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Hotels in Bankura

Hotels in Bankura City

The tourist destination of Bankura in the Indian state of West Bengal is famous for music, art and culture. With the diverse variety of land with large tracts of forests, hills, the districts has found place the tourists map. Amongst the major tourist spots in Bankura are Mukutmanipur, Vishnupur and Jhilmil.

Tourist Attractions in Bankura
Mukutmonipur is merely 250 kilometers from Kolkata by road. This exotic locale is in the district of Bankura, also known as the land of red soil. Mukutmonipur can also be reached via Durgapur, and if you go to the steel city with a few days in hand. The resort proves to be a natural hangout. The blue waters of the lake seem to calm the nerves. As the river Kangsabati and River Kumari meet the vast reservoir of water is magic to the eyes of the tourists to Mukutmonipur. The dam constructed here boasts to be the second biggest earthen dam in the India. The adjoining hills and forests lend the adventure angle to the holidaying tourists. Overall the atmosphere is serene and beautiful. The deer park by the side of the reservoir is another tourist attraction worth visiting while holidaying in Mukutmonipur.

Vishnupur, the seat of power of the Malla dynasty who ruled over a large part of Bengal for nearly a thousand years before the British came. The Mallas ruled till the advent of the Muslims and relics of their reign survive till today. Among the later Hindu kings of Bengal, the Malla occupy a place of distinction not only or their military prowess but because of their patronage to the development of distinctive styles of arts, architecture, sculpture, and music. During the reign of Veer Hambir and Raja Raghunath Singh and Veer Singh, Vishnupur became one of the principal centers of culture in Bengal. The distinct style of temple architecture with a single tower resting on a square building with the curved roof of a Bengali hut has been the most characteristic feature of Vishnupur temples. Most of the temples here are in two big concentrations- the Shyam Rai, Jore Bangla, Radha Shyam, Lalji, Krishna Balram, Nikunja Bihari, and Kesari Rai within the fort area and the Kalachand, Radha Madhav, Radha Govinda, Jore Mandir, and Nandalal temples over an area to the South and South West of Lalbundh. The Malleswar, Madan Gopal and Madan Mohan temples are to the North of the fort. Besides, there is the Ras Mancha, the earliest extant religious edifice at Vishnupur built by Veer Hambir, representing an architectural style all its own.

There are a number of 'bundhs' or water reservoirs, namely, Lalbundh, Krishnabundh, Shyambundh etc. A number of cannons are there, exposed to weather for centuries and yet free from rust. One of these is 'Dal Madal'. Vishnupur developed a distinct style of music, i.e. Vishnupur Gharana of which perhaps the most famous exponent was Jadu Bhatta.

Accommodation in Bankura
There are enough decent accommodation options in Bankura and the scene is getting better every passing day. There are a number of star category hotels catering to the needs of tourists coming to explore Bankura or interesting in exploring the scenic region around.

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