Top 9 Places to Visit in Munnar for Honeymoon Couples in 2021

Greenery is what you see as far as your eyes outreaches when you are in Munnar. But wait? Are you stuck with the thought of which places to visit in Munnar for couples? Worry not! Here is exactly the list you need to spend those quality moments with each other in the lap of nature.

Munnar is no doubt among the most gorgeous and greenest places to visit in India. Known for its exquisite charm, picturesque and charming surroundings, it has made a mark on the hearts of many couples and honeymooners. No wonder, it is one of the most recommended honeymoon destinations in India.

Make your time in Munnar special by visiting these top tourist places in Munnar and rekindle the romance in your relationship.

Here are the 9 top romantic places in Munnar for honeymoon couples in 2021:

1. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

A tea estate is a must when it comes to Munnar. Don’t you agree? After all, that is one top place to explore in Munnar! Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is one of the topmost visited places in Munnar due to its emerald sprawling tea estate. Offering breathtaking views of the rolling tea gardens and forests and mountains around, it is among the most romantic places to visit as a couple in Munnar. As it is the highest tea plantation in the world, the weather here is so soothing and perfect to talk about each other’s feelings.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • You can witness the panoramic views from here.
  • Try out the flavoursome organic handmade tea.
  • Witness the Anayirangal Dam from the tea estate
  • Take on the Meesapulimala trek as a couple.
  • Tour the factory.

2. The Blossom Hydel Park

Delve straight into the lap of nature at the Blossom Hydel Park. Located 3 km from the Munnar town, towards the old Munnar, this park will calm your senses and take you into a dream world with your beloved. The surroundings are so beautiful and exotic, laden with fresh flowers. While strolling hand-in-hand, you can witness lush green landscape (again Munnar’s speciality), migratory waterbirds, mountain butterflies, and the Muthirappuzha river. Not only is it a visual treat but also makes you two closer, relaxed, and rejuvenated at the same time.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • Indulge in nature walks, bird watching, roller skating, etc.
  • Enjoy the aroma of fresh mountain flowers.
  • Boating on the serene Muthirapuzha River.
  • Have a romantic campfire with music.

3. Lockhart Gap

Lockhart Gap is among the most serene and soothing places to visit in Munnar for couples. If you are a couple that loves to hike, then this is one of the best hiking places in Kerala you will come across. Named after a heart-shaped gap between two mountains, it is certainly a sign for you to visit here with your loved one. Hike to the top just to see the mist-clad mountains, winding trails, emerald valleys, and do not miss out on the mesmerizing sunset. The perfect moment to tell how you feel to your better half. This place is perfect for adventurous and mountaineering interested couples to observe the abundant flora and click the #couplegoals pictures.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • Witness the natural beauty like misty air, green valleys, and more.
  • Trek through the winding trails.
  • Catch the beautiful sunset hand-in-hand.

4. Mattupetty Dam

Hold your beloved by the hand and take them to one of the tourist favourite attractions in Munnar, Mattupetty Dam. The shades of blue (water) and green (rolling hills) soothe the eye and the picturesque landscape melts the heart especially when you are there with your love. Surrounded by the highest peak in the Western Ghats and South India, Anamudi Peak, this dam is set amidst the heavenly canvas. It was built back in 1940 for the purpose of water conservation and power generation and today has many things for couples to enjoy and have a great time.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • Enjoy the splendid views of green hills, rolling pastures.
  • Trek to the nearby Shola forests.
  • Visit the famous Indo Swiss Farm Project.
  • Indulge in an exciting speed boating at Mattupetty Lake.

5. Echo Point

Yell how much you love them on top of your lungs at Echo Point. How romantic is that? Echo Point is an unconventional place to visit in Munnar for couples and shout to their heart’s content for the ultimate romantic experience. Not to mention, this attraction in Munnar is exceptionally beautiful and it must be a part of your Munnar/ Kerala tour. Whether young honeymoon love birds or an old romantic couple, this place lures all types of couples to spend quality time together with views of the scenic landscapes. You can lay a blanket and have the most romantic picnic of all times.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • Enjoy a boat ride with spectacular views.
  • Prepare yourself a basket for a picnic.
  • Admire the scenery of Echo Point.
  • Witness the panoramic views of the Western Ghats.
  • If time suggests, visit Top station located nearby.

6. Photo Point

Doesn’t a roadside viewing point overlooking hillside tea gardens and green forests and mountains sound perfect to spend time? That is what describes the next romantic place in Munnar, Photo Point. Located 3 km from Munnar on the way to Mattupetty, the Photo Point is simply a curve on the roads of Nilgiri Hills but the experience and weather if offered are unlike any other place. Also, if you miss out on some amazing couple images, it is your time to shine and make the perfect couple photo to remember forever. No entrance fee, no hassle and simply quality time your sweetheart. The majestic views of the hills, mountains and valleys here justify why this is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for a honeymoon.

Romantic activities for couples:

  • Take cute and romantic selfies as a couple.
  • Enjoy the pleasant weather.
  • Admire the beauty of this place.
  • Take romantic strolls hand-in-hand.

7. Attukal Waterfalls

Not just greenery, dams, viewpoints, but Munnar is a hill town that also attracts honeymoon couples towards its scenic waterfalls. A great relief from the crowded tourist spots, Attukal Waterfalls is one of the best romantic honeymoon places to visit in Munnar to spend time away from the touristy crowds. The view of this spectacular waterfall will melt your stress away and bring you closer. There are some interesting and romantic things to do at the waterfalls that make this an ideal spot to visit in Munnar as a couple and have memories to look back at and cherish.

Romantic things to do:

  • Go swimming together in the waterfall pool.
  • Set up a picnic near the waterfalls and enjoy the views.
  • Trek through the first mountain path.

8. Kalari Kshethra

Not the most romantic but if you two are into some offbeat things to do and places to visit in Munnar, then Kalari Kshethra is an ideal place to visit. It is among the most enlightening and inspiring experiences to treasure in Kerala. You can witness a traditional form of ‘Martial Arts’ called Kalaripayattu that originated in Kerala some 3000 years ago. There are four dividends of this art form that will provide you with a unique experience. A mix of adventure, tradition, and culture, this is one of the best things to do in Munnar on a honeymoon.

Romantic things to do:

  • Witness the 3000-year-old traditional art form, Kalaripattayu.
  • Enjoy the traditional ‘Kathakali dance performance at Kalari Kshethra.

9. Eravikulam National Park

Couples who love to be in nature around animals and love to witness the rich and abundant wildlife of India must head to Eravikulam National Park in Munnar. Considered to be one of the prime tourist places in Munnar, a tour of this park can be adventurous yet romantic when you will experience the thrill together. Right? Eravikulam National Park is home to the exotic Nilgiri Tahr, which is an animal found in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The weather, the mesmerizing views, and the trekking paths of this national park will enhance your experience to the next level.

Romantic things to do:

  • Witness the Nilgiri Tahr.
  • Enjoy the views of rolling misty hills, dense forests, lush tea gardens, clear waterfalls, and rare species of butterflies.
  • Spot the Anamudi Peak.
  • Stroll along the winding trails and trekking paths of the national park.

Whether it is a honeymoon trip or not, every couple has their own taste of interest, things, and places they love to explore when on a trip. So, these were the top places to visit in Munnar for couples. A little adventure, nature, and a lot of romance is all you need to make this trip to Munnar successful and full of romance. Explore these romantic places in Munnar at your own pace and make memories to cherish forever.

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