Goa Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise Tour 5 Nights / 6 Days

5 Nights Itinerary Covering: Goa - Mumbai - Lakshadweep - Goa


Cruising is an opportunity to weave some memories along with waves of the Sea. It is a fun mode of enjoying a vacation and stepping out from regular life. You can choose our 6 days cruising tour of Goa, Mumbai, and Lakshadweep that has added benefits and excitements that make your cruising more enjoyable. Exploring the beautiful places, witnessing breathtaking sea views, and the cool breeze is the tip of the iceberg. Our 5 nights and 6 days cruise package covers different modes of fun, enjoyments, shows, and facilities that will uplift your mood and travel experience. This tour package is one of our best picks that aim to give you the ultimate showdown, enjoyment throughout the days, hassle-free booking, and iteration of the entire cruise. For more details, you can check out the below-detailed itinerary that showcases some other benefits and facilities that you can enjoy throughout the trip.


  • Enjoying the fun vibes at the beach paradise of India-Goa
  • Get a fascinating view of the sea from the cruise.
  • Explore the luxuriousness of the cruise.
  • Visit tourist attractions in the city of dreams-Mumbai.
  • Discover the natural beauty of Lakshadweep Island.

Itinerary - Goa Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise Tour

Day 1 - Beginning of Journey from Goa

The fantastic cruise journey starts from Goa, and you will have to come on board at 6:00 PM. The moment you set your foot on the cruise, you will experience world-class amenities. After entering the cruise, you will get your pre-booked room. The room would be well-assisted and reflect luxuriousness. You can also catch a fantastic view of Goa from the cruise. Later, you will get back to your room and have a restful sleep.

Day 2 - Explore the City of Dreams - Mumbai

On this second day of your cruising tour, you will arrive in Mumbai around noon. On this day, you will have an entire day to explore the city and its attractions. Throughout the sightseeing in Mumbai, you can enjoy the street foods and taste some local cuisine. You will cover major tourist attractions. But you need to keep one thing in mind that you will have to come to the cruising site around 8:00 PM. Once you come back on your cruise, the journey onward begins. You will unwind yourself by taking a restful sleep.

Day 3 - Spend a Full day at the cruise

This third day of your Goa, Mumbai Lakshadweep cruise tour has many surprising and gripping elements for you. You can enjoy the entire day by indulging in fun and entertainment activities on the cruise throughout the day. In the morning, you will have your delicious meal on your deck itself. It is an enticing moment that you will embrace every morning on your cruise trip. After having your breakfast, you can soak yourself in the sun, and you will also have the option to go for the lounge and bar of the ship. The entertainment section of the cruise keeps you entertained throughout the day. You can enjoy singing performances, dance shows, and try your luck in the casino if you want. In the evening, you will get a great dining experience that you can have with your friends and family. After that, you will enjoy the overnight stay on the cruise.

Day 4 - Lakshadweep: Explore Kadmat and other gems of Lakshadweep

Today is the fourth day of your cruise trip that is fully dedicated to exploring the beauty of Lakshadweep. You will arrive at the island in the morning around 6:30 AM. You will have approximately 12 hours to spend and explore the gems of this place. The choices of things to do come in the spectrum for you. You can enjoy the beachside, have seafood at the restaurants, and explore the nearby places. Kadmat Island is one of the finest attractions on the island that you must visit on this tour. But make sure to return to the cruise by 6:00 PM because the cruise will start its journey ahead in the evening.

Day 5 - Experience the Luxuriousness of Cruise

This entire day is a chance to explore the luxurious ship and discover the surprising elements throughout the day. Start your morning with a healthy and tasty breakfast on the cruise.

After that, you will explore the bar, restaurant, lounge, and entertainment house. You can spend the entire day as per your desire and explore all the attractions of this ship. The one thing that you should not miss is lip-smacking food that is made by world-class chefs.

Day 6 - End of the Journey-Goa

It is the point of the climax of your cruising journey. After covering all the beauty, experiences of island sea and cruise. On this day, you will arrive in Goa and get back to your home with loads of memories of the past 5 mesmerizing days.

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