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Hotels in Orchha


In the part of Central India known as Bundelkhand the monument of Orchha stands testimony to the grandeur of the Bundela style of architecture. Medieval India has been witness to its glory by virtue of it serving as the capital of Bundelkhand. The place also served as an important cultural center with many of the monuments and temples serving till today as testimony to the past glory. The earliest buildings in Orchha were established on an island of rock surrounded in a loop by the river Betwa, the approach being provided by a many-arched bridge. Nature has endowed the town with serene environment with the river and resplendent forest and vegetation providing a fascinating backdrop.

The Bundela style evolved from an initiative taken by Rana Kumbha (1428-68) in the palace at his capital Chittorgarh. The later buildings at Chandauri and Orchha were further steps in the same direction. This style may be defined as based on the contemporary productions of the Muslims as these evolved under the Sultans of Delhi, but overlaid with elements of indigenous Indian extraction to suit the taste, mode of living and traditions of the Rajput rulers.

Orchha provides a reflection of rich Indian heritage with monumental marvels and its fascinating architecture. The architectural style of Orchha is predominated by the use of domes, brackets, chajjas, arches and pillars. The Jahangir Mahal is the most grandiose structure in Orchha. Imagine the skyline in Orchha and this is one place that will stand tall in the skyline. The Raja Mahal is another monument of historical importance as is the Rai Praveen Mahal. With their rich historical background, these places hold great value for the legacy of Orchha.

Hotels in Orchha

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