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Client Recommendations
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The feedback of some our esteemed clients, who have traveled with us on tours to India, is given below:

Guest Name: Mr. Jonathan Boylan,
Country: Ireland
Comments: We very much enjoyed the trip, service provided was outstanding. Itinerary was very good. Services was excellent.

Guest Name: Ms. Becky Clark.
Comments: Great Tour!! Excellent arrangements - you chose the hotels very well and we were most pleased and we will definitely contact you again for future bookings.

Guest Name: Mr. David Rowlands
Country: England
Comments: We found the tour well organized and very enjoyable. The highlights was the Taj Mahal - the guides at the Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri were excellent. - we were very lucky to have Eswar as our driver. He was extremely professional and a very good driver. He was helpful, punctual and courteous.

Guest Name: Mr. Bingxian Li L Party
Country: China
Comments: Your staff in Indian Holiday are very professional and friendship. We will chose your company as our travel agent in the future.

Guest Name: Mr. Ansermoz Pierre,
Country: Switzerland
Comments: Nice Trip very inserting and well organized.

Guest Name: Neka
Country: Nairobi
Comments: We have all reached safely back to Nairobi and have had memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. It was quite a trip to remember to get enlightened and me and my family are feeling very nice and happy. You helped me fulfill my dream. So many thanks to you and also nice to meet you people in person and would recognize you as a good and helpful family member and friend. Hope I can come again for a holiday in India very soon and hop e to see you again. Have a nice happy Diwali and prosperous new year.

Guest Name: Ricardo Santos
Country: Spain
Comments: We are back home after an exciting visit to India which have been possible - thanks to your inestimable help. We will always be grateful to you and if you need anything from Spain or you ever plan to visit Spain, let me know.

Guest Name: Mr. David Reed
Country: London
Comments: Your driver Mr. Bison Singh was superb. He drove extremely well and very safely which allowed me to relax. All the other arrangements worked perfectly, right from the start. I was very lucky enough to see two tigers in the Ranthambhore park although, it was almost dark when they came. I really enjoyed both the Tiger Den in Ranthambhore and the Laxmi Vilas palace in Bharatpur they were super hotels with good friendly staff and good accommodations and food.

Guest Name: Paul Haward
Country: USA
Comments: Over all services are very good and excellent.

Guest Name: Ricardo Santos
Country: Spain
Comments: We are back home after an exciting visit to India which have been possible - thanks to your inestimable help. We will always be grateful to you and if you need anything from Spain or you ever plan to visit Spain, let me know.

Guest Name: Thea Innes
Country: New Town, Ipswich
Comments: We will recommend this tour with your company to all our frieds and associates. Your safety standards are very high - please maintain this high standard. The driver was very helpful, punctuate and an excellent driver.

Guest Name: Eduardo
Country: Australia
Comments: I want to thank you all for all your assistance and attentions during all the travels, I am so pleased with your company and I am so sure we will make business again. All my friends are very happy with all the trips organized. Take care and keep up with all the excellent work. I leave India for this occasion, on Saturday towards Sydney, wish you all the best a happy Dusshera and a happy Diwali.

Guest Name: Ms. Ann M. Bok,
Comments: your service was better and we would recommend your tour company to others.

Guest Name: Genevieve and Catriona Auld,
Country: UK
Comments: Thank you for taking the time to plan our holiday though Rajasthan. We have been very pleased with the holiday in terms of accommodation and guides and appreciated the planning that went into this. We would like to make special mention of Mr. Swarup Singh who was a marvelous driver. He was always on time, was very safe and nothing was ever a problem. Catriona and I would be only too happy to provide a reference to other potential clients of yours in the future and we look forward to recommending Indian Holiday to our friends planning trips to India.

Guest Name: Mr. Randy Stinnett,
Country: USA
Comments: Quite impressed with the help of all representative - they were very helpful . The tour was very satisfactory and well prepared. We are returning home with great memories and experience.

Guest Name: Ms. Babita Naryan,
Country: Fiji Island
Comments: Great this was the second time I booked my tours and travel with Indian Holiday- I will recommend this tour and travel company to all friends and families. Everything as planned.

Guest Name: Dr. & Mrs. Richard Claytor
Country: USA
Comments: Excellent services - very good driver.

Guest Name: Mr. Roberto Sacilotto
Country: Italy
Comments: Your Company representative as very excellent. Excellent organization very professional services - overall excellent satisfaction.

Guest Name: Mr. Ponniah Thirupurasanthiram & Family
Country: Dubai
Comments: The tour have been well arranged ad organized by you. Nothing to suggest as all were in order and well organized.

Guest Name : Ramesh
Country : USA
Comments: We were really impressed by the travel arrangements made by you, we had no problem in our trip. Thank you for your patronage.

Guest Name; Mr. Sergio Pessolano
Country: Italy

"An excellent service at a good price, a special thanks to my guide Mr Gouri shankar Samantary to my driver Mr Prafula dash without their valuable help I couldn't have ever obtained the extraordinary images that I have realized, particularly in the tribal areas. Keep it up!!!

Guest Name: Mr Hainz Pannos
Country: Austria
Comments:" Perfect organization, with the motto - customer care. Thank you for managing this tour for us, we enjoyed our stay in India very much"

Guest Name: Mr. Raju Varghese & Party
Country: Canada
Comments :"it was good tour & the services given by your organization was much more than we expected."

Guest Name : Mr. Philip Kurian
Country : USA
Comments : "Our Delhi trip was a dream come true. All the arrangements you made for us were picture perfect & well organized. We had the best time ever & definitely planning to do this again in couple of years. I do not have words to express my thank you. Staying at Taj Palace, we thought we were in heaven. A sincere thank you to your organization for making the best arrangements and making us feel comfortable. I will recommend my family and friends to contact you for any tour in India. Again, Thank you from all of us."

