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Hotels in Sasangir

Hotels in SasanGir

India has the distinction of being the last earthly refuge of the Asiatic lion. In the paisley-shaped Kathiwad peninsula of Gujarat stands the Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary, the one and only remaining habitat of this proud and majestic species (Panthera leo). Sasangir Lion Sanctuary is home of some 300 Asiatic lions. Close to being an extinct species, the number of Asiatic lions has been steadily rising since 1980 in this safe haven. The vegetation in the area consists of teak with a mixture of deciduous trees, including sal (Shorea), dhak (Butea frondosa), and thorn forests. The terrain is rugged with steep rocky hillsides. A few springs also exist, but their flow is rather eccentric depending upon the season. Some sixty thousand tourists visited Sasangir National Park in 1999-2000. The park is a part of the Junagadh circuit of Gujarat, which includes Junagadh, Sasangir, and Somnath.

Jeep safari is the most common occupation that one engages in after reaching the park. Wildlife photography can be another option and machans (watchtowers) and hides have been raised near waterholes to have a closer look of the lions. One can also visit other places in the vicinity like Junagadh and Somnath famous for their history and religious importance.

Tourist Attractions in Sasangir

Flora and Fauna

Sasangir is the natural habitat of a number of rare plants and animals. The entire area is characterised by teak trees and a mixture of deciduous trees including sal (Shorea), dhak (Butea frondosa), jamun (Syzigium cumini), acacia, banyan and thorn forests. It is a hilly tract with many rivers and beautiful long drives. Apart from the exotic variety of flora, Sasangir also houses some of the unique and rare species of animals. Besides the Asiatic lion, there are leopards, sambar, chital (spotted deer), nilgai (antelope), chowsingha (four-horned antelope), chinkara (gazelle), wild boar, langur, jackal and hyena along with numerous birds like paradise flycatcher, Bonneli's eagle, crested serpent eagle, woodpeckers, back headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingos and grey partridges.


The entire area of Sasangir is flanked with three unique reservoirs, one of which is the Nalsarovar Lake. A large number of water birds and other migratory birds come to the lake every year. This makes Nalsarovar lake a birdwatchers' paradise. Nalsarovar is also the excellent spot to photograph the birds in their natural habitat. A visit to the lake will be a treat to your eyes as you can get to see flocks of birds like the paradise flycatcher, back-headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, various species of eagles, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingo, partridge, parrot, and peacock. You can also visit the small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna near the Tulsi Shyam springs.

Accommodation in Sasangir

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