Best Honeymoon Places to Visit in Ladakh You Can’t-Miss

Blue-sky above, icy desert below, and snow-capped mountains around you – this is the word-paint picture that exemplifies the beauty of Leh Ladakh. Being one of the most romantic getaways in the Himalayas, Ladakh has emerged as one of the best choices for a honeymoon. The list of best places to visit in Leh Ladakh for honeymoon covers each element that makes your love phase exciting.

No wonder! Celebrating your honeymoon in Leh Ladakh is a worthy affair! If you have marked this destination for your lovey-dovey journey, your romance will definitely bloom in the mighty Himalayas owing to the serene environs and dreamy landscapes. The matchless charm, jaw-dropping locales, and romantic aura will make your love phase unforgettable.

Leh Ladakh for honeymoon is a choice that invokes the fusion of romantic vibes and thrilling adventures. Embraced with a fusion of romantic vibes and thrilling adventures, there are many romantic places to visit in Leh Ladakh for honeymoon.

While imagining your love-dovey journey in Ladakh, don’t restrict your thought power only with mainstream destinations like Pangong Tso Lake, Nubra Valley, and Khardung La pass. We know that Ladakh is one of the adventurous destinations. But what if we tell you that there are plenty of places to visit in Leh Ladakh for couples? Hard to believe? Fret not! Be with us, and we will fix all your doubts and introduce you to the romantic side of Ladakh.

Here is the List of Best Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh for Couples!

Apart from beholding the romantic places and soothing your soul, you will find many romantic things to do on a Ladakh honeymoon trip that gives your love a new height. Undoubtedly, Ladakh is a wonderland that offers adventure with incredible beauty in so many ways, and it is also a big hit among the best honeymoon destinations in India. Whether you are looking for romantic places in Leh Ladakh or thrilling activities to enjoy with your beloved, you will get everything here. Keep reading this blog and plan a perfect honeymoon in Leh Ladakh.

1. Khardung La Pass: Enjoy pleasing vistas

It is a high-altitude mountain pass, which is located around 40 km from Leh. Khardung La Pass is the portal to the beautiful Shyok and Nubra Valleys. Lovebirds who are biking enthusiasts will surely love this destination. The roads are suitable for biking, and the calm ambiance suits a romantic road trip, and make it one of the perfect places for couples in Ladakh.

Khardung La Pass

Once you reach, you will find a few places where you and your beloved enjoy the adventure, such as paragliding. A trip to Khardung La Pass is a lifetime trip with so many lovely reasons and adds beauty and harmony to your traveling experiences. All these beautiful elements of this destination allows you to celebrate a romantic honeymoon in Ladakh.

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Things to do at Khardung La Pass:

  • Enjoy motorbiking and cycling.
  • Visit Shanti Stupa.
  • Gazing into each other eyes while having coffee at Cafe.
  • Visit Gargantuan Prayer Wheel.
  • Enjoy the perfect view from Namgyal Tsemo Gompa.
  • Awaken the shopaholics in you and shop at De Pashmina Emporium.

Best time to visit Khardung La Pass:

The ideal time to visit this Pass is between April to June or September to October. In summer, Khardung La Pass experiences sunny weather that gives a comfortable trip. In September and October, the weather is chilly but still pleasant.

Tips for Khardung La Pass

  • You should carry water bottles to prevent dehydration and sunglasses and woolen clothing for a comfy ride.
  • Try not to stay for more than 20-25 minutes as you may suffer from Altitude Mountain Sickness.

2. Tso Moriri Lake: Mix of calmness and nature wonders

It is one of the best lakes in the region that is also known as Mountain lake. The highlight of this lake is the tranquility and its natural beauty that give you some of the best moments of this trip. Looking into each other and finding yourself is a lovely thing that you can enjoy here. Visiting Tso Moriri Lake on your honeymoon holiday in Ladakh will give you sweet memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Tso Moriri Lake

This lake is home to several migratory birds, and you can spot rare exotic birds like Great-crested Grebe P. Cristatus, black-necked grebe, and bar-headed goose Anser. The reflection of snow-cloud Mountains in the pristine water and exotic migratory birds flying above the majestic lake. This is the moment that will blow your mind and fill your heart with awe-inspiring moments. No wonder, why it is known as one of the best destinations in Leh Ladakh for honeymoon tour.