Guest Name: Ms. Cheryl Moseley
Comments: " I can say complements for Trafford Tours & Travels (Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd.). We had a marvelous time and everyone took very good care of us along. We felt safe & protected & had very good tours "

Guest Name: Ms. Alexandra Maria Donofria
Country: Italy
Comments: "A very good for value tour, an efficient organization with it competent and attentive staff. With many thanks from both of us to Trafford Tours & Travels. When we come back to India, we will definitely contact you again.

Guest Name : Vikas Tank
Country :
Comments : I really appreciate the well organized trip by you and we were given full support and attention"

Guest Name : Jane C. Henderson
Country: U.K.
Comments: "An excellent tour organized with precision and care. I greatly appreciate your care and consideration"

Guest Name: Mrs. Wendy Morris & Family
Country: U.K
Comments: "The staffs at the hotels were generally excellent. The transfer representatives were excellent. The guide in Jaipur was excellent, very informative & helpful. The tour was well planned & and organized with good hotels & good value for money. We very much enjoyed it. We would recommend your services to our friends & colleagues."

Guest Name: Mr. Nigel Kilvington & Party
Country: United Kingdom
Comments: " A well-organized company and our trip in India was wonderful the itinerary drafted was very comprehensive.

Guest Name : Mr. Peter Jones,
Country: England
Comments: we had a memorable holiday and the credit goes to your organization for making it successful and the staffs are very professional. They made a completely trouble free holiday."

Guest Name: Mr. Edmund & Mrs. Daphne Athaide
Country: Canada
Comments: "We would sincerely like to thank you for your attention to our needs, both in the planning stages as well as on our arrival & stay in Delhi & us. It was reassuring & gave us peace of mind to be met at the airport by Neil. The efficiency & friendly demeanor of Trafford Tours & Travels did a lot to make us feel mentally comfortable. Please convey our best wishes to driver Ramesh, who was very attentive to our needs & comfort. His punctuality enabled us to cover all items on the schedule".

Guest Name : Huzefa Abdulhussain
Country :
Comments : I really appreciate the service offered by you and I found that you serve customers according to their requirements with sound management and resource efficiency" Keep it up!!

Guest Name : Marc Lising
Country : USA
Comments : " I find Trafford Tours and Travels as a whole , a very professional, courteous and goes over and beyond their duty to treat their customers well"

Guest Name : Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lary
Country : England
Comments : we really enjoyed the holiday trip organized by your organization and we are really very grateful for your staff for their efforts in making our trip successful.

Guest Name : Mr. Michael Robinson
Country : England
Comments : your services from start were excellent, all enquiries on the internet were efficiently and quickly handled. All the staff are very professional, courteous and helpful.

Guest Name : Mr . & Mrs. Reg Goodman
Country: United Kingdom
Comments : " A splendid trip organized by your organization , everything went perfect without a hitch .

Guest Name : Mr. Kazem Shahiditabar
Country : Iran
Comments : " Trafford Tours and Travels an organization with strong management with experienced staff"

Guest Name: Mr. B Mistry & Family
Country: England
Comments: "Transfer representative of Trafford Tours& Travel was excellent in performing his duties. Tour package was excellently organized by Trafford Tours & Travels. We are very pleased about the whole tour".

Guest Name: Mr. & Mrs William Mcdonald
Country: Honduras
Comments: "Tour package of Trafford Tours & Travel was excellent & in own order. Transfer representative was very friendly and courteous. Drivers were excellent and punctual. We enjoyed whole & if we return to India will want to work with Trafford Tours & Travel again."

Guest Name: Mr. S Lampen Folke
Country: U.S.A
Comments: "All the drivers were punctual, helpful and courteous. Every hotel, transfer, flight, train, car, driver and guides were very good. The drivers did their best, were very friendly and took care of us. Arriving early morning at dark railway stations, there was always somebody to meet us and take us to hotel or breakfast. We were very happy and thanks to (Trafford Tours) and to Mr. Rakesh Agarwal for all arrangements for our holiday"

Guest Name: Mr. Pravin Patel
Country: Canada
Comments: "Overall planning and execution was good. I am also thankful to (Trafford Tours) for providing excellent services".

Guest Name : Elisabetta Berti
Country :Italy
Comments :. The tour was great and all the persons (guides, drivers, representatives…) were helpful and courteous. It is really nice to find a efficient travel agency in the Internet"

Guest Name: Mrs. Varsha Mehta
Country: U.S.A
Comments: "The entire package was kept together nicely and mailed to us on time in Ahmedabad. Driver Pradhan Singh from Indianvisit (Trafford Tours Travels) was very punctual, well behaved, courteous, disciplined and helpful in every way. We tried our best to treat Pradhan Singh as a family member more than a guest. The services offered by Indian Visit / Trafford Tours were very excellent. We received excellent help and guidance from tour consultant Ms. Pooja Mehta right from beginning. Trip and route put together by Ms. Pooja Mehta very enjoyable and comfortable. Overall, the tour was arranged and designed by Indian Visit (Trafford Tours & Travels) was excellent. We will recommend Indian Visit services to friends and families in USA. Trafford Tours and Pooja Mehta have earned permanent place in our personal directory for future trips".

Guest Name: Ms. Sandra Thaxter
Country: USA
Comments: "The Delhi representatives of (Trafford Tours & Travel) were high quality. Car deputed for city tour was reliable and comfortable. Behavior of the driver was helpful, punctual and courteous.
The services provided by (Trafford Tours & Travel) were very good. Mr. Neil Tyrone made a high quality effort to provide services. I appreciated his meeting at the train, airport & dropping me off. He was very conscientious."

Guest Name: Narayanan Sivaji
Country: Singapore
Comments: "Ms. Kiran & guide Dharmendra were very helpful and sincere. Driver Prabhu was courteous and very humble throughout the tour even in difficult time. Services offered by (Trafford Tours) were very sincere and professional. All reservation was made before our arrival".

