Top Places To Visit Outside India In April in 2024

Around 63 countries are on Earth that Indians can visit visa-free visa on arrival or e-Visa access. April is the perfect time to plan international trips from India because of the unbearable heat of the sun India experiences. We have curated this list of top places to visit outside India in April.

Vacay at exotic locations like Dubai or Bali, witness the palm-fringed beaches of Vietnam or discover the rich wildlife of Sri Lanka. That’s up to you!

Places To Visit Outside India In April Where You Don’t Need Whooping Cash To Splash

Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit from India in April for Honeymoon

1. Boracay Island, Philippines

Wow Factor: The Pacific Ocean surroundings provide the best diving and snorkeling experiences to couples with an affinity for romance combined with adventure.

  • Time You Should Spend in Boracay Island: 2-4 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Boracay Vacations: $52 (approx.) per person
  • Best Resorts in Boracay Island for Couples: Crimson Resort and Spa, Shangri-La Boracay, Henann Crystal Sands Resort.

Boracay Island is small and could be explored within one day, but its small size doesn’t stop it from producing the enigma of romance if you want to enjoy beach vibes in an international destination where the temperature is ideal, bookmark Philippines Boracay Island.

With 17 sugary white sand beaches under its belts and a range of luxury resorts, Boracay Island is also a good place for hiking, cave exploration, and culinary scenes. If you and your sweetheart are passionate about indulging in thrilling watersports, get ready to soak the island vibes by trying your hands in snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff jumping, and much more!

Travel Tips for Boracay Island

  • Secure your accommodation booking in advance.
  • Know about the watersport’s operational timings in advance.

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2. Vietnam

Wow Factor: Indian passport holders get a 30-day tourist visa on arrival in Vietnam, which is a great thing.

  • Time You Should Spend in Vietnam: 4-8 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Vietnam Vacations: $50 (approx.) per person
  • Best Resorts in Vietnam for Couples: Six Senses Con Dao, Fusion Maia, Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort.

Rich culture, mouth-watering food, sand-national beaches, lush greenery, and historic sites are the few reasons couples from India should consider Vietnam. Additionally, the month of April is ideal even if you look at the temperature. The average temperature during April in Vietnam hovers around 24 degrees Celsius. 

Did we mention that Vietnam is one of the most affordable countries because almost everything here comes at half the price of what you would pay in the West? As a result, beach hoppers love to indulge in extreme watersports. The UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay is the place to cherish a cruising excursion with your beloved one.

Travel Tips for Vietnam

  • Be aware of taxi scams
  • Get to know about the weather conditions
  • Walk safely on the roads

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3. Malaysia

Wow Factor: Malaysia is one of the first countries that opened its gates for Indian tourism in 2021.

  • Time You Should Spend in Malaysia: 4-6 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Malaysia Vacations: $72 (approx.) per person
  • Best Resorts in Malaysia for Couples: Tanjung Rhu Resort, Casa del Mar Langkawi, Macalister Mansion.

One of the top countries to visit outside India in April, Malaysia has everything like India, from hills to beaches, from distinct food to rich wildlife. Many Indian couples make Malaysia their honeymoon playground, particularly in April and throughout the year. Thanks to its unique vibrancy in culture, Malaysia’s population is a cluster of many religions. But for honeymooners, Malaysia is a great country to explore in April since the infrequent rain showers and humidity are more minor for outdoor adventures on the beaches or hills.

Not an exaggeration, but Malaysia is a pretty developed country for indulging in every kind of romantic activity or experience. If you want to honeymoon amidst the dry weather and clear sky, Malaysia in April is the place to go! Here you can find every element of holidays in India, like ropeway on the hills, a romantic stroll in the middle of tea plantations, and the thrill of watersports.

Travel Tips for Malaysia

  • Remain respectful of the culture and traditions
  • Bus travel is the most inexpensive mode of transport
  • Hold your passport with you all the time to keep yourself safe

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4. Bali, Indonesia

Wow Factor: This Indonesian Island, Bali, is visa-free for Indian tourists for 30 days, so why should couples not have fun?