The best thing about this lake is its wildlife excursion. Apart from birds, you can spot a snow leopard by going on a wildlife excursion. Korzok Monastery is also a significant place where you can get blessings for the upcoming life.

Things to do at Tso Moriri Lake:

  • Get a panoramic view at Tso Moriri Lake View Point.
  • Enjoy Wildlife Excursion.
  • Birdwatching.
  • Visit the ancient Korzok Monastery (400 years old).
  • Learn about the ecosystem at Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve.

Best Time to visit Tso Moriri Lake:

Summertime is the ideal choice to visit this lake as winter is too cold and the lake remains frozen between November to April.

Tips for Tso Moriri Lake

  • You must take accommodation in the camp around this lake to enjoy the view.
  • Capture the moments in your camera and frame this moment for a lifetime.

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3. Magnetic Hill: Fascinating phenomenon of the earth

This Magnetic Hill is an exciting and beautiful destination of Ladakh, which is also known as the wonder of Ladakh. You must have learned about gravity in your school time, and this is the place that may surprise you by defying the theory of gravity. On the national highway from Leh to Kargil and Baltik, this Magnetic Hills lies here to give you goosebumps. This hill has a phenomenon that defies the gravity rule.

Magnetic Hill

A white box has this statement-Park your vehicle Here. When you park your vehicles in neutral, you will see that your vehicle is moving uphill with a speed of 10-20 km/h by itself against the gravity law. It is a sensational phenomenon that attracts people from the corners of the world. Does it sound interesting or scary? You should decide by marking your presence on your Leh Ladakh honeymoon trip.

Things to do at Magnetic Hill

  • Visit the Hall of Fame, a museum that is maintained by the Indian army.
  • Pays tribute to those who lost their lives in the Indo-Pak War.
  • Mark your presence at Gurudwara Pathar Sahib.
  • Get a magnificent view of the confluence of the Indus (Sindhu) and Zanskar rivers.
  • Explore Alchi Monastery or Buddhist Monastic Complex.

Best time to visit Magnetic Hill

From May to September, you will get to see the best view of this Hill. In wintertime, this road may be covered by Snow.

Tips for Magnetic Hill

  • Experience opposite gravity phenomenon here
  • Connect with locals and learn about the culture and tradition.

4. Drass Valley: Spark your romance amidst snow-clad peaks

Plunge yourself in the mix of wilderness and greenery at Drass Valley, which is also known as the Gateway to Ladakh. This destination is one of the most romantic destinations in Leh Ladakh that is also known as the Gateway of Ladakh. If you want to make your honeymoon more pleasing and exciting, you should not miss this place. This coldest inhabited place in the country offers many beautiful elements to make your trip wonderful. The firm and natural beauty of the barren brown mountains leaves you with wow factors.

There are many appealing things that you can enjoy together at this place. Drass Valley has a craggy landscape that enhances the charm of this valley. It is a place where you both will enjoy the breathtaking view of the hill and feel the natural beauty all around you. This place also serves as the beginning point to trek to Amarnath cave. Drass Valley is all about thrilling adventure, spiritual awareness, calmness, and wildlife hunt.

Things to Do at Drass Valley

  • Relish the hot water springs, and connect yourself with the scenic beauty dancing upon you.
  • Enjoy Photography.
  • Drass War Memorial.
  • Trek together to strengthen your love at Suru Valley and Saliskote.

Best time to Visit Drass Valley

The month between June to September is an ideal time to visit Drass Valley. At this time, the weather is neither too cool nor too hot. Plan your honeymoon vacation at this time to get a better sightseeing experience.

Tips for Drass Valley

  • Walk at a slower pace
  • Keep yourself hydrated from time to time
  • You should not ignore it if your body shows any discomfort.

5. Pangong Tso Lake: Witness the colour of natural beauty

If you want to make your honeymoon more blissful, then experience the beauty of silence while delving into each other’s eyes at Pangong Tso Lake. It is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit on Leh Ladakh trip. At this place, whatever you can catch through your eyes, would be appealing and charming.

