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Hotels in Bhavnagar

Hotels in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is a sprawling industrial city and an important trading post for cotton products. The commercial importance of this city is increased by its proximity to the Gulf of Cambay and the Arabian Sea. As the origin of this city is recent, one can find few historical monuments. However, there are a number of places of tourist attraction in and around the city. The city offers vibrant shades of traditional Gujarati culture to the traveler.

Tourist Attractions in Bhavnagar
Though Bhavnagar is a modern city, there are a number of important tourist spots here. One of the important tourist attractions of Bhavnagar is the Takhteshwar Temple, built on a small hillock overlooking the city by the local royal family, dedicated to lord Shiva. It not only offers a great view of the city and the adjacent Gulf of Cambay, but is also an important pilgrim center. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple every year. Gandhi Smriti Museum or Gandhi Memorial is another important tourist attraction-it houses a collection of photographs and memorabilia associated with Mahatma Gandhi. Near Gandhi Smriti, the traveler can see the Clock Tower, which is an important landmark of this city. Gaurishankar Lake is an important picnic spot with its well-maintained parks. There is a small planetarium for children to visit. The Central Salt and Marine Research Institute is an important place to visit and a must for the science freak. Samaldas College, established 100 years ago, is an important monument and it is said that Mahatma Gandhi was once a student here. The Barton Library with its museum, located at the heart of the city, is worth paying a visit. The Water Lock Gate of Bhavnagar is also worth paying a visit, as it is the first of its kind in Gujarat. The water locks maintain the water level of the docks, thus helping ships to stay afloat at the time of low tide.

Accommodation in Bhavnagar
There are enough decent accommodation options in Bhavnagar and the scene is getting better every passing day. There are a number of star category hotels and even heritage hotel catering to the needs of tourists coming to explore Bhavnagar or interesting in exploring the scenic region around.

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Hotels in Bhavnagar

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