  • Time You Should Spend in Bali: 7-10 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Bali Vacations: $65 (approx.) per person
  • Best Resorts in Bali for Couples: Alila Villas Uluwatu, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, W Bali, Seminyak

Take control over her mind on God’s Own Island, Bali. This destination provides a 30-day visa on arrival to Indian tourists, and its pristine islands, quaint hamlets, jaw-dropping lush greenery, and secluded beaches are a visual retreat for anyone!

Beachgoing couples can dip their toes in the white sands and stay at Bali’s luxury resorts that are destinations in April without going broke. Since April is the shoulder month in Bali you will hardly find beaches overcrowded.

Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, is known to be the famous hub of Ayurveda and yoga in Bali, where pampering yourself with your partner by taking a couple of massages together is the best thing to do in April with your sweetheart.

The charm of Bali can be explored when you and your significant other plan a honeymoon holiday to Bali to explore its unspoiled islands and lush greenery in the island’s dry season, April.

Travel Tips for Bali

  • North Bali is more pristine, and unexplored, and exhibits more relaxed vibes
  • The cultural heart of Bali – Ubud, is where you will inhale the true essence of Bali
  • Only use authorized money exchanger companies

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Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit from India in April with Family

Your family has always remained by your side in harsh times and will also be in the future! Show some gratitude towards them to reflect your efforts and appreciation. Plan a trip to these family-friendly places to visit in April outside India for the dose of ultimate rejuvenation:

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5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wow Factor: Indian tourists can obtain a visa on arrival at Dubai airport for up to 14 days, and we can’t keep calm after listening to this!

  • Time You Should Spend in Dubai: 5-8 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Dubai Vacations: $150 (approx.) per person.
  • Best Resorts in Dubai for Couples: Anantara the Palm Dubai Resort, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf, JA Beach Hotel.

Take your family to Dubai if your family has also got an untreatable case of wanderlust. With historic sites, intriguing architecture, active nightlife, and skyscrapers towering, Dubai is one of the family-friendly places to visit in April outside India because April is the 6th coldest month in Dubai. Rainfall is likely to happen in this United Arab Emirates if you make Dubai your family’s holiday playground.

This Emirate in the United Arab Emirates sprinkles luxury that is hard to find anywhere else. Ruled by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai is futuristic, the unique thing you observe in Dubai.

Explore the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and visit the most expensive shopping malls to satiate your shopping cravings. There is so much to explore in Dubai you would never know until you visit it.

Travel Tips for Dubai

  • Don’t indulge in a public display of affection.
  • Don’t you dare to show any disrespect to the Dubai religion
  • Stay respectful of their culture and traditional value

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6. Singapore

Wow Factor: Singapore is the greenest city on earth, with green roofs, cascading vertical gardens, and verdant walls. Within the 100 m of Singapore, a green area is found.

  • Time You Should Spend in Singapore: 6-10 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Singapore Vacations: $120 (approx.) per person
  • Best Resorts in Singapore for Couples: Amara Sanctuary Resort, Costa Sands Resort, Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore.

Observe the balance between modernity and authentic culture and get mesmerized by sky-touching skyscrapers in Singapore. This sovereign island city in southeast Asia is a mix of various things and is best to explore in April because it is an off-season for Singapore Tourism. This means you will find less crowded the top places to visit in Singapore for families Sentosa Island, Gardens By the Bay, and Universal Studios. Snag discounted deals on accommodation but book in advance.

You will find Indian, Malayali, and Chinese cultural influences in Singapore in different nooks and corners. Singapore is called the Lion City and while you visit there, make sure you take a plunge in the largest rooftop infinity pool with your brother or father. Then, stroll the extraordinary green gardens and take river tours on the water taxi.

Your adventure to Singapore will start when you land at Changi Airport, which has listed itself in the category of Reader’s Choice Awards of the best airports. Inside the Changi Airport is a seven-story indoor waterfall that is breathtaking to behold. Plan to visit Singapore in April with family to get the best deals on accommodation as April is the dry season in Singapore.