This lake is famous for its changing colour phenomena and its colour changes from shades of blue to green to red, this is the unique charm that this lake holds. The exquisite landscapes of Pangong Tso Lake add a layer of beauty that attracts many honeymooners. You can celebrate your honeymoon by indulging in adventure, clicking photographs, bird-watching, and joyful experiences.

Things to do at Pangong Lake

  • Enjoy camping with a bonfire
  • You can enjoy the dip in the cold water
  • Click photographs of all the naturalistic wonders
  • Bird watching

Best time to visit Pangong Lake

The ideal time to explore Pangong Lake is between May to September as the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.

Tips for Pangong Lake.

  • You must take taxi and buses to commute to Local.
  • Keep essential clothes like a jacket, blanket, and sweaters.
  • Carry some cash as there is no ATM near Pangong Lake.

6. Zanskar Valley: Taste the thrill with breathtaking views

This valley is located in the remote part of Ladakh and gives lifetime experiences. It is also counted as the most scantily inhabited valleys in Ladakh. This valley offers wide-open vistas, aqua blue-water streams, impressive glaciers, and beautiful monasteries. It is the perfect place for lovebirds to indulge in offbeat activities in Ladakh on honeymoon.

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley gives you the perfect scenario for your love journey. You can celebrate honeymoon in Ladakh with the most adventure seclusions of this exquisite valley. It is a place that welcomes you with wide arms open, whether you plan your Ladakh honeymoon in the winter season or summer. During winter you and your partner can enjoy trekking and in the summertime, you can indulge in kayaking.

Things to do at Zanskar Valley

  • Visit Phugtal Monastery to feel the spirituality.
  • Attend the festivals of Monastery.
  • Admire nature’s work at Sangam Point.
  • Enjoy a thrilling walk by holding hand with each other at the Chadar Trek.
  • Splash the Water by enjoying River rafting in Zanskar Valley.
  • Dine under the star-studded sky with your soul mate.

Best Time to Visit Zanskar Valley

The ideal time to enjoy your holiday in this valley is between June and September. But if you want to enjoy the Chadar trek which is also known as Frozen Trek, then January is the best time for Zanskar Valley.

Tips for Zanskar Valley

  • Pre-book your accommodation for trouble-free access.
  • Keep the right set of clothes as per the season.
  • Choose your boots carefully.

7. Nubra Valley: A place where history meets charm

Nubra Valley is one of the must-visit places in Ladakh for honeymoon as it reflects incredible beauty and stunning views. The gem of this place is its breathtaking landscape that perfectly matches your love mood. Lovebirds on their honeymoon can enjoy this place in so many ways. You will witness the beautiful Shyok river, walk together on trails, spend some time while camping, and witness the charm of picturesque landscapes. There is so much to explore in this beautiful region of Ladakh that strengthens your love bond.

You can pay a visit to Diskit Monastery, which is one of the famous Monasteries. You will get a rare experience of traveling with Sand Dunes at Hunder. Apart from it, you can visit Samstanling Gompa, a 150-year Monastery that is still fascinating and charming. You will explore Yarab Tso Lake, which is one of the top attractions of Nubra Valley that will mesmerize you. Going on a village tour of Turtuk and Panamik will rekindle the love between you and give you cherishable moments.

Things to do at Nubra Valley

  • Enjoy safari on the double-humped camel or a yak.
  • Visit Maitreya Budda
  • Feel the thrill by riding Quad Biking at Hunder Sand Dunes.

Best time to visit Nubra Valley:

It is an all-year-round destination that is suitable for any season of the year. But, if you want to enhance your traveling experience then plan your vacation between the months of April to June or September to October. During this time, you will not face rainfalls or rains and enjoy the honeymoon in Nubra Valley with ease.

Tips for Nubra Valley

  • Carry first aid kit.
  • You must keep a torch or extra batteries.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as dehydration is the thing that hits you at high elevation.
  • Take some nutrient value foods like nuts and dry fruits.
  • Carry some cash as there is no ATM around.

