8 Best Hill Stations in Karnataka For Couples

The definition of beauty has many interpretations, and so do the hill stations in Karnataka. Awash all your stress by basking in the breathtaking beauty of Karnataka hill stations. Here green shades sound and smell different. In the blanket of the Western Ghats, which stretches in Karnataka, you can appreciate the stunning shades of green like never before with your spouse.

Imagine waking up with a hot piping authentic coffee/tea in the middle of the green plantations. Envision yourself finding the ways to embrace the unspoiled shades of green dotted with beautiful cascades. Wondering where to cherish those experiences? Well, the answer is – hill stations in Karnataka.

Who Can Visit Hill Stations in Karnataka?

Looking from a couple’s persona, a romance-driven mind works better in the profusely green places like the Western Ghats. At the same time, tea lovers in the family can smell the coffee aromas and feel the wind brushing their faces in the morning. Irrespective of the type of traveler you are, the profusely green traits of Western Ghats trigger everyone in a different style.

8 Best Hill Stations in Karnataka That Redefines Greenery in the Best Possible Way

From Coorg to Chikmagalur, hill resort towns in Karnataka are dotted with coffee plantations and tea estates. A handful of them features accommodation in the middle of the greenery, drenched gardens, estates, and plantations. But that is not the only introduction to Karnataka hill stations. Gain In-Depth Information About the 8 Best Hill Stations in Karnataka:

1. BR Hills

Wow Factor: It was once home to the dreaded Bandit Veerappan but now a famous hill resort town of Karnataka for couples.

Things to Do in BR Hill for Couples: Trekking, camping, jungle safari, and temple hopping

Places to Visit in and Around BR Hills for Couples: BRT Tiger Reserve, Malaimahadeshwara Temple, Gundal Dam

Best Time to Visit BR Hills: Winter, summer, early, and post-monsoon.

Nearest Airport to BR Hills: Kempegowda International Airport, 215 kilometers/5 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to BR Hills: Chamarajanagar Railway Station, 45 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.)

Develop a profound understanding of different shades of green at BR Hills on your South India honeymoon trip. Standing at an elevation of 4,800 feet (approx.), BR Hill is sandwiched between Western and Eastern Ghats. Its full name is Biligirirangana Hills, and this hill station in Karnataka is known for its tranquility, serenity, and spirituality. Couples won’t find any dull moments amidst their romance in BR Hills. If you and your sweetheart are a wildlife-loving couple, explore the wealth of diverse flora and fauna. Geographically. 

BR Hills holds strong importance because it acts as a bridge between the Western and Eastern Ghats. Moreover, you will get an immense sense of rejuvenation because the Kaveri River flows through Biligirirangana Hills, which opens up the chance to test your adrenaline with your beloved one by river rafting. Apart from rafting the rapids, trekking, jungle safari, nature walking, and temple hopping are some of the best experiences to cherish in BR Hills for couples.

Nearby Towns Where You Can Come to BR Hills: Mysore 86 kilometers/2 hours (approx.), Bangalore 168 km/4.5 hours (approx.)

Best Accommodation in BR Hills for Couples: K. Gudi Wilderness Camp, Nijaguna Residency Resort, Giridarshini Resort

Romantic Restaurants in BR Hills: Shree Veerabhadreshwara Hotel, Giri Darshini

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in BR Hills: 1 day (approx.)

2. Kemmanagundi

Wow Factor: It was the erstwhile summer retreat for the Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV.

Things to Do in Kemmanagundi for Couples: Trekking, temple hopping, wildlife safaris

Places to Visit in and Around Kemmanagundi for Couples: Hebbe Waterfalls, Kalhatti Falls, Z Point Trekking Peak

Best Time to Visit Kemmangundi: Early and post-monsoon, summer, and winter.

Nearest Airport to Kemmanagundi: Mangalore Airport 245 kilometers/6 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Kemmanagundi: Tarikere 32 kilometers/1 hours (approx.)

Attract harmonious feelings in the different shades of green like Beige greens and pale yellow greens at Kemmangundi hill station in Karnataka. Also called Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station, Kemmanagundi is ringed by the Baba Budan Giri Range. The best thing about Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station is that the temperature always remains salubrious. Plus, the 1,434 m (approx.) elevation of Kemmangundi is enough to open up the opportunities like trekking and nature walks.

Additionally, this hill station is in the vicinity of the Chikmagalur district, and thus, as a couple, you will have enough moments to stroll hand in hand in the middle of the coffee plantations. Moreover, there are cascades and even small mountain streams that have medicinal properties. So a visit to Kemmangundi hill station is a must on your Karnataka honeymoon.

Nearby Towns Where You Can Come to Kemmanagundi: Mangalore, 212 kilometers/6 hours (approx.), Bangalore 273 kilometers/7.5 hours (approx.)

Best Accommodation in Kemmanagundi for Couples: The Blossom Resort, Nature Nirvana, Ranga Tanna

Romantic Restaurants in Kemmangundi: Farm Cafe, Sri Laxmi Narayana Hotel

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in Kemmangundi: 2-3 days (approx.)

