Amarnath Yatra Tips: Do’s and Don’ts During Yatra

Amarnath Yatra is among the difficult treks and due to cold weather conditions, it can be challenging especially for the kids and the elderly. There are certain rules and regulations yatris must keep in mind before and during the yatra to make their spiritual journey successful and fulfilling. So, we have listed essential Amarnath Yatra tips with do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

Important Do’s and Don’ts During Amarnath Yatra

Things to Remember During Amarnath Yatra

  1. Keep the Age Limit in Mind
  2. Pack Heavy Woolen Clothes and Essentials
  3. Wear Appropriate Clothing
  4. Maintain Physical Well-Being
  5. Keep Light Energy-Boosting Snacks with you
  6. Always Stay with your Group
  7. Keep Information on your Group
  8. Carry a First-Aid Kit
  9. Adhere to the Guidelines

Things to Avoid During Amarnath Yatra

  1. Ignore the Warning Signs
  2. Take Short Cuts
  3. Cause Pollution
  4. Consume Alcohol and Non–Veg Food
  5. Carry Oily Foods

Useful Tips for Amarnath Yatra

  1. Food Supplies on Amarnath Yatra routes
  2. Langar Facility to Amarnath yatris
  3. Accommodation Options During Amarnath Yatra
  4. Registration for Amarnath Yatra
  5. Transportation
  6. Insurance
  7. Telecommunication
  8. Amarnath Yatra Timings

Important Do’s During Amarnath Yatra

Maintain Physical Well-Being

Look after your physical fitness to complete the Amarnath Yatra easily. Start with morning and evening walks for 4 to 5 km and then, if you can jog for at least 30 mins daily. The exercises should be done a month before the yatra begins. Moreover, include yoga into your routine, especially breathing exercises. This will help you increase the oxygen efficiency in your body that you need at such a high altitude.

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Keep the Age Limit in Mind

Due to weather conditions and the difficulty of the Amarnath yatra trek, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) who organized this yatra advises children below 13 years and the elderly above 75 years to not go on this yatra. Also, pregnant ladies for more than 6 months are not allowed to undertake this yatra.

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Pack Heavy Woolen Clothes and Essentials

Despite the yatra beginning in the monsoon months, it is quite cold there. Therefore, you must check the weather before you travel and pack accordingly. Pack jackets, sweaters, socks, muffler, warm cap, and an umbrella with you. Other things you might keep as well include a torch, waterproof trekking shoes, and a raincoat. Also, do not forget to carry moisturizer and sunscreen with you to protect your face and hands from sunburn.

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Wear Appropriate Clothing

Choose proper clothes during Amarnath Yatra. For example, wear a salwar kameez, pants shirt, or a tracksuit. Avoid wearing a saree as it will restrict your moment and make it difficult. Also, wear proper trekking shoes and not chappals as the roads can be slippery.

Keep Light Energy-Boosting Snacks with you

Always keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep yourself hydrated. Also, carry snacks with you that will help boost your energy during the Amarnath Yatra like dry fruits, glucose biscuits, jaggery, dark chocolates, etc. Carry them in a waterproof bag to protect the food.

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Always Stay with your Group

While trekking make sure to be with your group at all times. Whether walking in front or in the rear, always keep them in sight for a better journey experience.

Keep Information on your Group

Make sure to ensure that you have information about your group in case you get separated from them. Take the help of the local police to reunite with your group. Leave the base camp with your group members and in case anyone is missing, seek the immediate help of the police. Make an announcement too.

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Carry a First-Aid Kit

Although you will be provided with medical facilities during Amarnath Yatra, keep first-aid with you for emergency situations.

Adhere to the Guidelines

Amarnath authorities have laid some rules to be followed during the yatra. So, they must be adhered to for your safety and security.

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Important Don’ts During Amarnath Yatra

Ignore the Warning Signs

Amarnath Yatra is a difficult trek. So, there are warning signs marked at various places. You must follow the rules and keep that in mind throughout the yatra.

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Take Short Cuts

There are no shortcuts to reach the cave. Thus, do not attempt to do so. It could be dangerous and will separate you from your group.

Cause Pollution

Make sure to keep your surroundings and environment clean during the journey. The use of plastics is banned in the state and is punishable under the law. Maintain the sanctity of the area.

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Consume Alcohol and Non–Veg Food

Amarnath Yatra is sacred and thus, avoids consuming any intoxicants and non-veg food. It is strictly banned. It will also make your journey difficult as it already is.

Carry Oily Foods

Avoid taking oily foods and high-carb foods during Amarnath Yatra. Try to consume protein-rich foods like dry fruits, chana, and other nuts.

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Other Useful Tips for Amarnath Yatra

Food Supplies

There are Government established depots on Amarnath Yatra routes at Chandanwari, Sheshnag, Panchtarni, etc. from where you can take ration at reasonable prices. Food items like biscuits, tinned foods, and more are provided for your Amarnath Temple journey as well. Langar, tea stalls, and small restaurants are also set up along the way. Along with this, firewood is also provided at Chandanwari, Sheshnag, and Panchtarni.

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Camps and huts are provided by the Government and private operators on this yatra that provides a comfortable mattress, pillows, quilts, etc.

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Yatris who register for Amarnath Yatra by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board with a valid Yatra Permit (YP) are eligible for insurance of INR 3 lakhs in case of death by accident during the journey.

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Registration for Amarnath Yatra

Get your registration done at least a month before the commencement of the journey. This will ensure you will have plenty of time to prepare physically and mentally for the yatra and also collect your required documents.

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Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation provides transport facilities during the yatra. But for a hassle-free journey, book Amarnath tour packages by Tourism of India that will include transfers, meals, sightseeing, and accommodation. 

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Langar (free food) can be found at several places on both Amarnath Yatra routes (Pahalgam and Baltal). On the Pahalgam route, langar is provided at Nunwan, Chandhanwari, Pissu top, Zojibal, Nagakoti, Sheshnag, Wavbl, Poshpatri, Kelnar, and Panchtarni. And on the Baltal route, at Baltal camp, Domail, Sangam, Brarimarg, Railpathri, and Holy Amarnath Cave.

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Prepaid connections don’t work in J & K. So, during the yatra, you will be given pre-loaded yatra SIMs by BSNL. It will cost you around INR 230 with 20,000s free talk time and 1.5 data for 10 data. To get this SIM card, you have to show a valid ID, a photograph, an address proof, and a copy of your registration slip given by SASB.

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Timings of the Yatra

Depending upon the weather conditions, the timings of the yatra are subject to change.

Hope you find these Amarnath Yatra tips helpful. Keep them in mind during the yatra for your safety and security. Respect mother nature and do not litter and keep your environment clean. Savor healthy meals at various langar points and sleep in camps or huts. Keep your health in check and if you feel slightly uneasy, seek immediate medical help before you continue with your spiritual journey to Amarnath.

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