Guest Name: Maurizio Celant
Country: Italy
Comments: "Tour package of (Trafford Tours & Travel) was excellent. Transfer representative was very friendly and courteous. Drivers were excellent and punctual. We enjoyed whole & if we return to India will want to work with Trafford Tours & Travel."

Guest Name: Ms. Elizabeth Cohen
Country: USA
Comments: "Mr. Neil was very helpful and courteous. Services provided by (Trafford Tours & Travel) were OK."

Guest Name: Ms. Sonia Sohal
Comments: I would just like to say thank you fo rarranging our accommodation in Jaipur and Goa, everything went according to plan we had a lovely time in India . I am emailing as my uncle is traveling to India in October.

Guest Name: Mr. John and Katherine Schoenhrr
Country: Canada
Comments: The staff were courteous - especially at the Trident Udaipur ad Holiday Inn - Agra. All the reservation made perfectly - trouble free during check-in & check-out time at the hotels. Transfer representative was very good and efficient. Car good.

Guest Name: Mrs. Lucilla Monti Group - 20 Pax
Country: Italy
Comments: All the reservation made perfectly - trouble free during check-in & check-out time at the hotels. Transfer representative was very good and efficient. Coach was very comfortable Transportation was very good and comfortable and driver was helpful punctual and courteous.

Guest Name :Mr. P. B. Krishnamurthy
Country: Chennai
Comments: All the reservation made perfectly - no problem during check-in & check-out time at the hotels. Transportation was very good and comfortable and driver was helpful punctual and courteous.

Guest Name :Mr. Eduardo. Suarez
Country: Mexico
Comments: I Want to thank you for an excellent job! Everyone was so pleased with the trip, including myself of course. It was a great co-ordination effort with good guides and prefect timming. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Thank you again and I am sure we will make more traveling through you company. Congratulation!!

Guest Name :Mr. Raj Joshi
Country: UK
Comments: We are back home from a wonderful holiday you organized for us and we thank you for it. From pick-up to departure everything was well organized - Srinagar representative was very helpful. Sorry we could not visit you as we were in Delhi on the very last day of our departure. We will see you on our next visit. We will recommend your company to our friends and others - thanks once again.

Guest Name :Mr. Antonio Leyba & Family ,
Country: Spain
Comments: All hotel was OK. The services of your part was very well. Car & driver was excellent.

Guest Name :Mr. Morel and Family
Country: Switzerland
Comments: Excellent driver, Guide was very good.

Guest Name :Mr. .Nitesh Vaghadia
Country: UK
Comments: South India tour was very good and up to the mark. Tour executives are efficient in performing their duty.

Guest Name :Mr. David & Ms. Any Turpin ,
Country: USA
Comments: All reservation was made before our arrival. Hotel staff was very helpful & courteous. Car was very comfortable.

Guest Name :Mr. D. Chakraborty
Country: Kolkata, India
Comments: I Am satisfied with your services for my friends and near future - I will surely going to give you many more services like it. - hope you will always keep me happy with your services.

Guest Name :Ms. Jasbir Kaur ,
Country: Malaysia
Comments: All reservation was made before our arrival. Hotel staff was very helpful & courteous. Guide was excellent and well informed. Performed his duties diligently.

Guest Name :Mr. Blakeway,
Country: UK
Comments: The tour was all we expected and more and I will certainly recommended your company to anyone wishing to visit India. A truly professional company in every aspect. The vehicle was very comfortable and ideally suited to the long journeys.

Guest Name :Ms. Virginia Banti
Country: Canada
Comments: Everything was very good - excellent services provided by Indian Holiday.

Guest Name: Ms. Monica Pellegatta & Friends
Country: Spain
Comments: The complete Tour was very nice and interesting. We did enjoy everything and we hope to get in touch with you for our next holiday in India.

Guest Name: Mr. Shafuques s. Choudhury
Country: UK
Comments: Overall good - hotel staff was very courteous.

Guest Name:Mr. Venilal
Country: Canada
Comments: Tour itinerary was well put together by Ms. Barkha. Anand is a very competent driver. He was terrific.

Guest Name: Rohit Gulati
Comments: That was a wonderful arrangement that you laid. Thanks for that. We are looking forward for the same in future as well. Kindly send some business cards so that we can streamline some future trips as well. Again I would say excellent services.

Guest Name: Gareth W Bowen
Country: UK
Comments: First I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your operation. Everything that was provided for us was superb; the quality of the hotels and service was excellent and your staff was capable, polite and pleasure to be with. Next I want to thank Briny Joseph for the way she handled our visit. She is a true professional and if I had staff such as her in my company I would deem myself to be a very lucky employer. If you have any system of recognition and award within your company for competent and capable employees I would like to recommend her for one.

Guest Name: Barbara Bensaid
Country: USA
Comments: Very accommodating & courteous. We will definitely use your services again.

Guest Name: Prakash
Comments: My family members were full of praise for your professional touch of the trip. I will definitely recommend your name to all my friends in case if they need your services. Once again a big Thank You.

Guest Name: Nimet Somji
Comments: Thanks a lot for making our tour very successful & comfortable. Overall, we really enjoyed and had a great time. We will recommend our friends and hope to come back again with our own family & organize another groups too.

Guest Name: Ihab Zaki
Comments: I want to thank you very much for a fabulous tour, my nurses enjoyed every bit of it and they raved about your attention care and professional service. I am looking forward to sell India again so I can deal with you again.

Guest Name: Peter Bury
Comments: This is a note to congratulate your companion the excellent management of yourselves and your tour agents.

Guest Name: Jane Waterhouse.
Comments: The arrangements you made for us were excellent, there were no glitches everything happened, as it should. I will not hesitate to give you a good reference to prospective customers should you need one.

Guest Name: Carol Smith
Country: USA
Comments: This has been an excellent trip.

Guest Name: Sarah Shelbaya
Country: USA
Comments: Indian holiday did an extraordinary job with our trip. From my first contact with your staff on Internet, then here in Delhi and your partners in field, I have felt happy, safe and comfortable. I am so thankful for your helping making our trip such a success.