3. Coorg

Wow Factor: Such is the enigma of Coorg that it is often replicated as Kashmir of South India and Scotland of India.

Things to Do in Coorg for Couples: Trekking, cycling, camping, photography

Places to Visit in and Around Coorg for Couples: Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, Dubare Elephant Camp

Best Time to Visit Coorg: Summer, winter, and early and post-monsoon

Nearest Airport to Coorg: Mangalore Airport 138 kilometers/3 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Coorg: Mysore, 117 kilometers/3 hours (approx.), Mangalore 135 kilometers/3 hours (approx.)

Honeymooners – here’s a riddle for you! What’s better than doing nothing at all? Doing nothing at all in Coorg! This hill station in Karnataka is often compared to Scotland because of its lush greenery. Undoubtedly, a honeymoon holiday in Coorg feels worlds away from the minutiae of the daily grind. Furthermore, the miles of coffee plantations in Coorg have plenty of resorts for couples. Think of visiting Coorg on honeymoon during winters, summers, and even the initial monsoon period for a true taste of Scotland vacations.

Standing majestically above the sea of greens around 900 m to 1,715 m (approx.), this is where South India’s most beautiful waterfalls are located, like Abbey Falls, Chelavara Falls. Apart from its picturesque coffee estates, every inch of Coorg tourism will greet you with something different. At one point, you and your beloved one would be spoiled with ancient temples, while at another turn, get ready to embrace the treehouse concept in Coorg.

Nearby Towns Where You Can Come to Coorg: Mangalore, 118 kilometers/3 hours (approx.), Bangalore, 267 kilometers/5.5 hours (approx.)

Best Accommodation in Coorg for Couples: Gowri Niwas, Hotel Coorg International, IBNI Springs, Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa

Romantic Restaurants in Coorg: The Rainbow Room, Coffee Cup

Ideal honeymoon Duration in Coorg: 3-5 days (approx.)

4. Chikmagalur

Wow Factor About Chikmagalur: It is the first place in India where coffee was supposed to be cultivated. And ever since then, Chikmagalur produces the finest beans in India.

Things to Do in Chikmagalur for Couples: Riverside camping, trekking, river rafting

Places Or Attractions to Visit in Chikmagalur for Couples: Coffee Museum, Kadambi Falls, Z Point, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time to Visit Chikmagalur: Monsoon, summer, and winter.

Nearest Airport to Chikmagalur: Mangalore Airport 155 kilometers/4 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Chikmagalur: Birur Railway Station, 50 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.)

Far-flung honeymooners from North East destinations know about Chikmagalur because it’s an unexplored honeymoon destination of Karnataka. There are impressive coffee states, tea gardens, jaw-dropping waterfalls. Every inch of Chikmagalur brims with greenery. If you and your beloved one loves the coffee date experience, imagine yourself staying in the middle of coffee plantations. Chikmagalur is the lesser explored hill station of Karnataka but has a strong lushness like its cool cousin – Coorg! You must explore Coorg and Chikmagalur together because of their proximity to each other. 

Unlock a 4D coffee experience by sitting for hours at the World of Coffee – India’s first interactive 3-D coffee wall. If you and your soulmate have an appetite for trekking, Karnataka’s highest peak – Mulliyangiri, will serve you as the perfect photo backdrop. Feel the sense of being cut away from the reality in India’s unexplored coffee land – Chikmagalur.

Nearby Towns Where You Can Come to Chikmagalur: Mangalore, kilometers/3 hours (approx.), Bangalore, 267 kilometers/6 hours (approx.)

Best Accommodation in Chikmagalur for Couples: Gowri Niwas, Hotel Coorg International, IBNI Springs

Romantic Restaurants in Chikmagalur for Couples: The Estate Cafe, Khansama Restaurant

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in Chikmagalur: 2-3 days (approx.)

5. Savandurga Hill

Wow Factor About Savandurga Hill: It is touted to be the largest monolith hills in India.

Things to Do in Savandurga Hill for Couples: Photography trekking, and temple hopping

Best Time to Visit Savandurga Hill: Early summer, winter, and early or post-monsoon

Nearest Airport to Savandurga Hill: Kempegowda International Airport 90 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Savandurga Hill: Bangalore Railway Station, 50 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.)

Feel reinvigorated and fully refreshed at Savandurga Hill on a short romantic trip from Bangalore. Located an hour’s drive away from the Silicon City of India, Savandurga Hill is basically a trekking sport that forms the Deccan Plateau part. The hill has its name because it comprises two hills – Kaligudda (Black Hill) and Biligudda (Black Hill). If you want to release dopamine in your brain to spice up your romance with an adrenaline touch, trekking to Savandurga Hill is a must with your beloved one!

There are many trekking routes one can embark on, ranging from easy to moderate to difficult. Rewarding views of the charming villages encircling the hill are guaranteed! There are two temples located at the base of Savandurga Hill. Take blessings at Savandi Veerabhadraswamy Temple and Sree Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple. Furthermore, the area around Savandurga Hill is encircled with lush greenery.

