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Thanks giving is celebrated throughout Goa, but with a different name; a name particular to Goa. Ladainha or Ladin, meaning the Litany of the Virgin Mary is celebrated to express the gratitude and indebtedness for having been entitled to God’s Grace and abandon on earth. Ladainha is sponsored by a different person every year who considers himself the lucky recipient of God’s Grace. However, irrespective of sponsorship, every person celebrates Thanksgiving at the privacy of his home in his own way and means. It is celebrated around December.


The tradition of thanking the Lord for a good harvest dates back to medieval times in Europe. This ritual thanksgiving is often followed by feasts, bonfires and dances.


The Preparations for Ladin begins with the purchase of grams, Branco wine, candles and colorful tinsel. The family altar is decorated at heart’s content with flowers, creepers, crotons laid out in vases. The gram is soaked in water since morning and put on fire to be boiled. This boiled gram is then mixed with sliced coconut chips. The Ladin celebrations include litany singing, at home and church by all who are present, to the accompaniment of the violin. This singing is presided over and conducted by the village choirmaster or a local violinist. This singing is punctuated with various hymns and prayers. offers information on the Ladainha in Goa. For more information or o book a tour to Goa please fill up the form below.