Guest Name: Melissa Maerchant
Country: USA
Comments: Everyone involved helped to make the trip hasselfree and enjoyable. Continue the same level of service to all your future groups.

Guest Name: Kathleen M Parsons
Comments: This trip was excellent. The hotels were beautiful and so comfortable. I will highly recommend this tour to my friends.

Guest Name: Patricia Hall
Country: UK
Comments: Your company's arrangements has fulfilled our requirements and exceeded our expectations. The unexpected visit to Orcha was especially delightful as it coincided with RAMA's birthday festival.

Guest Name: Suzanne J Soper
Comments: The tour was flawless and very enjoyable. All of our guides were very knowledgeable and spoke very good English.

Guest Name: Vijay Singh
Comments: I would like to start by saying THANK YOU for organizing our Indian Trip. We had a fantastic time. Each stop was different and unique.

Guest Name: Martin Koenig
Comments: Our drivers were wonderful. I especially recommend Parveen Sharma who drove us from Delhi to Jaipur. He did a great job. He was very a very capable driver and a very caring person.

Guest Name: Jon and Anne Snow
Comments: All the arrangements made by you for us worked perfectly. Please thank the company that provided our two drivers. Both were courteous and knowledgeable. I would happy to recommend your services to our friends and acquaintances.

Guest Name: Mr. Nigel Kilvington
Country: UK
Comments: Your company and tour both were well organized. You were able to put together a comprehensive itinerary.

Guest Name: Mr. Peter Jones
Country: UK
Comments: Your company represented excellent value for money. You staff is extremely professional and it has made a completely trouble free holiday.

Guest Name: Ishan Kader
Country: UK
Comments: Overall we had a thoroughly enjoyable tour. It was great value for money. We would recommend to our friends and family in UK. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any further classification.

Guest Name: Mrs. Alf King
Country: UK
Comments: The services provided to us were excellent. Next time we visit India we will be sure to consult with you.

Guest Name: Mrs. Anjela Johnson
Comments: Overall well organized and everything went to plan.

Guest Name: Margaret Kenton
Country: USA
Comments: We were very satisfied and would recommend this tour. It was professionally run. The Mukund Garh Fort stay was a highlight for us.

Guest Name: Joseph Mankowitz
Country: Israel
Comments: " I am writing to thank you for a most impressive and enjoyable tour of India that was arranged by your company. We were very impressed by all aspects of the services arranged by you. All the company representatives carried out all arrangements efficiently and courteously at every stage of the journey. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting your delightful Country and hope to be back again soon".

Guest Name: Martin Cook
Country: United Kingdom
Comments: "The Tour was excellent"

Guest Name: Miranda (Skoczek)
Comments: thank you organizing such a wonderful trip to Rajasthan , we loved the place very much and you people had done a fabulous job. I would certainly recommend your company details to anyone who would like to visit India.

Guest Name: Mr. Henry De Lathower,
Country: Belgium
Comments: I thank Ms. Pooja Mehta for the excellent service offered during our visit to India.

Guest Name: Preeti Mathur
Country: USA
Comments: "You have been phenomenally expedient in your response and in offering alternatives. Thank you so much for your kind co-operation, your alacrity in responding and in your overall speed!! I cannot praise you enough!! " I really appreciate the job done my Mr. Abhijit Das Gupta and your staff in overall handling of queries"

Guest Name: Frank and Karol Robinson,
Comments : Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip, we had great time on the Golden Triangle tour organized by you, it was one of the most memorable time of our life and the experience we will never forget. "We thoroughly enjoyed the tour especially The Taj Mahal, Pink City, The ride on the rickshaw through old Delhi, Qutab Minar, everywhere else we were taken to. Your guides and Chauffeur were excellent and the whole credit goes to your company. You will all have a place in our hearts forever and we will definitely recommend your company to everyone visiting your wonderful Country "

Guest Name: Mrs. Lorna Wieteska
Country: Switzerland
Comments: The tour went well and we all are very satisfied with the services". We really appreciate the work done by Driver Ishwar Singh, very courteous, attentive and he has been a very positive contribution to the enjoyment of the holiday".

Guest Name: Zahra Vallani
Comments: " I wanted to let you know that my husband just got back from business trip to India and on returning one of his gifts included the Assam/Darjeeling Tea with compliments from your company. "What an awesome tea it was!!!!! I loved the fragrance and the taste of this Darjeeling tea.. What a great idea and memorable way to remember India."

Guest Name: Kapil Dev Sharma
Country: England
Comments: The tour was well organized and all the places were worth seeing, the hotels were very comfortable "

Guest Name: Martin Wallace Jones
Comments: Our trip went well, the hotel offered by you was excellent and it was very perfect place for our business meetings, thank you for organizing "

Guest Name: Dr. Kenneth & Luma Pena Marsh
Comments: We had a wonderful trip and the drivers, tour guides and city representatives were very professional and did an excellent job to make our trip memorable. We enjoyed the trip so much and we will use your agency again "

Guest Name: Mark Davies
Country: England
Comments: Everything organized by Indian Holiday was very good and we would definitely recommend your services "

Guest Name: Mr. Balachandra Tarodi
Country: Bangalore
Comments:"It was a memorable trip for my family and we had a great experience , assistance was excellent by the staff and driver, which helped in seeing all sightseeing locations."

Guest Name: Ana Acuna
Country: Mexico
Comments: It was a wonderful trip arranged by you and we had a marvelous and unforgettable trip. We are glad to recommend your name to everyone we know and who is interested in traveling to India.

Guest Name: Anna Bronovitrkaya (tour leader)
Country : Russia
Comments: Many thanks for your hospitality and wonderful style of reception. Wish you all the best and good business to Mr. Ahmed.

Guest Name: Netty Carter
Comments: I would recommend your name to my travel agent for further business and thank you for handling the hotel bookings and changes in a professional way.

