend a Literature festival which is held annually in winters. The affordable tuk-tuks, auto-rickshaws, and streets laden with local food and shopping points make Jaipur the stuff everyone’s winter holiday dream.

What Makes Jaipur Special in Winters?

It is the festivals and fairs that make Jaipur special in winters. One such highlight of Jaipur in winter is the Literature Festival held annually between January to February. Renowned socialites accumulate together under one roof to indulge in the reading or discussion season. Furthermore, Jaipur International Film Festival beacons international and local like-minded movie enthusiasts to gain knowledge about filmmaking from the renowned celebrities annually in January.

Things to Do in Jaipur in Winter

  • Relish hot, herbal, and Ayurvedic tea at the Tapri with Parle-G in the early morning in an open-air space.
  • Eat the varieties of refreshing paan at Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar after a tiring sightseeing day.
  • Watch the fusion of Hindu Rajput and Islamic Mughal architecture at Hawa Mahal amidst the mist and fog.
  • Observe astronomical positions with the naked eyes at Jantar Mantar with no sun on the head.
  • Test your bargaining skills when buying traditional juttis, bangles, and precious stones at Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazar.

How to Reach Jaipur

By Air: 15 kilometers/30 minutes (approx.) from Sanganer International Airport, Jaipur.

By Train: 4 kilometers/15 minutes (approx.) from Jaipur Railway Station.

By Road: Several buses ply from neighboring cities like Kota, Delhi, and Udaipur.

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6. Bishnoi Village

Coming across the village culture of Rajasthan and understanding their traditional way of living is the highlight of Bishnoi Village. Marwar is the original community of Bishnoi Village who lives by the 29 life principles taught by Guru Jambeshwar, a reincarnation of Lord Krishna. Take a pause from the monotonous city life and embrace the slow pace of the Bishnoi Village. Let locals of the village welcome you with a warm heart and smile on their faces. Submerged yourself on a trip of 22 kilometers (approx.) outside to Jodhpur to live and enjoy the tales of the Bishnoi Community and their ancestors.

If you want to discover why erstwhile Maharajas of Jodhpur made Bishnoi Village their dynasty’s popular tourism spot, a visit here is a must. A safari at Bishnoi Village will give you a glimpse of Khejri Trees and unique flora and fauna.

What Makes Bishnoi Village Special in Winters?

The temperature and climatic conditions in winters are salubrious at Bishnoi Village. A well-guided safari at the Bishnoi Village guaranteed a sure-shot chance to spot the Black Indian Bustard. Bishnoi Village is the same place where the bygone era of kings of Jodhpur invites their guests to bask in the cultural splendor. You could spot the flora of Rajasthan by coming across with flower Kher, also called the flower of the desert of red colors, and lend a striking contrast to the golden dunes of the Thar.

Things to Do in Bishnoi Village in Winters

  • Explore the cluster of villages on jeep/camel safari without getting sweaty.
  • Learn to make a drink out of opium to keep yourself warm in winters with the locals.
  • Spot the great Indian Bustard at Guda Bishnoi Lake.
  • Wear traditional clothing on your day excursion to bask in the real enigma of Bishnoi Village.
  • Learn local slang from the Bishnoi Community people.

How to Reach Bishnoi Village

By Air: 10 kilometers/20 minutes (approx.) from Jodhpur Airport, a domestic airport.

By Train: 4 kilometers/15 minutes (approx.) from Jaipur Railway Station.

By Road: Several buses ply from neighboring cities like Kota, Delhi, and Udaipur.

When are you injecting magic of romance, royalty, history, and intriguing culture on your Rajasthan trip?

7. Kumbhalgarh Fort

Forts in Rajasthan speak to the Rajput supremacy, and the Kumbhalgarh Fort, just a 2-hour smooth ride from Udaipur, is not an exception. This place to visit in Rajasthan in winters is the answer to The Great Wall of China. If you are fascinated with the idea of exploring China, pause for a while and explore Kumbhalgarh first. This is the place where World’s second longest wall is built that sprawls over 36 kilometers. Then, satiate your idea of China vacations by taking a trip to Rajsamand district on the outskirts of the Udaipur, where the Kumbhalgarh Fort is situated. This fort personifies the spirit and grandeur of Rajasthan more than any other forts of Rajasthan. Such is the persona of Kumbhalgarh Fort that it was the most important fort of Mewar during the kingship in Rajasthan.

What Makes Kumbhalgarh Fort Special in Winters?

