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Hotels in Madhya Pradesh

The hotels in Madhya Pradesh offer great lodging facilities in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is a well known state in the central part of India. It is a well known tourist destination as well as commercial and industrial hub. The hotels in Madhya Pradesh offer high class lodging to both tourists and corporate travelers.

Travelers can choose their favorite lodging destination from a wide range of Madhya hotels. The hotels are located in well known cities and popular tourist destinations. There are luxury hotels as well as economy hotels in the state. The luxury hotels offer state-of-the-art facilities while the economy and budget hotels provide travelers with all the basics facilities.

Some well known hotels in Madhya Pradesh are:

Hotels in Bhopal: Bhopal is a well known destination in the state. It is the capital city and draws lots of travelers. The hotels in Bhopal offer great facilities and services. Some of them are Arch Manor Hotel, Hotel Amer Palace, Hotel Lake View Ashok, Hotel Nisarga, Hotel Noor Us Sabah, Hotel Surya, Jehan Numa Palace Hotel and The Residency Hotel.

Hotels in Gwalior: Gwalior is a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. The place is known for its rich culture, heritage and charm. The hotels in Gwalior cater to the needs and preferences of the travelers. Some of the popular hotels in Gwalior are Hotel Gwalior Regency, Hotel Tansen, Usha Kiran Palace Hotel, and Hotel Shelter and so on.

Hotels in Indore: The hotels in Indore offer great lodging facilities and services. In addition to the lodging facilities, most hotels offer high class dining and conference facilities. Some of the hotels in the city are Hotel Balwas International, Hotel Crown Palace, Hotel President Planet, Hotel Shreemaya, Hotel Tulsi, The Sayaji Hotel and the Taj Residency.

Hotels in Khajuraho: Being a popular tourist spot, Khajuraho is home to lots of hotels. They offer wonderful facilities and services and are also easily accessible. Some of the popular hotels in Khajuraho are Hotel Greenwood, Hotel Jhankar, Hotel Khajuraho Ashok, Hotel Usha Bundela, The Grand Temple View Hotel, Hotel Clarks, Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel Jass Trident and Hotel Taj Chandela.

In addition to these, there are other hotels at Madhya Pradesh. They are locate din various other tourist destinations such as Bhandavgarh, Kanha, Orchha, Pachmarh and other places. The services offered in these hotels are pleasant. The hotels are also easily accessible.

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