13 Water Sports Activities in the Maldives for Aquaphilic Wanderlusts

Raise your hands if you are devoid of sun, sand, crystalline waters. You must fly to the Maldives to unwind at the sparkling sandy beaches and calm blue waters. Ask for a window seat to get a panoramic view of the vast Indian Ocean on your descent. This archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean is one of the best places to enjoy all sorts of watersports.

The Maldives is the watersport playground because 99% of it consists of the ocean, and some private island resorts have house reefs close to the resort’s accommodation.

So if you are unanimously craving to discover underwater sights of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is an excellent place to go! From snorkeling to wakeboarding, along with catamaran sailing and, yes, scuba diving.

Scroll on to check the list of the best water sports activities in the Maldives

1. Snorkeling

Other places have mainstream snorkeling options, but the Maldives have sandbank snorkeling options. You can snorkel in the Maldives at private island resorts and local inhabited islands with nurse sharks, napoleons, reef fishes, clownfish in Vaavu Atoll, Banana Reef.

So whether you want to go for shore snorkeling, boat snorkeling, or sandbank snorkeling, these watersports in the Maldives will allow you to snorkel the reef close to your overwater villa beach villas. Some of the best resorts for snorkeling in the Maldives include Dusit Thani Maldives, W Maldives, Baros Island Resort, Angsana Ihuru. So when are you putting your fins and masks in the Maldives?

Snorkeling cost in Maldives (approx.): $50 to $80 per dive per person

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

Everything You Must Know About Snorkeling in Maldives

2. Surfing

With long, hollow, shallow surf points, Maldives is an excellent surfing destination for all types of surfers, including newbies and experienced people. To keep in mind, surfing in the Maldives is tempered by the two monsoon seasons – northeast and southwest.

The former one arrives from March to April, and the best region for surfing in the Maldives is the Southern Atolls islands. While the Southwest monsoon hits this archipelago from May to October, you must head to Northern Atolls and Central Atolls. For the best surfing experience in the Maldives, book at least 2-3 stay at private island resorts opened in remote locations.

Surfing cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $80 per dive per person

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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3. Parasailing

This watersport in the Maldives is one of the most exhilarating ones as parasailing allows you to enjoy the aerial view of the resort you are staying at. Parasailing in the Maldives is an adventurous activity that allows you to soar over the blue ocean while being harnessed by a safe parachute on a motorboat.

Try this watersport in private island resorts or locally inhabited islands under certified instructors’ supervision. If you are looking for the top things to do in the Maldives with friends, parasailing is a good activity.

Parasailing cost in Maldives (approx.): USD 150 for two

Duration: 15 minutes (approx.)

Price: Rates as low as USD 150 for 2 people for 15-minutes depending on the hotel.

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4. Catamaran Sailing

Awaken the sailor in you to navigate the open waters with ultimate freedom because the Maldives is a mecca for sailing. This watersport allows couples, family travelers, and solo backpackers to discover the atolls of Maldives. Set your soul free in the Indian Ocean under the guidance of the crew on the board.

The crystal blue waters of Maldives are pristine, and some private island resorts in Maldives like Baros, Hurawalhi Island Resort, COMO Cocoa Island, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru. Buckle Catamaran Sailing in your Maldives itinerary to discover why Maldives and sailing is a match made in heaven.

Catamaran Sailing cost in Maldives (approx.): $30 to $60

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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5. Kitesurfing

Book your Maldives tour package with your near or dear ones to harness the power of the winds while skimming through the pristine waters as you are lifted high up in the air. The Maldives is a cluster of powdered white beaches. With a mix of flatwater waves, anyone can enjoy kitesurfing in the Maldives irrespective of the experience.

However, you will be instructed by the experts before you indulge in this watersport in the Maldives. Kitesurfing combines surfing, wakeboarding, and the shimmering lagoons are inviting. The perfect kitesurfing conditions in the Maldives begin from June to October.

Kitesurfing cost in Maldives (approx.): $30 to $60

Duration: 20 minutes (approx.)

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6. Jet Ski

A few watersports in the Maldives are for everyone, and amongst them, the jet ski is the one. This water activity allows you to explore the closeby islands on a jet ski where you can do snorkeling in the hidden accessible reef. The Maldives has the world’s best jet skis made using the latest craft that emits low emissions and noise.