Mughals’ most feared legendary Maharana Pratap was born here. Rana Kumbha built this fort in the 15th century on the Western Range of Aravali Hill. Rajasthan Tourism Department and many other tourists to Kumbhalgarh state that it is the Great Indian Wall. Legends say that this fort was never really conquered by the enemies. However, the cruel Mughal Army once poisoned the water supply of this fort. There are 7 imposing gates (also called poles) to enter the fort. The fort premises has several attractions and temples within it.

Things to Do in Kumbhalgarh Fort in Winters

  • Walk to the fort and pass through the different pools or gates.
  • Then, walk down the congested staircases that were built to slow down the invaders.
  • Finally, visit the fort’s highest point, Badal Mahal, where the King and
  • Queen used to romance while overlooking the lofty clouds.
  • Uncover the proud history of Rajput on a guided excursion.
  • Explore the Jain Temples within the fort complex.

How to Reach Kumbhalgarh Fort

By Air: 109 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.) from Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur.

By Train: 90 kilometers/2 hours (approx.) from Udaipur Railway Station.

By Road: Kumbhalgarh is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan and even Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat.

8. Keoladeo National Park

Entry Fee: 50 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 400 INR (approx.) for foreigners.

Video Camera: 200 INR (approx.)

Type of Safari: Horse carriage, jeep ride, and rickshaw

If you are looking for an alternative to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, consider Keoladeo National Park in your itinerary. For a surreal experience into the unexplored wilderness, this national park in Rajasthan can satiate all your wanderlust vows. Also, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the dream of every ornithologist. It is India’s most popular breeding and feeding ground of migratory birds like painted storks, sarus cranes, spoonbills and black-headed ibises.

Expect to spot the few deers and migratory birds around the waterbody and capture them in your camera. Taking a binocular with you would icing on the cake. You can hire a bicycle outside the entry to journey for a few stretches of kilometers. If you want to enjoy the sightseeing of deers and nilgai, you should retreat at Keoladeo National Park.

What Makes Keoladeo National Park Special in Winters?

Winter is the time when the rarest of rare and endangered bird species flourish at Keoladeo National Park. The park management has allowed rickshaw pullers to make you enjoy bird watching in the best way! Moreover, winters in Rajasthan remain cool, and thus, you can also explore the place on a foot trail!

Best Accommodations Around the Keoladeo National Park: Suroth Mahal, Swaraj Resort, and Hotel Sonar Haveli.

How to Reach Keoladeo National Park

By Air: 215 kilometers/4 hours (approx.) from Indira Gandhi Domestic Airport, Delhi

By Train: 6 kilometers/15 minutes (approx.) from Bharatpur Railway Station

By Road: Keoladeo National Park is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, and even Uttar Pradesh.

9. Pushkar

Ideal Duration: 2-4 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Pushkar: Staycations start at 800 INR to 5,000 INR (approx.) for two persons, including 2 meals.

There are only a handful of destinations in India that are admired by international tourists, and Pushkar is amongst them. Pushkar is one of the ancient cities of India and is called the rose garden of Rajasthan because of the flower farming in and around its region. This is the place to visit in Rajasthan in winters, where you can escape the city’s mundane and indulge in cultural extravaganza.

The primary highlight of the Pushkar is its camel fair, where thousands of camels accumulate together on the Mela ground. If you are a photographer who would like to capture the rural pace of Rajasthani life, bookmark Pushkar on the Rajasthan trip. With 52 sacred ghats, 400 blue and white-colored temples, and several rooftop eateries, this temple town of Rajasthan warrants a visit with your friends in winters.

What Makes Pushkar Special in Winters?

Pushkar Camel Fair is the highlight of the Pushkar Tourism, which is held annually every November. Thousands of like-minded tourists, including Indians and foreigners, participate in traditional camel dance, longest mustache competition, Matka Phod, and bridal competition. In addition, ancient magic tricks, camping on the dunes, and local cultural and traditional dance performances in winters make Pushkar the must-visit place in Rajasthan for the winter holidays.

Things to Do in Pushkar in Winters

  • Enjoy camel rides during Pushkar Camel Fair.
  • Seek blessings from the Brahma Ji Temple.
  • Play “Lagaan” movie-style cricket with the foreigners.
  • Relish Indian, Spanish, and Italian cuisine along with Rajasthani flavors.
  • Romantic strolls and sunset viewing at Pushkar Lake.