Guest Name: Susarla
Country: united States of America
Comments: Thank you for your travel arrangements and we are very happy with our trip to India.

Guest Name: Paul Lefebvre
Comments: Very good trip organized by your organization and we trust you for our next trip also.

Guest Name: Jen Dreyer & Ken Chin
Country: USA
Comments: Very well organized, very professional and easy to get a hold of a representative.

Guest Name: Clive & Shackleton
Comments: Your system of working is seamless and the arrangements made by the staff are excellent. The best feature of our trip is the time we spent with Mr. Ishwar Singh, driver, who was very helpful well informed and courteous. We enjoyed our holiday in India immensely and have no hesitation of in recommending Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd, to anyone who visits India.

Guest Name: Ms. Dawn Crose,
Country: Hong Kong
Comments: "Everything was great. I would recommend this company to anyone & our driver was fantastic and he made us feel like we were part of his family.

Guest Name: Mrs. Rossello Penco
Country: Italy
Comments: Your
Country is really beautiful and magic and your perfect organization of all aspects and details of the tour made it really an unforgettable holiday! We really had a good time and we will refer your name as "the best contract" to any friend or relative wishing to organize any holiday in India." " The drivers very were kind and professional"

Guest Name: Ms. Mary Norton
Country: United Kingdom
Comments: It has been a very memorable holiday and we were all very impressed with the choice of hotels as well as the transfers to and from the various hotels, airports and train stations your guides were interesting and very knowledgeable and always offered great courtesy".

Guest Name: Ms. Daniela Schwarzer,
Country: Germany
Comments: We enjoyed the trip thoroughly and are satisfied with the services and Rajasthan was excellent "

Guest Name: Andrew and Hazel Armstrong
Comments: Thank you for organizing our holiday to South India, everything went very smoothly, thanks to Mr. Thomji, your assistant in Kerala. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and saw so many wonderful sights, especially the wildlife, uru boatbuilders, artisan workshops and scenery.

Guest Name: Ms. Lynda Prince
Country: Austria
Comments:" We really enjoyed the tour! Will recommend your company to our friends and family".

Guest Name: Mr. M.A. Raza
Country: Tanzania, Africa
Comments: "We were treated with great care and hospitality by the staffs".

Guest Name: Mrs. Lara Crowe
Comments: "your entire team was very helpful".

Guest Name: Mr. Ian Burniston
Country: England
Comments: "Your tour provided us with a varied insight into Kerala and India covering all of what we desired to see in one week without being too strenuous. The hotels, locations, and backwaters houseboat were excellent as were the guides who made our visits to Trivandrum and Cochin most interesting. "The driver Mr. Raghu was most helpful, punctual and courteous and painted out many things of interest to us, we all got an very well together" "We don't think the tour could have been any better, it was Excellent".

Guest Name: Mr. Manjeet Singh
Comments: We thank you for your assistance in preparing our India tour itinerary, we enjoyed our trip and it was the interesting trip.

Guest Name: John Deegan
Country: Thailand
Comments: We are very pleased with the performance of Mr. Pushpraj, he went out of his way to ensure that we have a enjoyable holiday in India.

Guest Name: Dana Wells
Country: Syria
Comments: The tour was wonderful and went smoothly and thanks for the staff especially Mr. Rakesh was very helpful in making my travel arrangements.

Guest Name:Nathu Bhagat
Country :
Comments: Thank you for organizing wonderful trip and we would like to thank Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma and Mr. Rakesh Agarwal for making our tour very enjoyable and successful.

Guest Name: Mr. John C. Swallow
Comments: " We are 100% satisfied with all your arrangements, everything was planned for us and was beautifully put together".

Guest Name: Mr. Tony Mart
Comments: " We would like to thank you for organizing a truly & wonderful tour of India. Your arrangement was exceptional and we were impressed with all the local agents, guides, drivers and assistants. It was impossible to see India in three weeks but we achieved a great balance by visiting the monuments, temples of the north and south India. " "I am sure we will be returning to India again and you will be our first call for ourselves as well as for our friends".

Guest Name: Mr. John J. Morley
Country: England
Comments: " A highly professional tour from the starting till the end and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody". Many thanks to you and all your wonderful staff for making this holiday as a lifetime memorable and enjoyable time for my family".

Guest Name: Mr. Matthias Kuld
Country: Germany
Comments: "Excellent Planned Tour"

Guest Name: Mr. Peter Rossiter,
Comments: "Our trip to India was a great success and thanks to your organization and the staff for making this assistance"

Guest Name: Glenn Gilbert
Country: California
Comments: We are very pleased with your work and the two-week we spent in India was outstanding. We will recommend your company name to the person who wants to visit India.

Guest Name: Capt Brian and Helen
Comments: "We are happy with your arrangements and has come out very well. We are extremely happy and Good Job by you all!"

Guest Name: Paul A Tuseth
Country: Norway
Comments: It was an excellent tour with many memorable impressions, to be recommended to others.

Guest Name: Brian Bobbit
Country: U.S.A
Comments: Very impressed with your work , everything went like clockwork. The tour was perfect as could be expected; we did not have any problem. I would strongly recommend your name to the Govt. of India praising the tour organized by your company.

Guest Name: Rajat Vermani
Comments: I would like to thank your organization for the well-organized arrangements and it was a great tour. I wish you all the best!!!

Guest Name: Mr.Michael Tyson
Country: England
Comments: A well organized company and your staff provided very good service for a enjoyable stay in India. We would also like to thank Mr. Praveen, the driver who was outstandingly helpful.

Guest Name: Mr. Len Granger,
Country: United Kingdom
Comments: " Very efficient and well coordinated and will recommend your company "

Guest Name: Isabel Ramallo
Country: China
Comments: "Thank you Indian Holidays Pvt. Ltd. , for providing a wonderful trip to India. We will certainly use your services again when we visit India next time.