8. Leh Market: Add delightful experience of shopping

We know that vacation seems incomplete without shopping. Such an experience on your vacation is all about creating unforgettable moments. There are many ways to enjoy the honeymoon in Leh Ladakh with your partner, but shopping together is one of its kind, where you both understand each other’s choices and weave the cutest memories of your trip.

When you and your darling are looking for shopping in Leh Ladakh, then what could be better than Leh Market. It is a paradise for shoppers that amaze you by offering unique items to take back to your home as souvenirs. You will explore the market and get a profound shopping experience. The colorful curios, twinkling trinkets, and pashmina shawls are some of the popular items of this market. The best thing about the local market is, it gives comfort to your pocket.

Things that you must buy

  • Pashmina garments
  • Tibetan handicrafts
  • Carpets
  • Rugs

9. Hemis Monastery: Feel the spiritual ambiance

On your Leh Ladakh honeymoon trip, you can make your tour more delightful by covering unexplored places like Hemis Monastery. It is the epitome of calmness and gives you a rare experience. This monastery was established in the era of Dhukpas, and this gompa is beautifully crafted and displays exceptional art. The key factor of this place is the closeness of Leh, which is located around 45 km from the center of the town.

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Hemis Monastery

It is one of the most admirable Himalayan Buddhist Monasteries that will win your heart. When you mark your presence here, you will feel the fresh environs as it is established on the bank of the Indus River. The art of this place will surely amaze you and allure you to gaze at it non-stop.

Things to do near Hemis Monastery

  • Explore Hemis National Park.
  • Pay a visit to Stakna Gompa and Gotsang Gompa.
  • Feel the next level of tranquillity at Shang Gompa.
  • Shopping in Hemis.

Best time to visit Hemis Monastery

The high time to visit Hemis Monastery is between the months of June to October as the weather remains cool and pleasant for sightseeing.

Tips for Hemis Monastery:

  • Photography is not allowed in the Museum, but it is allowed in the Monastery
  • You can deposit your phone and camera in the locker before entering the museum.

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10. Shanti Stupa: Capture enchanting view in peacefulness

Enjoy the unobstructed view with your better half from this beautiful white Shanti Stupa, nestled on a hilltop in Chanspa. Being surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Leh Ladakh. This stupa is at a distance of around 5 km from Leh city. It was built by the Japanese monks to encourage the world for peace and also to celebrate the 2500 years of Buddhism. If you and your partner want to delve into the peace and escape from city noise, then Shanti Stupa is a perfect choice.

Shanti Stupa

A visit to Shanti stupa fills your heart with peacefulness, exotic view, and serenity. Shanti Stupa is one of the best attractions of Leh that gives prosperity and scenic view at the same time. The ideal time to visit this charming destination is sunset or sunrise. During this time, you will catch an immensely beautiful panoramic view and beauty of the sun that is scattered everywhere. It offers an enchanting view of the city that makes it one of the perfect destinations for your Ladakh honeymoon tour.

Things to do near Shanti Stupa

  • Visit Shankar Gompa
  • Explore Leh Palace
  • Admire the beauty of Goman Stupa and Spituk Gompa

Best time to visit Shanti Stupa: The summertime is considered perfect for visiting Shanti Stupa. You can plan your vacation between April to June to enjoy the best time here. During this time the weather remains pleasant for capturing the view through your eyes.

Tips for Shanti Stupa:

  • Choose comfortable clothes and shoes as it is on the hilltop and you must trek for some time.
  • Kindly take off your shoes before getting into the Stupa.
  • Smoking in the Stupa Complex is a finable offense.
  • Please maintain the decorum as this place is about peace.
  • The sight of Stupa in the night should not be missed.
  • Do not litter on the ground of Stupa.
  • Carry your water bottles and keep yourself hydrated.

Now you are familiar with picturesque destinations in Leh Ladakh for honeymoon. Hold the hand of your darling and make this lovey-dovey time more special by visiting these topmost destinations of Leh Ladakh on your honeymoon. Each place has its unique charm that fills your moments with surprise, love, peace,thrill and fun. So what takes you so long? Pack your bag to head to this paradise of earth with your beloved.

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