However, if you want to get up close to the inhabited local islands uniquely, you must be above 18 years of age, and people below 18+ can enjoy this watersport with their parent’s consent. Some of the best jet ski islands are Veligandu Hulhumale, Kudaddoo, Soneva Fushi, Baros.

Jet Ski cost in Maldives (approx.): $30 to $60

Duration: 45 minutes (approx.)

7. Standup Paddle Board

Making a unique splash on Maldives surfing scenes, Standup Paddle Board is one of the Maldives’ water sports that can be performed without waves on the flat water. The Maldives has calm, shallow waters in some of its private island resorts and local inhabited islands, and hence, you must try this newly added water activity in the Maldives with your favorite people.

Gliding on the shimmering waters at the Maldivian reef will surely inject the shot of wanderlust in your veins.

Standup Paddle Boat cost in Maldives (approx.): $30 to $60

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

8. X Jet Blade (Flyboard)

Imagine yourself flying over the glittering blue waters of the Maldives for a spill of 15-30 minutes. Buckle X Jet Blade water sport in your Maldives itinerary to unlock the thrill of hydro flight.

If you want to set your pulse for adrenaline-pumping, who’s stopping you from flying, whirl and soaring high above the pristine waters of Maldives? Did we mention X Jet Blade is often called Flyboarding?

Flyboard cost in Maldives (approx.): $30 to $60

Duration: 15 minutes (approx.)

9. Scuba Diving

With dozens of diving sites scattered from north to south atolls, there is no dearth of scuba diving destinations in the Maldives. One must have the endurance and thrill quotient to dive into the deeper pockets of the Indian Ocean at the white sand beaches to come across coral reefs and vibrant marine life, including manta rays, turtles, clownfish, sharks, and the kaleidoscopic board range of sea creatures.

Scuba diving in the Maldives is enjoyed throughout the year since it has two monsoon seasons – southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon.

Scuba Diving cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $100

Duration: 45 minutes (approx.)

Here is Everything You Must Know About Scuba Diving in Maldives

10. Banana Boat Ride

Get yourself drenched in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives on a Banana Boat Ride adventure. This adventure watersports in the Maldives is a great way to unlock fun and thrill. It’s an activity conducted in inflatable boats suited to speedboat tugging.

You can sit with a maximum of 6 people from your family/group in the inflatable boat for 30 minutes (approx.). There is no risk of falling in water since you are covered with protected life jackets. The best part? Banana Boat Ride is a kids-friendly water sport in the Maldives.

Banana Boat cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $100

Duration: 35 minutes (approx.)

11. Underwater Sea Walking

Put on special sealed oxygen masks to do underwater sea walking in the Maldives. This watersport in the Maldives is becoming more and more popular because the underwater visibility of Maldives is excellent.

Book an underwater sea walking activity inclusive Maldives tour package to make some good memories underwater with your friends, family, spouse. People of all ages can enjoy underwater sea walking in the Maldives and the best time to do this is from January to April.

Underwater Sea Walking cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $100

Duration: 20 minutes (approx.)

12. Glass Bottom Boat

How about unlocking the underwater marine world of the Maldives without getting wet? Yes, you can! All you just need to do is try the Glass Bottom Boat activity to glide into the deeper pockets of the white sand-sational beaches.

This Maldives water sport allows people of all ages to spot lively tropical fish and magical marine life moray eels, gray reef sharks, sea cucumbers, rainbow-colored fishes. Both private and local islands in the Maldives are great for Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

Glass Bottom Boat cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $100

Duration: 45 minutes (approx.)

13. Kayaking

Head to Baros, Male, Hulhumale, Biyadhoo Island to closely observe the enchanting marine biodiversity beneath the surface without getting wet. Kayaking is a mainstream water sport of Maldives as it allows you to explore the water at your own whim. Imagine yourself paddling around the palm trees and the sugary sand beaches.

All you need to do is stay protected with the life jacket and try kayaking under the supervision of expert certified instructors.

Kayaking cost in Maldives (approx.): $60 to $100

Duration: 45 minutes (approx.)

Wrapping Up

The Maldives have soft white sands, bright blue waters, so watersport activities in the Maldives are perfect for unplugging from the monotonous life. The price of water activities in the Maldives hovers a lot depending on the fact whether you are trying it either at private islands resorts or local inhabited islands. You can club the best experiences in the Maldives with watersports and overwater/beach bungalow stay that has accessible house reefs.

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