Guest Name: Hitesh Kotadia
Country: Leicester
Comments: Tour was well planned and it was trouble free and thanks to Mr. Pushpraj.

Guest Name: Steffen Harbirk
Country: Denmark
Comments: It has been a very memorable holiday and we were all very impressed with the your staff service.

Guest Name: Susheel Kirpalani
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for organizing our trip, we had our best time in Kerala and about transport it was the best.

Guest Name: Mr. Massimo Cassani,
Country : Italy
Comments: " The trip was organized to perfection, accommodation provided by you were excellent and comfortable . We are happy that we had chosen your company for our trip to India , the arrangements and accommodation met our expectations. I would like to thank you and congratulate the job done by you.

Guest Name : Tun -Mei-Lun
Country : Italy
Comments : "We would like to thank your organization for providing excellent service during our trip to India. We will definitely recommend your organization to any of our friends who are interested to discover India."

Guest Name : Alberto Ciancia
Country : Italy
Comments : We would like to thank your organization for organizing a wonderful trip , we all were satisfied with the services you had offered. We really appreciate the service offered by driver Mr. Trilochan Singh. We are very impressed with Trilochan singh. We would definitely recommend your services to our friends and will them to have Trilochan as driver.

Guest Name : Ms.Hao Yu-Hsiang
Country : Taiwan
Comments : :Tour was planned very good.It was very considerable , efficient and great in any details.The most important driver is a good man.

Guest Name : Updesh Singh
Country : Malaysia
Comments : I thank your organization and Mr. Rakesh Aggarwal and the ground team for organizing a wonderful trip, which will definitely be a memorable one.

Guest Name: Boris Borrayo
Country : USA
Comments :Tour was planned very good. Guides were very knowledgeable but the driver was the best.He was always punctual and courteous. He went out of his way to help us.

Guest Name : Amandip
Country :
Comments : The trip was an amazing experience and I will be telling my friends and family for years to come . Whenever I will be coming to India , I will use your company services, as you people are very professional and you had made sure that we were all comfortable at all times.

Guest Name :Viktoriya Moisseyeva
Country :Kazakhstan
Comments : We had a great time in India and I am thankful to all the staff of the Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd., for organizing a wonderful trip.

Guest Name : Naresh Gohil
Country : Australia
Comments : I would like to thank your company for arranging a memorable holiday for my family and myself during our visit to India.
The moment I booked the holiday on your website to the time we departed from Delhi, all your staff put an enormous effort to make sure that we had a smooth and a very comfortable holiday. I would like to thank Mr. Rakesh Aggarwal and Mr. Vidut Rawat for their magnificent work.
I am so impressed with your firm that after returning to Australia, I have been considering to market Indian tours from Australia an utilizing the services of your company.

Guest Name: Ms. Tanunchanoke & Family
Country: Thailand
Comments: We like your services starting from the e-mail correspondences and it gives a impression that how dedicated you are towards your customers.

Guest Name: Xueqing Zhang
Comments: We would recommend your services to our friends

Guest Name: Harjinder Atwal
Comments: We really thank you for making a wonderful trip and we had great time there. Guest

Guest Name :Erica Charles
Country :England
Comments : The tour was really enjoying specially the markets in Delhi are very fantastic. Above all Mararie Beach Resort was most fabulous.

Guest Name : Mr. William wine
Country : United Kingdom
: " We are very pleased with all the arrangements, Our first visit to India was very enjoyable".

Guest Name: Mr. A. Santhakumaran
Country : England
Comments: We very much enjoyed the tour organized by you and were impressed by all the arrangements made by you on our behalf.

Guest Name : Ms.Lilian Tagawa
Country : Brazil
Comments : I really liked the tour organized by your organization, and it is amazing to see all the constructions that are still well preserved today. The staffs were very professional, helpful and assisted me with all the information whenever I needed

Guest Name : Nasar Ali,
Country : United Kingdom
Comments :The service I received from Indian holidays was excellent and the driver Mr. Trilochan Singh was fantastic. I will look forward to your services next time also.

Guest Name ; Ms Tanunchanoke & Family
Country : Thailand
Comments:" We liked your services, starting from email correspondence which itself tells that how devoted you are towards your work and to your customers requirement, Prompt answers & proper suggestions are made Good & match with your taste, hotels are up to standard, If We come back, will definitely use your services & recommend to our friends.

Guest Name : Erika Holzach,
Country : Germany
Comments : Every thing that you had arranged was so perfect, I don't have anything more to say, thank you all !"

Guest Name : Mrs. Barbara Bridge
Country : U.S.A
Comments :The service offered by you was excellent , we would highly recommend your company. I would really appreciate the job done by Ms. Pooja Mehta, . Everything went smoothly and we are highly impressed with your organization.

Guest Name: N. Shankar
Country : Dubai
Comments: We really enjoyed the trip and thanks to you for organizing such a trip . The services offered by you was more than our expectations.

Guest Name : Sungkowo Rachardjo
Country :
Comments: I really enjoyed the trip organized by you and the driver Mr. Ishwar singh was the best , not only a driver but he is also a good guide. We would definitely recommend your company"

Guest Name : Dalia & Adv. Arnon S. Gicelter,
Country :
Comments : Thank you for organizing such a good trip. I am a frequent traveler (I do atleast 130 days of travel per year for the last 25 years) and have used many travel agents and tour operators all over the globe . But I have never enjoyed such precision and professionalism thanks to you.
We shall be coming to India again and I can assure you that we shall use ourselves and highly recommend to anyone about your office's services. I shall be grateful if you could forward a copy of this message to the competent department at your Ministry of Tourism.

Guest Name: O.P. Karan
Country : Saudi Arabia
Comments :The services offered by you are excellent , flexible and the staff are very courteous"

Guest Name: Harjinder Atwal
Country : Canada, USA
Comments :The trip organized by your company was wonderful , we had memorable and enjoyable trip and overall the experience with the Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd., was very good"

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Country : Moscow, Russia
Comments : Thanks to your organization for organizing the trip, we were impressed with your prompt services "

Guest Name : Mr. W.G. Clark
Country : USA
Comments : Everything went well, it was an outstanding tour organized by you all and we felt that we were well taken care of, thank you.