How to Reach Pushkar

By Air: 160 kilometers/3 hours(approx.) from Sanganer International Airport, Jaipur

By Train: 15 kilometers/36 minutes (approx.) from Ajmer Railway Station

By Road: Pushkar is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, and even Uttar Pradesh.

10. Ranthambore National Park

Types of Safari in Ranthambore National Park: Jeep and Canter.

Ideal Duration: 1-2 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Ranthambore National Park: Staycations start at 1,500INR to 8,000 INR (approx.) for two persons, including 2 meals.

Every inch of Rajasthan is drenched into royalty not only for humans but for the animals also! Hard to believe? But easy to understand on a wildlife safari excursion to Ranthambore National Park. The Bengal Tigers are the star resident of Ranthambore National Park, and one could spot them on a guided excursion. Here you can come across a bunch of wild cats in their natural habitat. Several other species of animals are found inside the national park, including Indian flying fox, sloth bear, and chinkara. Such is the allure of Ranthambore National Park that, in the bygone era, it was the favorite hunting ground of the Maharajas of Jaipur. One-century old fort is sitting on the park’s boundary, which could be exported on a combined visit on your visit to Sawai Madhopur.

What Makes Ranthambore National Park Special in Winters?

Winter arrives in Rajasthan from the October initial days and lasts till February end. During this time, sightseeing on a jeep or canter could be enjoyed without any sweating. Moreover, the Ranthambore National Park remains closed from July to September in monsoon and summers (April to June) could make you sweat like a pig. So it goes without saying that the best time to visit Ranthambore National Park is in winter.

Things to Do in Ranthambore National Park in Winter.

  • See the wildlife on wheels, either on jeep or canter safari.
  • Flex your muscles and hike the historic Ranthambore Fort.
  • Catch a glimpse of endangered birds inside the park.
  • How to Reach Ranthambore National Park

By Air: 182 kilometers/4 hours(approx.) from Sanganer International Airport, Jaipur

By Train: 11 kilometers/25 minutes (approx.) from Sawai Madhopur Railway Station

By Road: Ranthambore National Park is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, and even Uttar Pradesh.

Timings of Jeep Safari 6:30 AM to 10 AM, and 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Jeep Safari Cost: 1500 INR (approx.) per person for Indians, and 2900 INR (approx.) for foreigners.

Canter Safari Timings: Same as Jeep Safari

Canter Safari Cost: 1200 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 2300 INR (approx.) for foreigners.

11. Jodhpur

Ideal Duration: 3-4 days (approx.)

Accommodation Price in Jodhpur: Staycations start at 1,200 INR to 35,000 INR (approx.) for two persons, including 2 meals.

You can guess the enigma of Jodhpur with the fact that several Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities exchanged their wedding vows here. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas married in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace, so it goes without saying that when it comes to the best places to visit in Rajasthan, leaving Jodhpur is a sin. This blue pearl in the heart of Rajasthan is India’s Own Morocco because the houses here are painted in indigo blue colors. Chefchaouen in Morocco holds a striking resemblance when it comes to the picturesque blue houses, narrow alleyways. But our Jodhpur is pretty much more in vibrancy because here, you can witness the congested alleyways dotted with men wearing colorful turbans. The mighty Mehrangarh Fort has a rooftop eatery where savoring the evening meal with your better half is one of the best things to do in Jodhpur.

Things to Do in Jodhpur in Winters

● Capture the sunset over the Mehrangarh Fort.
● Hit the golden sands for an exclusive desert safari.
● Sleep under the millions of stars amidst the golden dunes on a camping adventure.
● Attend cultural and traditional musical gatherings.
● Explore the blue alleyways dotted with men in big mustaches and women in colorful sarees.

How to Reach Jodhpur

By Air: 5 kilometers/15 minutes (approx.) from Jodhpur Airport

By Train: 3 kilometers/ 10 minutes (approx.) from Jodhpur Railway Station

By Road: Jodhpur is well connected by road from all towns of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, and even Uttar Pradesh.

Wrapping Up

The royal families of Rajasthan have opened their palaces for tourism, and it’s not a brainer why heritage properties in Rajasthan can outrank any sort of accommodation standard. The dignitaries like Prince of Whales, Queen Elizabeth, Jackie Kennedy, and even young Bollywood celebrities love to vacay in royal Rajasthan, including Salman Khan, Sari Ali Khan, and Priyanka Chopra. So what else have you been waiting for? Go, explore the best places to visit in Rajasthan in winters and warm yourself with the royal splendor of this state.

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