6. Agumbe

Wow Factor About Agumbe: This hill station in Karnataka is known as the Cobra Capital of India because of the presence of Cobra found while driving to Agumbe.

Things to Do in Agumbe for Couples: Waterfall trekking, spot flora and fauna, and motorbiking

Best Time to Visit Agumbe: Early summer, winter, and early or post-monsoon

Nearest Airport to Agumbe: Mangalore International Airport 96 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Agumbe: Shivamogga Railway Station, 93 kilometers/2 hours (approx.)

Get amazed with different shades of greenery in no time at Cherrapunji of Karnataka – Agumbe. Rainfall tends to happen here like the wettest place in India. Agumbe is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the abundance of biodiversity found here, from medicinal plants to roaring wildlife, couples won’t find any dull moments on their honeymoon at this hill station in Karnataka. Due to the presence of the Western Ghats blanketing Agumbe, couples can indulge in hiking, motorbiking, river rafting, and plenty of other adventure sports.

Agumbe is basically a mountain pass in the Western Ghats that connects the plains of Karnataka with coastal towns. A visit to this hill station with your sweetheart in Karnataka will reward you with spellbinding sunrise with views of the Arabian Sea. The population of Agumbe is around 500+ (approx.), and therefore, you will find unspoiled waterfalls, unexplored lush greenery everywhere you go!

Nearby Towns Where You Can Come to Agumbe: 90 kilometers/2 hours (approx.) Shimoga, 93 kilometers/2 hours (approx.), Chikmagalur, 112 kilometers/3 hours (approx.)

Best Accommodation in Agumbe for Couples: Muduvalli Heritage Homestay, Kolavara Heritage, Tinton Resort, and Waterpark

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in Agumbe: 2-3 days (approx.)

7. Dandeli

Wow Factor About Dandeli: Dandeli is the adventure capital of Karnataka with a range of adventure sports to try. It is like a Manali to Himachal.

Things to Do in Dandeli for Couples: River rafting, trekking, and camping

Best Time to Visit Dandeli: Early summer, winter, and early or post monsoon

Nearest Airport to Dandeli: Hubli Airport, 65 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.), and Belgaum Airport,

Nearest Railway Station to Dandeli: Alnavar Railway Station, 35 kilometers/1 hours (approx.)

Take your beloved one to Dandeli because it’s a magnet for couples. This hill station in Karnataka for honeymoon has 472 m (approx.) elevation and is wrapped with lush green foliage in abundance. Even the setting of Dandeli is unique as it is located on the banks of the Kali River. Several kinds of activities could be found in Dandeli for couples. Most of them are adventurous. If you want to combine romance with adventure in the beautiful hill station of Karnataka on your honeymoon, bookmark Dandeli in your bucket list of travel.

The lush green trails for hiking, forest safaris to encounter wildlife, and waterfall excursions are interesting factors which you should not miss if you are on honeymoon. Dandeli is more like a developed hill resort town of Karnataka, and therefore, finding luxury accommodation in Dandeli is not a hefty deal.

Best Accommodation in Dandeli for Couples: Bison River Resort, Hornbill River Resort, Old Magazine House

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in Agumbe: 2-3 days (approx.)

8. Nandi Hills

Wow Factor About Nandi Hill: It was the erstwhile summer capital of Mysore King Tipu Sultan. Also, prominent dignities like Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for their vacations.

Things to Do in Nandi Hills for Couples: Temple hopping, sunset witnessing at vantage points, paragliding, trekking, and cycling

Best Time to Visit Nandi Hills: Early summer, winter, and early or post monsoon

Nearest Airport to Nandi Hills: Bangalore International Airport 60 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Nandi Hills: Chikkaballapur Railway Station, 10 kilometers/25 minutes (approx.)

One can easily guess the splendor of this hill station in Karnataka for honeymoon after knowing that Nandi Hill was the holiday playground of prominent personalities. It is no brainer why it is so! There is a hill rock fortress that depicts the amazing architecture of the bygone era. Plus, couples who have an affinity for adventure sports would find ample reasons to extend their honeymoon at Nandi Hills.

Not to mention but Nandi Hill is one of the Instagrammable places to visit in Karnataka, thanks to its several vantage points where witnessing sunset with your beloved one is one of the best romantic experiences to indulge in.

Best Accommodation in Nandi Hills for Couples: Mount Palazzo, Valley of the Wind, Pomona Farm.

Romantic Restaurants in Nandi Hills for Couples: Indian Paratha Palace, NH7 Refuel, Olives Fine Dining Restaurant.

Ideal Honeymoon Duration in Nandi Hills: 4-6 days (approx.)

Ready to weave thoughtful conversation with your romantic partner? I bet you will fall in love more and more with each other at these 8 hill stations in Karnataka. Check out some best-selling Karnataka honeymoon packages at Indian Holiday!

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