Guest Name: Mr K. Petrov sopadjien
Country : Bulgaria
: Thank you for the very well organizational trip, we managed to see all the palaces we wanted to see"

Guest Name : Mr.Nilesh Jamnadas
Country : Australia
Comments : "Very reliable company and the staff are very professional"

Guest Name : Mr. Sommer
Country :
Comments : We are fully content with your services and the arrangement made by your organization.

Guest Name : Mr Steve wells x 02 Pax
Country : British
: " I would certainly recommend your company to family & friends in my knowledge, Well done by all your staff , very professional , special thanks to Mr. Pushp and Mr. Praveen , the driver"

Guest Name : Mrs. Ewe Hoe Lee
Country : UK
: " This tour Offers good value for money especially meet & greet service. For a first time in India, We were made very comfortable & safe"

Guest Name : Mr Jagmohan S Mehta
Country : Canada

Guest :
: Excellent, Keep up the good work "

Guest Name : Mr. Michael Harris
Country : USA
:" excellent arrangements , very enjoyable"

Guest Name : Ms. Barbara Parent
Country : USA
Comments : I thank the Indian holiday pvt. Ltd., for organizing a wonderful trip. The trip was trouble free, well organized and enjoyable. I was well taken care of.

Guest Name : Ms Annabelle Morley
Country : UK
: We were very pleased with the Indian Holiday, It has been the most memorable honeymoon, everything was perfect, your representative have been first class, guides & drives too, also thanks to Pushp who was always there on time to pick us up"

Guest Name : Galina Paniieleeva
Country: Russia
; " we are very satisfied with the services your company provided us & would like to thank your hospitality & cooperation, wishing you all the best"

Guest Name : Mr. Abdul Reza
Country : Iran
: " The tour was excellent, the Information, the guides, the drives overall, whatever was offered by your tour company was satisfactory, We appreciate your hospitality, service throughout the trip "

Guest Name : Mr Dhariwal
Country: U K
: " My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to India, It was wonderful experience, one that we will remember for along time. The hotels , people, culture, places of interest & the delicious food was extremely good, Our heartfelt thanks to our driver, Yudhvir Mann who made the traveling journey comfortable and at times entertaining"

Guest Name : Mrs Jurima Lima
Country : Brazil
: " that was really perfect trip"

Guest Name : Mr Ashish Dutta
Country : India
: "I had a very nice trip to Rajasthan with my family"

Guest Name : Mr Robert Jourddain
Country : USA
: " Upon my return from India trip, I wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent organization & support prior to our arrival in Mumbai, everything went perfectly well & we enjoy it very much.

Guest Name : Jacique
Country : Scotland
Comments : "I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you both very much for our wonderful holiday. India was a million times more magical than I had expected and it has to be the best holiday we have ever had. The organization of the trip was just perfect and we were so spoilt everywhere we went. Mr. Singh, our driver, and all the representatives and tour guides were wonderful and we learnt so much.

It will miss getting your e-mails but hopefully sometime in the future we will return to India and visit another part of your beautiful Country and will definitely be back in touch again then.

In the meantime I will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone that asks us about our trip as I don't think anyone could have been better looked after than we were.

On behalf of David and I thank you both very much,with best wishes

Guest Name: Gregory Hancock
Comments: Thank you for organizing a wonderful trip and the services offered by your staff were excellent. The houseboat trip was very memorable finally I would like to say that I had the best holidays in India.

Guest Name : Mr.Tony Irons
Country :
Comments: " We had an excellent tour and all of your staff were very good and very helpful'

Guest Name : Manjit and Neelam Marva
Country : UK
Comments : "we thank you for organizing a truly and memorable holiday and the arrangement made by you was absolutely brilliant at all the locations we visited"

Guest Name : Chistin Ledergerber
Country- Chile
Comments - I wanted to tell you that all arrangements made by you worked out just perfectly . Thanks a lot for a wonderful Vacation.

Guest Name : Gulshan Pal kashyap
Country - Germany
Comments - " Time to say that you & your company did the fine job. We are back home & still lot to talk about you.. every one appreciate the job you did, Please accept our hear tingly thanks and shall remain"

Guest Name : Sukumar
Country- US
Comments : I wish to express my thanks to you Deepak for excellent Organizational skills in all arrangements you made for us during our recent visit to India. I would certainly be pleased to provide a recommendation to my contacts to use your services when opportunity arises. My family members were very pleased with the arrangements and the smile on the face of my Young one on arrival at the hotel said it all."

Guest Name : Samuel Abraham
Country - US
Comments - " Thanks for all the arrangements. We had good time there. I really appreciate your Help . The Hotel staff, taxi & the Gentleman who came to receive us was very courteous & helpful. I have already recommended you for the arrangements for some of my friends when they are coming to India. Thanks Once again

Guest Name : carles marti
Country- Spain
Comments -" The tour was very interesting, we saw many different things & had fun"

Guest Name : Mrs Maria Van Gemert
Country : Belgium
Comments :" Thanks for the indeed wonderful holiday that we had had in India. I really appreciated the way everything was organized and the hospitality and friendliness of the Indian people that were at our disposal. They did their job really well. I am planning to visit India again and I will not hesitate and ask for your services again. I will of course recommend you to friends or colleagues who would plan a holiday in India"

Guest Name : Naveen Verma
Country: India ( Infosys, Pune)
Comments : " I am very grateful to you for providing me the goodwill on my second chance of business only. Your service is extremely professional and convenient. I would keep coming back to you for hotel reservations in future.