Travel Tips for Singapore

  • Don’t toss your rubbish anywhere; otherwise, you will be penalized with $300 up to $1,000
  • Avoid human traffic where possible, like on stairs
  • Trust the reliable currency exchangers only
  • Chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore, so don’t dare to do that in public.

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7. Sri Lanka

Wow Factor: Sri Lanka offers a 30-day tourist visa on arrival to the Indians. One needs to take Electronic Travel Authorisation. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is one of those countries to explore on an Indian budget if you exclude the flight price.

  • Time You Should Spend in Sri Lanka: 7-10 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Sri Lanka Vacations: $35 (approx.) per person.
  • Best Resorts in Sri Lanka for Couples: Suriya Resort Kamala, Cinnamon Citadel, Cape Weligama.

Do you want to manifest the innate sense of luxury without going broke with your family? Then, look no further than Sri Lanka. The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, is one of the best places to spot the Asian Leopards in their natural habitat.

Those bitten by the wanderlust bug can lounge on the miles of unspoiled beaches and stroll the iconic cultural side of Sri Lanka. Due to its proximity to India and its shape of a tear, Sri Lanka is touted as the Teardrop of India.

Stroll the lush green tea gardens on a guided family excursion and nosh on delicious and cheap seafood. The dramatic carved rock fortress in Sigiriya, pristine rainforest hikes, and city exploration on local tuk-tuk are a few reasons to visit Sri Lanka with your family.

The best bet for exploring Sri Lanka in April is the climate is idyllic for sightseeing, and the beaches are suitable for swimming, surfing, and relaxing. Many new concept hotels are opening up in Sri Lanka to boost tourism. Sri Lanka is the ideal choice if you want to escape to an international destination on a budget for the Indian holiday.

Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

  • Don’t take selfies with the Buddha statue.
  • Respect the culture and traditional values.
  • Avoid taking pictures of the locals without their consent.
  • Stay protected from currency fraud and rely on authentic currency exchangers.

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8. Nepal

Wow Factor: Sri Lanka offers a 30 days tourist visa on arrival to the Indians. One needs to take Electronic Travel Authorisation. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is one of those countries to explore on an Indian budget if you exclude the flight price.

  • Time You Should Spend in Nepal: 8-10 days (approx.)
  • Average Day Budget for Nepal Vacations: $35 (approx.) per person.
  • Best Resorts in Nepal for Couples: The Dwarika’s Resort, Rupakot Resort Pvt. Ltd, Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel.

This April, experience the Himalayan experience of Nepal first if anyone in your family has a penchant for hills. Usually, Nepal is considered an adventure tourist destination because Nepal is home to the highest peak, Mount Everest, and the Everest Base Camp Trek, which gives the best of the experience of Mount Everest.

But a family trip to Nepal is more about hiking because Nepal is a country of contrast. Nepal is your ticket to explore an international destination without splashing much cash with a sense of history, magnificent historic temples, and pristine lakes.

Moreover, April is when rainfall in Nepal tends to be common. So if you want to see Nepal covered in lush greenery at its best, make Nepal your holiday playground with family in April.

Did we mention that accommodations in Nepal are pretty inexpensive in hills with a different price range?

Travel Tips for Nepal

  • Avoid indulging in public affection because it is alien to Nepalese culture.
  • Raising your voice over an argument is considered disrespectful in Nepal.
  • Unless you get the consent of the locals, don’t photograph them.

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Wrapping Up

Family travel is rewarding, and family travel is worth going to! A vacation with a family that is too international will enable a strong bond between you and your family. If you have children at your house, they will get to experience new adventures. Furthermore, your parents will understand the various aspects of the country you are visiting.

Which of these places to visit in April outside India got your nerves to hit the next trip with your family?

Why Visit The Places Outside India in April?

If you are allergic to going outdoors in April in India’s summer, you should think of visiting the cool places outside India in April. India during April travel provides respite from the heat only at the Himalayan destinations in North India and North East India. Moreover, many international destinations offer discounts on their accommodation in April, which is one of the reasons to visit places outside India in April. 

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