Guest Name : Johon White
Country : South Africa
Comments : " We would like to thank you all at Indian Holidays for arranging such a memorable holiday for us. Our Driver Ramesh was excellent and looked after us very well, he is an asset to your company, we shall not forget his sense of humour and the courtesy he expressed towards us through out 19 day trip. If ever we return to India , which we are sure to do either for leisure or on business, we would request that he be assigned to us again
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the gifts presented to us at the end of our Holiday, which was most unexpected holidays in foreign countries inevitably have there highs & lows and ours was no different a lot more high than lows, we are pleased to say"

Guest Name : Greg Hammond and Jana Marsikova
Country : Australia
: " I had a wonderful time, . Every hotel was of very good to excellent standard. Transfers were smoothly done every where. The highlight of our trip was driver Yudvir Mann, I have traveled all over the world and used many drivers etc and he is without doubt the most professional we have ever had. He is a very good and decent man and he is a man who is loyal & trustworthy. All the credit goes to your company.

Guest Name : Ms. Jenny Bourne
Country : UK
: " Our representative was extremely efficient at rearranging aspects of our itinerary very quickly to our satisfaction - we loved claridges corbett Park and our accommodation at river view at a very short notice also very enjoyable. We would suggest that You should try advertising yourself in UK Magazines "

Guest Name : Kamlesh Das ( Tour leader )
Nationality : British
Comments : everyone enjoyed the tour and the arrangements were in line with our expectations. In particular, the level of service and hospitality your representative provided on arrival in Delhi was exceptional and very much appreciable .

Guest Name : Musuem travels
Nationality : Russia
Comments : We are happy about a successful finalization of our first join project. And We are grateful for your cooperation and help in our first dealing. We hope fore further fruitful cooperation in the field of organization different tourist tours all over India.

Guest Name : Mrs Angela Johnson
Nationality : British
Comments : " Overall well organized and every thing went to plan."

Guest Name Dr Chula Gunadawla .
Country : USA
Comments : " Perfectly arranged tour I really appreciate all your help . I will definitively recommend my friends here in America about your services also I will be using your services whenever I come to India. I am regular traveler to India , so you will be the organizer for me all the time, then I will become your regular customer, I really mean it , Thanks again for every thing you have done for us.

Guest Name : Mr Paul Zyre
Country : Hawaii
Comments ; " It was five years ago. Oct 1997 that you organized one trip for us across India. Life has swept Long and we never completed yours customer Review form, I am Sorry for that,but that wonderfulness of the experience has never left us& tonight is the night I want to write to say thank you . All of your guide and airport reps and hotels were flawless, Lake palace to my sore, the Kanchipuram to Taj Mahal to Akbars palace and more . Again my wife Melinda and I thank you for a fabulous adventure and we thank India for still being the mother Country. "

Guest Name:IH Iran Group
Nationality ; Iran
Comments : The Tour was really organized very well and all our passengers were very satisfied with you and all your services. We had a very nice Journey & we thank you a lot for every thing .

Guest Name: Susheel Kriplani
Nationality :
Comments " All in all you did a great job of making our vacations a wonderful experience. Your agents were professional and all the hotels accepted the vouchers without a problem.

Guest Name: Mr Bert O' Malley
Country; USA
Comments. My wife and I had a wonderful time in India and your company was a pleasure to work with. We will be happy to refer your company to any of our friends, family and colleagues.

Guest Name : Mr. David Hassan & Alec Cohen
Country : United Kingdom
Comments : We had a fantastic holiday and we will certainly use your company's services again when we visit India.

Guest Name : Bobbie Bensaid
Country :
Comments : It is my pleasure to book a holiday with your organization. Your organization is very reliable, reputable and professional agency, and you have always responded to my query within 24 hours and you people were very pleasant to deal with. I have used several other agencies in India and none of them gave me much satisfaction.

Guest Name: Ms Camilla & Party
Country: South Africa
Comments "It was meticulously executed and well arranged trip"

Guest Name " Anna
Country :
Comments : My heartfelt gratitude to your company in arranging a tour in India , everything was well- planned and the services provided in all sectors were very good. I enjoyed the unforgettable and wonderful journey in India. Thanks for showing me a large variety of things to see in India including the culture, antiquities, monuments and scenery.

Guest Name : Mr. Ishan Kader
Country :
Comments : We had a enjoyable tour and it was great value for money and we would definitely recommend you to our friends and the people who would like to visit India.

Guest Name : Monica
Country : United Kingdom
Comments : We had a fantastic holiday in India and all the credit goes to your company as everything went so smoothly and we saw such a wonderful sights , highly decorated palaces and temples"

Guest Name : Roy & Kathy Fabry
Country :
Comments : We thank you for the holiday that was arranged by you , the tour organized by you surpassed all our expectations and all the personnel that looked after us were very helpful and very professional.

Guest Name: M. Naeini,
Country: Iran
Comments: We were highly impressed by the efficiency of everyone involved in making our trip wonderful"

Guest Name: Tina and Faye McIntosh
Comments: We had a magnificent time and the service that was given to us was outstanding. From the airport pick to the drop off, we felt that we were in expert hands"

Guest Name: Abdul Aleem
Comments: We have had a most memorable holiday in India, thank you for organizing our itinerary and you all have done a marvellous job and deserve to be complimented"

Guest Name : Mr. Rennie Quinn
Country : United Kingdom
Comments : We had a wonderful holiday and the golden triangle tour was very good, we wish we had one more day for the same. We are grateful to you for organizing such a tour.

Guest Name : David Drabble
Country: United Kingdom
Comments: We would like to thank you for a wonderful trip, your arrangements were perfect and the staff of Indian holidays are very professional , helpful and courteous They all tried their best to look after us at all the times.

Guest Name : Amy Bland
Country : Capetown, South Africa
Comments : The tour was well balanced with a mixture of city sights, monuments, bazaars , nature and scenery , jungle safari at sariska. This helped us to see lot about India and thanks to you people for preparing such an itinerary, which covers all the places, which a tourist must visit. Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday .

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